Oishei Childrens Hospital Update November 29th

Wednesday, November 29th


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Time they are shy Children's Hospital update Torre Victoria. Could shouldn't ski good friend of the show me Q nurse manager from the shy Children's Hospital in studio with us. I'm excited because I haven't had my latest Children's Hospital update how are you and which good thank you. Which is the cutest baby in the hospital bright. I did and how could actually land at Hyde. And can. I just call the babies. How many babies have been born so party you know comic aspect not the cap man. I'm totally up wreaking Havoc they probably. Pushing 200. I mean even if it's like somewhere in that range to as many babies that is all I'm leaving only how to maybe I do is babies yet it's amazing that you're involved. In the move to the new John are shut Children's Hospital what was that day like for you when your team. It was honestly one of the most amazing isn't my life and not to sing it to be dramatic. It's kind of like your wedding day where you have not as anticipation and you have these years of planning and outside and you get to this day and the adrenaline and now that I think you're just like accurately that they finally here. It that energy from the staff from the community from the family that he could just feel in the tangible there. Remind me with the Nikki babies the first babies to be moved to the last babies to be on that they were actually the third unit to sell it went on it here. He Italian parity and in the east and how many babies in the Nikki did you move on moving day we moved 39. Out of me these we were planning for 6217. Where we act to decompress it sell. I'm 39 babies it was it was a lack on it was it was a game mine's on by adding that he was secretly which was number 100%. Perfect is Jody the mayor said. How long does it take you move 39 neonatal intensive care unit babies it's just just about eight hours from whom we started out ten in and Anna out. I forty. I think when you shot him when did you know it was all good and the success for your unit. On the I would be clinical lead coordinator at he a shiny and make a manager caring as the children's every lever moving the media about every issue com and say. Right of baby selling cell right guys ready to accept me that day asked to accept. And all we lack that it was it was a fish is very difficult I dynamic element that had that yeah yeah I can't come Paula. But on what to me we get home and after all our patients and once we started getting to him that. You know we. I mean we did yes. When you think of the neonatal intensive care unit so funny because it just had a friend. Who is early in the pregnancy and now experiencing some complications. And for me it's just there's no other answer the only place to deliver your baby is Children's Hospital. Why is it still the best place if you have a high risk pregnancy if you're having complications. Why is the new Josh I children tossed around this isn't assailed this is for the the best possible outcome for her mother and baby but wise it's still the best place. Absolutely I'm we have the highest level of care neonatal intensive care unit in buffalo so we're level for an Q. We have access to all of these specialists and resource says on especially now that we are on the medical campus and connected to buffalo general. And contentious bill saying we have specialty specialized resources everybody rated at our fingertips. And we have the ability take care for the sick man my mom I'll be connected to BGH. And I hear all the time from moms I'm saying you know this wasn't part of my birth plan we weren't expecting Nancy nobody goes into the hospital and thinks well I'm gonna have a baby it's going to be in Buford days or weeks or months. So delivering an ocean I. We can take that fear away even if you had a low risk pregnancy on and unfortunately sometimes unexpected happens and had been dead in a Q and the dot teens right Medicare from Ayman BBA's. To me especially as a woman I mean how could you ask. So I'm thinking if I get pregnant woman gets pregnant and you go to your gynecologist I think one of the first questions to ask is where do you deliver your babies. As I personally would wanna be where they have. The highest level of care possible just in case. How many babies are in the nick fury now. I at this point and there are 54. I think that we will probably. Be closer to sixteen wow 54 higher loafer what you're average I am ER 64 bad unit on average every usually in the lower fifties so we're however usually act. I am I allowed Haiti's. Have to sign in Libya and that that your so when your when your babies in the nick Q does it go down to a different unit or is it nick cute to home. On the ticket patents most of the Levys are you to Hong. But of course it depends you know what's going to beat me. I is Sarah little ceremony or a little send off when the baby gets to go home. Especially for our eighth and am long term I'm usually able to get out in the stroller on weakening McCarthy in a stroller. And at the and parent easily pretty close after he now they and for months at a collapsed and I. They can get eighty and you know again it'd be. Becoming members came how special is that when you get the Christmas cards. For years and years after that I've seen you have the mall hung in people look at. Them it's amazing and it really gives you a sense of pride in what week you. It brings you back to why we do what we do every day when you see the pictures of these kids and you remember seeing them and they Wear. He now micro creamy and now they're you know ten years on their school and exports and doing so well. It's it's incredible scene sound November's pre maturity awareness month what do expectant mothers are soon to be pregnant women need to now. On the I think it won the damn scary reality is that one out of every ten babies born in the United States right now is born prematurely. So I went out and encourage anybody who's pregnant or planning on getting pregnant Q. Educate ourselves on each of these seeking prenatal care from your OB GY and there's great resources out there if you look on the March of Dimes web site on they have a lot of information on premature any. And of course you can call me a shy children's hospital and attend a childbirth education classes as well as contour of the Torre I don't know if you have kids but if you are gonna have a baby today. Where would you have the baby. I don't have kids but if I we're going to have a baby and it actually let her out with my team in check to see I would too. I don't know how to make sure that everybody knows that that's on the PlayStation go but I try to always I mean you see it every day with babies born prematurely. In and just helping someone to understand why this time is so critical. 'cause it can really change the best possible outcome for baby there in the right place actually on the attack and that fear of maybe he's getting transported in our you know if he delivered hat on babies something happens. On your right there in house and lead the ability to deliver them asked care fair for both on and AB and post. Delivery sometimes mom's run in the complications like why. Sometimes moms can have issues with it sounds like pressure. Postpartum hemorrhaging. Sometimes they are just sick with an action and sounds mean done we have an option team. Pardon and postpartum. And they have. Agree teen Erica sent to right to take care and cannot that we are connected to buff like how we do as Allen for out intensive care on a rare occasion and. An and it's amazing to the part that I love is it correct me if I'm wrong but didn't like that doctors all pitch in to build that hallway. Because they wanted to make it back you just get the patient where they need to be it's an amazing place. What are you most excited about with this new hospital. My cash I am just bursting with different about her. Not on I think anybody who. If you're you sound like these but I think people who okay Tori we get here that he did not and we have got a. But yeah I am. We'll leave money on the lake and energy that you just feel in the building everything being brand new beautiful. The latest and greatest on new technology. But most important mean we still have the same amazing staff. In the buildings now while we have on the 2000 myself it's. The people that really matter and we brought countless people that sell I know that that's why the act cares deliberate and advice for future nurses. Investor Kitchener saying I get. Com. I am trying to reach out to cancel early on they can definitely. Give me shoot me an email on the emails as he can end up. He can. But on if not I alleys encourage nursing students to start getting it happened to see what me to Q. Currently. Appear opportunities we have medical assistant opportunities. For. Nursing students to get their feet wet and see what area. He loved to work and repeating you dad look at you go. I love that they so much for coming by today really appreciating congratulations on the successful move. I know that it was months in the planning process and and 100% success congratulations thank you. Barrett it's the show I Children's Hospital update on to study point five.