Oishei Children's Hospital Update May 17th

Wednesday, May 17th


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Teddy shy Children's Hospital update and before we even begin to say thank you to everybody who helps us to support hospital. To the tune of 187000. Have to get the numbered from 187869. Dollars 95 cents in just one day we raised that amount to help build. The new Children's Hospital buffalo this morning where in studio with doctor last month Farouk pediatric neurologist to women took its hospital going back to for Lorena and the interesting that may is pediatric stroke awareness month. And you think about what that is what is likely is a pediatric stroke. Will just like in adults are elderly people who have strokes. Children and babies can also have strokes. And so it's basically made decrease blood flow to the brain tissue causing injury. As a present itself the same way because in a lot of times we got those different tests for an adult who's having a stroke and they smiled if they're talking funny that that's how do you judge. Pediatric stroke. It depends on the age group in in children and adolescents you can you can have them do the similar tests. He can give them commands and see if they can follow them. But in babies it's sometimes very difficult to get a good. Exam on the loop because they can't politics. Tell me some of the stroke symptoms just that we all are aware of them in case. God forbid that ever happens. So in older people older kids in and adolescents and adults if there's any kind of weakness on one side of the body. What numbness tingling on one side of the body trooping of one side of the phase. Slurring of the speech. That should really alert somebody to. Getting help. Those symptoms aren't exclusive for stroke they can occur in migraines and other conditions also but it really should alert a person to to get help. It seems it seems really young commentary here at that age because that's something usually older in life but you're saying any age any person. It is uncommon but it can happen at any age the two most common age groups that strokes occur and are in elderly people number one. And second and in babies in India and it's or babies were just born. So I know that when a person has a stroke it's really important to get medical attention quickly. Does the same goal for pediatric stroke. Yes definitely. Any time there's a suspicion first stroke you want to. To get help as soon as possible there's certain therapies that Camille employed if it's within a certain amount of time. So the sooner help is sought to better. You then add women and Children's Hospital since 2000. So finally you know all of the ins and outs of that place before you figured out. Overton they do building. And tell me some your favorite memories from the hospital. Well. Actually just just a few weeks ago we had a two month baby. Who was born normally and peace due to make a long story short ended up having. A stroke. And we did not know initially why there was the stroke but. We we were able to send him over to. That they in patients are still in the old hospital we send them over to the vascular institute over at gates hospital GBI dvi and there they do it's some procedures where they actually went in to his. Blood vessels and visualize. Where the narrowing. In the blood vessels where within his brain. And that was the cause of his stroke. No kidding so what did they open a vein couple little bit. They did Dade Dade they did some procedures to help to try to news number one to investigate to see what the problem was known and there's certain techniques that they can employ to. If there's a clot for example they mean either remove the clot or give some medicine right next to the clock to help to dissolve it loop or when there's not a cloud if they feel that the vessels are narrowed. They can sometimes do some techniques. This one of the most exciting things because when you look at our medical campus now what we have. Where the new Children's Hospital Buffalo's going is right next about general connected Roswell and GBI it's that's got to be so exciting is a doctor. Oh it's great because of that for example for this this patient that I just mentioned. We have to arrange for an ambulance take him over and it's not something that can be done. Right away it takes a little bit of coordination. So what time is of the essence is exactly that way and when the new hospital is it's functioning we can just gonna run him across the street and and and get things done media. Cutting all the difference. I pretend to be a doctor in my mind how I I don't know the difference between a stroke and a seizure but they do go hand in hand sometimes don't play. They can yes so a stroke is when there's been injury to the brain because of decreased oxygen going to the brain for for many reasons through a seizure is actually. A symptom that people who've had a stroke can have. So a seizure can occur any time there's been some injury to the brain. And it's basically when. Sometimes the body shaking. More one side of the body shaking. Lose or even if there's just an alteration of awareness who but a seizure can be a symptom of a stroke and a lot of times in babies as I mentioned who can have strokes. Sometimes the thing that alerts us that there's something wrong is a seizure the presence of the seizure. It was not funny but funny to me in my weird way of thinking. But for we just a radio Thon as you know on Friday and it was funny every doctor came in contact with and tell me if you do this stuff they. As as doctors of little patience because they can't verbalize quite the same way as an adult. I see all the doctors anytime there's a patient in their presence you always do that kind of once over you don't like a full check. Of that child when you see them is it just panic kind of goes with the territory it. Is you know we say in in in pediatrics Lan that kids are not just small adults you know there on. Type of people so they needed different type of attention different type. Care Lou why did you become a doctor. You know IA. I wanted to change the world. And so and among them. Instead one baby at a time I know that your specialty has already moved to dish I children's outpatient center. In the consensus building explain what it's like being able to see patients that are. Oh is wonderful it is it's a state of the art building its. The facilities are wonderful. We love being at the new building whose mind it's just it's really made being in our clinics that much more uninteresting. Not only for us that for the patients also percentage wise how much has it major life easier. The new building. That's a good question. It's it's definitely. I don't know if I can give a percentage but it's it's up there it's it's it's really made things a lot more smooth voice once the hospital makes the full move then it all makes it helps us commuting and telecommuting certainly have to go back and forfeiture of the buildings. We're really excited to listen up. I walked from the old hospital to hospital one time that America that was my. Super here I didn't indicate so I don't hear any complaining from your doctor about putting it each game. We can't we just everybody that comes in and talks with us in the shy Children's Hospital did. What as a doctor you most excited about for the new hospital. I am very excited that everything is going to be in one place you know if we need the vascular surgeons for example. They're right there. You know we have. The high a high quality MRI machine which is over buffalo general I'm more access to that whereas a Children's Hospital we have an MRI machine but it's not as high powered. So there's just going to be. Immense facilities that will be available to us that were available to us before but not as easily. Who him. I love to all of those great minds altogether in one area where if you wanted to bounce ideas off of best treatments and stuff that's pretty special apps. Do you think combined event. It's huge site Children's Hospital update if you ever need a pediatric neurologist. He is with women and Children's Hospital buffalo doctor last month Farouk. A great doctor and taking care babies one at a time changing the world don't forget that may is pediatric stroke awareness month and so always good to know about that.