Oishei Children's Hospital Update June 14th

Wednesday, June 14th


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It's Janet Snyder Nicholas Nicholas and it is time for the ish I Children's Hospital update. In studio with doctor Andrew Reynolds the associate program director for the apt analogy residency program. For you beat the morning doctor Reynolds how do you undo her you really get I have my story by my cop the mile you story of Children's Hospital. When my oldest son was little. The school nurse did regular screening like they always do. And she called me up which is that I think there's something wrong so I had to go to Children's Hospital in his ice check any of them Nokia. I remember and it was Scott Lipsky. Was at Children's Hospital great ophthalmologist doctor at children's. And I remember just sobbing. In his office because he's like your son's gonna have to Wear an eye patch and it was like you know when your parent. It's like the end of the world if you've really is your baby might snappy 100%. Perfect yet just 99.9. Percent after. But eyes are so important why did you. Become an ophthalmologist. I was always always thought about it and guess most of my follows ophthalmologist. And assists a wonderful career you make a huge difference in people's lives. I'm mostly to deal with healthy kids you know it's a pediatrician and she has that a fund which really skated an asset for me so I got to deal with smiling it is then and making a big difference on June is child vision awareness month what is China vision awareness month and why's it important so how does awareness month is the time of the year that we draw attention to both the reversible causes of vision loss. And recommend for screening and detection of our problems in children and it's also for recognizing the five million children in this country who deal with chronic vision issues what. Vision issues are you seeing children's. So we take care of all vision issues from the mild to the complex movement the most common thing that I see in the most common vision prom is refractive there and that's need for glasses either. You sign this farce and a source magnetism. We just take your name Leo they like you mentioned lumbering based vision loss. I usually caused by difference in prescription between the two eyes but sometimes caused by cross sides. We then also tickers or business which are cross eyes wandering eyes sometimes too corporate and honestly is the guy who and then the much more rare and devastating diseases for an detachment cataract glaucoma really any disease that you can no log in adults also happens in children Justin a much cooler air frequency. We were just talking about when you see a person's eyes and a picture you see like red eye. That's OK but sometimes and it's just putting it in like your storage of knowledge to take a picture of somebody and you see what their pupils sometimes it can be something serious. That's correct so every year or two that kind of makes the rounds on FaceBook and what happens isn't the normal is a red flash that's on the red reflects in your pediatrician actually does that to check your young child's vision. And if you see one that's ready and one that's why the white one. Means that there's something inside of the eyes that's abnormal and that can be a cataract. That's that can be blood and then most devastating as that can be high cancer. Or rent a glass stone when there's about 400 cases a year in this country. A very uncommon cancer really probably in the city of buffalo we see two or three a year. But something you obviously don't want him. It's worth knowing let's talk about when a child should begin seeing and I doctor to have their vision test and that's a great question. There's no official rule. That you know when your ex age you have to see a pediatric ophthalmologist. But we do cast a wide net provision screening and that's the most important thing to catch on problems. And that's accomplished either at the pediatrician. At the school or sometimes or groups such as alliance club that goes into camps or schools or other things and brings vision screening equipment with them. What dance advancements have been made over the years because I mean I just think about how much it's changed in the past like ten years but what advancements. Have been made provisions screening. So the the biggest advancement is the new vision screening machines which are electronic devices. Functionally they basically take a photo of the child. And within that device it can and tell what kind of refractive bear if the test your side and farsighted in there instinct isn't too bad difference in two guys. And their eyes and a slide it's a really great system. And previously examining one Urals to girls that's very challenging. And for pediatricians there's also a lot of the stuff they have to get through during the news nine so they're responsive to the entire body. And so this is a way that you can really assess for respective divisional loss in under 32. This is one of our best actor Andrew Reynolds C associate program director for the app the Knology residency program. For you be when you look at the child the one thing that goes along with the child needing glasses as as they grow. Their eyes and their vision changes to so if you targets glasses. How often should you checked their vision to just go by if they're not seeing is good with their glasses then to get a recheck. So typically the first standard glasses we do accountable once a year changed most kids change between a half the unit and one and a half units a year from and that's related to their growing and how often they hit their growth spurt there I will grow you little bit more so it's not uncommon for me to see teenagers who grew six inches in the past year and there's they had two units chain drag on like that they've been really squinting at the board. Summer months are coming up what scares you about the summer months with kids' eyes invasion. Summers time for trauma unfortunately for children's eyes and kids have been especially in buffalo all pent up over the winter and it on energy and the first nice weekend in buffalo is always full of my trauma. And that can the from sports I've seen a lot of baseball injuries. Football. Dogs all run around stakes on account stuff anything that it is project now can be a weapon for a kid unfortunately. We still using city get something in your act just like sailing. There are content that is it's still I watch that is the best course of treatment could feel like you've got something in your. I yeah I washed definitely. And before if you especially if you think it's on caustic substance or you know he's under the sink something like that. Due to the sink and wash it for ten to fifteen minutes. Number one way to prevent vision loss is get at those quickly he should not just if you warm water I wanna warm water and just keep releasing weren't you weren't and then tendency not to profession OK got it what you looking forward to most about the Children's Hospital. You know I I'm from a former big buffalo guy I really liked the fact that it's all kind of part of the buffalo Renaissance. And now everything's just going up downtown and and can now sign Alice stuff it's really really nice and I also think it's going to be bigger destination for people. I trained in Michigan and people would drive ten hours to come down Ann Arbor to get their eyes checked while I am leave and I think that can be here. And I think the mutual's hostels going to be part of that that it's gonna people from all over gonna come here and be taking care. I know it has nothing to do with the doctors that doesn't make you so mad how much glasses cost. Yeah yeah. I just got my sunglasses and why is that price ever gonna come down I know is like a corner in the market for lenses in such. A rescue. They're at their phenomenally expensive and there's also a big hits you with a hidden fees and Alphonso. But they are honored dollars your values and things glare that odious stop the kid from losing the glasses or the doctor you should know this thing you got to take and there had no. There's there's really no way I'm IC I see a lot of kids who go through Paramount I'll share it Maalox and the important thing is finding a place and I tell parents this. Find a place has a good repair and he did. Replacement policy matters most kids are gonna go through multiple. Ayers we eggs out of another question because I didn't know the answer to that is sitting there and it's like you know you feel like you're being. I'd put I don't know how to word about you want the best for your child seat get all these decisions about the lenses. With all the kids watching stuff on computers and everything like that does it hurt their vision should we be thinking about the type of reflection on the lenses and stuff you know what I mean. Yet that that's a great question and that the so this kind of getting at the screen time is Yasser. Does that I will say the be all wives tale about your sin to close the TV you're gonna make your eyes worse that's not true. And mostly your need for glasses I explain his genetic. And you're going to be which are going to be it's amateur hiker it's gonna pre program your idling desirous of pre prepared. CN academic their eyes worse that being said I do see a lot more kind of dry and that you blink about half as much when you do intense focusing which counts his screen time and so there are some complications from that. And if you look on the American academy of pediatrics website they actually have an all out loud about how much screen time it should do. After Andrew Reynolds is in studio with us and just one more question so here give me the science because I I know that there are some and you might think you know these. But then if you're not really paying attention you might not notice it but you can really change the life of your child maybe they're not learning how to read your wondering what's wrong. But it can be vision thing so give me the signs and symptoms of things that child could be doing it could flag that maybe they need to. At their eyes checked for Fisher the then number one symptom unfortunately is there are no. And so that's why we cast too wide it was vision screening and wants to dig vision screening advocate. Most kids are unbelievable Colfer says he's seen and you guys have visited a hospital and see just gets really sick with cancer in the run around like nothing happen resilient that's what they do when they don't have good vision and that can be vision in one on icy kids every day I CK whose extreme catering to chart in 19 and it won't perfect dot but even viola. Vision loss in both lies the keys what's the scope and and they come and that's when he 802100 in the parent says they've been doing everything name. It needed to do nine kisses really good at that but that being said squinting holding things very close a child's face. Our trouble reading all certainly indicated could I indicated vision problem. And then crossing or wandering eyes are are never normal and if you see that I can also indicate that this house visions of we are the first stop you go for a for a screening isn't just your pediatric doctors office type things at a good place to start today your pediatrician is always capable of doing that. And it should be performed and it's part of every exam includes some assessment of the child's vision. And then also happens at school and really happens every year in school minds and we try to catch as many kids we can and I'm all for multiple screenings so I ask is headed defense and doesn't mean you never have to get it passed tomorrow. So I know that there's people listening right now the just wanna CU so how they get you look as you're here in our community and one of the doctors how to they find you. So I'm located at the raw sign institute which is also downtown non medical campus from and we have several occasions they've won south pounds and one out on Amber's in the north announced. On seat and called Ross I institute and see one of us that we just have a new doctor coming in in August as well so he's gonna increase. Now we just like the only demand are now where we're gonna study at. Hello Michigan trying to get it to. Yeah exactly awesome it was I learned a lot today thank you for stuck in my identity so much. Doctor Andrew Reynolds the associate program director for the up the molecule residency program for UB. So you and your wife are you just all the time scanning all kids that she's pediatrician here or not yes that's correct. You know like that's all I think about it though we talked about it. Yeah I nice avenue into the bank is a much.