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Wednesday, July 12th


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Kiss 945 it's time for the shy Children's Hospital update. This morning joined with Mike Hughes senior vice president of public affairs and marketing it collide help. And Chris McCaffery owner of overt signs the order a general good morning morning Chris tell little bit about Allred signs and how you got into the business. Allred signs has been in Rockport since 1939. I've been with the company for 26 years in the owner for the past. Twelve years we have. 124 employees and we. Recently moved into a new 25000 square foot. Facility in lock work wow that's incredible congratulations you. So when you drive country as a rodeo like that's my sign that my sign that I IBM and my my kids always asks so we are we can we point out a few we've been fortunate to be involved in a lot of the projects in Western New York unless you brought that up tell me about the projects you've been involved in at collide and a well we don't most recent large project would collide aware of the new letters at buffalo general. Which we did a couple of years ago and down. Those letters are similar in size to good ones that we're building for the new. Children's Hospital so it's it's exciting it's a good to great project for us to be involved and and where those letters gonna go. There will be signs on the north and south elevations of the new hospital food. The letters are about seven feet tall. And within a foot logo on the house on the south side in the north side they're about four and a half feet so they're they're big letters and there are no up. In the air about 200 feet and he got to get it right he speller right he got hit pretty accurate if you don't do overs. Notice that. I'm Mike described the way finding measures in and outside to collide is putting in to help the public find their way around the hospital just a big deal. Yes sure so children's has been on pranks refer 125 years now. And so we have to re educate the questioner community at the hospitals are moving over to buffalo general neighborhood or what's commonly known now is about the lack of medical campus so. We have to work with us State Department transportation Miguel close signing exchange where they're directing you through the ages along the main thoroughfares through. Then also as you come into the campus whether it's coming up Alec history whether it's coming from the north side of what this coming from the fruit belt so we have to work with the city as men as long as well as with campus leadership as well to make sure that. The sanctions there and it's up and opt in in there and time. And the weird thing is with assigning each. You can't put that this way to the Children's Hospital. Until it's really this way to Children's Hospital hey. Hey exactly so hound right now there's some sign it shows that says coming in 2017. And so but as a dazzled or close by literally. The end of the day we move hospital this financial come down off Bryant street and then the street global signage will be activated the nine is stars Chris assigned H. Can he shrink granting that sign sign HM OB installing that were next two weeks atop the new building so all the signs will be there but on the covered up. I love that and Chris how you get that. Letters all the d.s a cream and we will use a 150 ton train to lift the sign up in a place and then we will have. The installer is and swing stages of the window washing equipment is live you'll actually. Bull the letters in the place but will use a large trained to raise the sign into position. I'm curious. So how do you know the letters are straight indeed use a leveler or is it kind of based style we won't know they certainly use levels but there are knife plates coming out of the building so you can see those if you were to drive down there now. In those plates are used for the attachment of the new letters. That's so exciting and so you wanna stand a couple blocks away just eyeball. We actually experience of a sign guy you know I think you have to either way you doing signs inside the hospital as well there will be signs inside the hospital we're not involved in that particular part of the project ars are on the exterior. Congratulations on being able to do that thank Mike I know where op and above ninety. Sent completion of the Children's Hospital gets exciting so we hit the 90% mark within the last week or so at this point they're starting punch let's work. On that forced eight through twelve wow and then emergency rooms in the lower level floors are just you know going to the final touches all the doors or in elevators ran a hell of has done so. It looks and feels like a hospital right now. When we talk about the helipad so that will be for children that need to be mercy. Flight data over to the hospital what and net have you done like the test flights and everything for that tried all of that out. He we have we had to go through that testing will let you you've received approval process. An and we will go through one final test ready for the hospital opens we do with the bulk of our department actual those tests the foam so active at there's an emergency upstairs is dimming system. That's one man to death tree comes and one last time to make sure that. From the construction standpoint everything is done and sat so. Now we're getting there so what I heard you just say is there's going to be big foam party before we open children's yes I'll be giving your goggles measuring it has over there. Oh like fun hum what excites you the most about the new hospital I just think that the staff. To have the opportunity to have something new women and children's provides wonderful care but him frank street is getting old and it's tired. Who come to know that we have a brand new house well this only happens once or twice every 23 is across the country so while huge opportunity and to see the staff comes through there as their two warring. There's territory and there they're seeing their spacing of the Florida to working on the brand new equipment. If it's gratifying to see this staff and they see how happy this is making them. So when a new hospital is being built do you have hospitals. That are now being built behind. Our Children's Hospital that now they're looking TU for advice and thoughts on building. Yes I mentioned that so EC MC is embarking on a seven million dollar emergency room expansion project and so their team has been through. Our construction site a few times as well as they met with our trauma team to see how they planned everything from the Mercer MT the helipad so. We're fortunate to bail and you know land of what we've learned along the way. Just like we did before our team has traveled to Boston to Ohio to Virginia. To learn about you know the ins and outs and do's and don'ts of building your brain hospital and that's what's so important all of that. Listening and learning that whole process is so important. If these jets you know especially for the Frontline staff you know the staff needs to have the confidence that the people who have helped plan and organize a construction. And and everything they can make you the very best for the patients we serve. And Chris before I let it go. How does it feel to have such a successful sign business here in Western New York well it's exciting it's and it's exciting to be part of a project like this heading straight for Western New York. I'm so many great things going on downtown and for our company. To be involved as is really. Great in and we hope that things will continue to progress in the Western New York area. And how do you love living and working in Laporte that's awesome and I will platform. Degrade city. I feel like I'm from their although I'm not originally move. Our company's been a long time. My wife is actually the mayor of blackboard sold lie about that a lot of different things so it's exciting. It's to me was allegedly married mayor and and and it's good. I'm I'm there for support have you got Mickey does it yet I have not Molly has something to look forward Tim is right well congratulations on the site and we all look forward to seeing that happen. And Mike got continued. Keep focus good luck with everything all the success. Sting I appreciate your help as is Chris mention I hit his company. His want of a number they're playing a part of this construction project and we're making history and that somehow and were too close to understand the impact but to see companies like owners have to come through and help us. It's great it is a big deal to shy Children's Hospital update. My accused senior VP of public affairs and marketing at collide and Chris McCaffery owner of Aldrich signs on kiss 98 point five.