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Wednesday, December 6th


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Time for the oh shy Children's Hospital uptake joined in studio this morning by Amanda Ferrell. Director of blood donor recruitment at units good morning good morning. It into the grain thanks for having me thanks for coming in I want talk a little bit about units and for those that are familiar with what units is itself. An organization we hear a lot about. Tell me about what you and it's doesn't know it's recognized as a leader in blood tissue and organ donation services but what else to people need to know by units. He'll be really focused in net education and awareness and the public people can't be donors that they don't know what it's all about. As well as a community blood bank we are responsible for providing. Belied that stays here right here in western New York's everything that become lax goes to neighbors the only friends and patients and our hospitals. Like bush I children's. What two people in Western New York need to know if they wanna sign up to be an organ donor or give blood especially around holidays well. During the season of giving I was thinking about giving gastric going shopping saving a life doesn't cost anything how often. And less than an hour can you say just by signing your name and donor registry. Or sticking out your arm that you saved a life that's pretty powerful. How would you let someone know that you do that did you do that someone's honor or something like as a gift. You could you know we can have donation centers throughout Western New York as well as lots of mobile blood drives on and we really you know that kind of badge of honor of the the rap by your arm but also we can't make sure that we highlight our heroes the people assign the registry that is given to get to play through organ donation in blood donation as well that's cool. Tell me about the relationship between units and collide health and what that means for everybody. It means we're saving lives collide at hospitals need it more than 15100. Blood donors each and every month. Just helped treat the patients and there are hospitals that you can imagine over the course of the year how great that Edith. Demand tell me why units is so important. To women and children especially Adam Schein children's hospitals. I mean in Hawaii a reference at number 15100 for caught hospitals children's alone it's 260. Donors are needed to help save the most fragile patients. In our community. Signing up as an organ donor or donating blood is that an awesome way for people in our area to give back this holiday season what do people need to know. It's really just as easy as signing up or walking in the doors to donate life takes less than an hour of your time. On our web. Ike which is units dot org or by calling our offices also this season we have a great campaign polity heroes were were working with our partners collide out. To have a really large community drive. And abiding people into the hospitals. And December 29 in giving people an opportunity to save lives so if I wanna go somewhere to give blood I can find that at the unit's website you can find that right on our website or you can call us at seven point 65127940. Amanda we ask everybody that comes in for the Rashard Children's Hospital update. What makes you most excited about the new John LaRoche on Children's Hospital I think as a mom with small children it's exciting to know that there are state of the art facilities. As a partner being with units it's exciting to know that we can help to provide the best care possible for the folks hospital. How did you kids feel that no snow this morning they were. Very happy in that outfit he had good I don't know act that didn't work out too well tomorrow mugged in a different story. Amanda Ferrell director of blood donor recruitment at units thanks for joining us here can study point five. That's the shy Children's Hospital update.