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Wednesday, March 15th


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It is time for the Shia Children's Hospital update and we are in studio with Gail suture his manager rehabilitation services. At women and children's hospital and gales of very special person because she's one of the reasons on April 29 and we all walk we walk not just for the children. But for the people that have made Children's Hospital what it is today 41 years scale that's an incredible accomplishment. On. Holes like this children when you started it children's. And that's and that's a good solid healthy career. When you began at children's from then to today. I can only imagine that the technology that's changed how you had to re adapt your career to kind of technology. That's about here it's it's constantly changing it it didn't we wouldn't made. It strikes me we wheat first match. When we were doing one of the early radio Tanzania brought down triplets site. How awesome is that and they're like probably in their late teens and same and they were Warner. I hung on her visiting us and offered appointment. Some peace it's downstairs she probably up to meet these kids them and their names are the three months of the year in April and I room. Yeah. That's amazing when you. Back at. Those moments as we all have those moments Children's Hospital those moments that really imprinted on your heart what would you say some of those well I started. At children's. In maternity. And so. To see how we ought to recede babies. There were thirty weeks 32 weeks at a time and worked really hard in the state long long time in the nick Q2 now. Well I'm. Taking care of them after they are accused them and how it's changed. Com we treat cats completely different retail and direct oxygen. All those things all those technologies. I was here and actor I'm Eaton was doing this act and stuck. How they proved. That these children so hughes' study used to practice and they gets hot you protocol and wow. He was doing experiments there. Were to maternity. We didn't know which children and it's packed snow. It was a wonderful thing to watch those changes today we do well. Kids are born in the air and a chance of hitting the leader maybe they wait to us whom they put him on a cooling. We are seeing improvements in these kids we would have never seen before like actual quite like a cold actually cooling. Complete protocol. The ICN is just amazing they never stopped studying whats next them. So it makes our children pre amp so much more advanced. And they were when I started. You are the manager of rehabilitation services. What does that mean. I mean and it should be clinics for Robert Warner we I'll development clinics all the children come true. On nick you have to be seen. And certainly the time if they were born at 24 weeks we have to wait till they would have been forty weeks room and then receive them and there's. Eight. We have annually there on milestones. Are they able to roller. On house there's strength. To see anything that's concerning baby on tightness in muscles. And then from clinics. And motor clinic movement clinic we also him all the old TPT. And speech available. Along with a psychiatrist who goes movement movement move alignment she's marvelous actors. And we assessed that child what services are going to bring it channel the optima and they can be for the rest of their lives we don't see children were just there are right now. Move we look at their whole. Week and do. That's gonna make this child the ethnic and I am so glad you're part of Children's Hospital guild sued his manager rehabilitation services. Do people like I would imagine if I had a baby right now. I would want to present the baby to you and make sure it got your deals seal of approval because I feel like you know so much in can kind of see the hands scene. Well I think all of our department doesn't it it's a multi disciplinary department moon so in one clinical and we get a call for child abuse test. I we as a team have to decide what's the best thing this channel. When we hear what's going on on main users be delayed and assert that. We have different sections of that clinic so we bring the child in an in the clinical be a doctor Anne and on OT and PT a speech an education person. And all of us take a turn to see that child they come out make a decision walked right there in the room and say this is what we're gonna do for you. Love that. I would imagine you're going to be like I'm thinking right now today march 15 my daughter's birthday but I am thinking about. Yeah right nice perfect. But I think about this kind of weather and how somebody who needs the clinics today. And that that rigmarole they go through to get from Clint clinic to clinic so how awesome is the new hospital can you explain. How amazing that is with the parking ramp to the clinics to hospital it used. I think it's that thing says the most about this wonderful room and I think everywhere for it there yeah on. Right now if we recommend. To see direct challenge. For instance raise cash and can't go way. So we sent direct. Com and going to a completely different building that they can't get too. From the outside does need to take your kids out in this weather and walk around the building or in another country. If we needed to seeing rally. To a so atmosphere cases if they could block that we have to take them. Down in the appeasement another elevator right now. We've already moved some of our clinics there we moved them in January and I was yesterday it is absolutely amazing they're so. They're at home. Yeah they're with the atmosphere real argument it is so joyous and it is still pretty. It's. Compared to what we've lived and it may now start looking at the building it and I. Actually really for the summer hit. It was it's it was sewn necessary. And we all agree as a community you know I know and the support to get us there's just been phenomenal completely you. People like everyone in the community that's it's yet be we need to keep the children. Deal with all the technology changing in the child care and rehabilitation. What's the one thing that stayed the same with the patient. That care and the constant fear the people who put their hands on those chants the at such heart. And you just look at. A nurse walks in the room and the first thing she does this recognizing China. Hello. How are you. The doctors. They say hello appearance but then they go how are you due to come to seem meet today room you know it's just such a war. Atmosphere the building doesn't make that. That people make it like to him a place where the state app can also feel comfortable and giving them wonderful care. That's the thing that's most important to me why do you do you do and I love it. What if kids taught you. To be patient. Children don't understand the rush of this world. We teach them that. They only know when they come here to act they have a pace and art my job is to learn that pace. And try to work around that teach them a little help them move along but. If we taxed back and looked at that's their simple way of looking at things. We would be so much for their hand. You like the smartest person I know what I don't like I wish I could lose touch you for ever and ever. On advice for Larry Young moms. All are it's just a grow as you can just the Atlanta what is it. I say congratulations. You can do this. I raised three children working at children's working every shift you can possibly imagine to zone and I heard. Further my career and care for my children and make a better life for all of us. And I ask them what your biggest stress. I don't know what they're stressed maybe I've gone to conferences and got up and talked about. They'll talk about the we have children and they'll say you know they're kind of non compliant. So I got really angry once got a consent and I talk to you for a minute about something and they sure Gail. And I had been going to this conference in Cape Cod for about ten years he's that I wanted to tell you a life story. I'm on gets up. Who's been up three or four times last night from this trial. Who needs them to go to one appointment today but she also his three other children that need to go to school. Just to get that child ready who has special diet. She has to get those three other children ready she turned trying to looks at the clack and she's fifteen minutes behind are ready just to put that child hopefully. In a vehicle and get them to appointments sometimes just take public transportation and he didn't mean nappy on trying. She may will need to wait for camp so let's take all of that into consideration. When we decide that that mum was leaked. And that's very perspective it's just that. Type of attitude and the knowledge and wisdom in the lot and I underline that point 700 million times. That's what makes the hospital so special. When our radio station does the walk on April 29 and I hope you are with us in what they're wearing a superhero cape I hope they are pretty out LR. We want because people like you who have kept this hospital. Source. You know relief of saving lives of finding out answers of giving everybody the hope that they wanted and you don't such an incredible job. Thank you know retiring you realize. I am. I've worked with so many wonderful wonderful people I've worked with doctor it was one of the few people to remembered actor ever order. He had this wonderful scenes. Because he understood and yet kids with needs really put pressure. And if they didn't come for an appointment and people oath so it didn't show. He congress he can get. And then when they did come heat's eight will room. Where they're light. Let's celebrate that here. No wonder he was such an incredible actor. Lot of a lot of lessons to be learned. I guess might my final question would be what are you most excited with the notion Children's Hospital could you know a lot seeing everyone settled seen every one. Now we're not. Wheat Barley for each other we're all going to be neighbors. We're going to be next to each other in these pots and we need to know when we get there to say good morning to your neighbor. And make all of us feel at home there's people that are already there when we get there we want them to tell us what was your hard struggle. And how did you get when you first got here what was the hardest thing to get over. Help us feel at home. And my final question he said you're not with the green you worked through all of the years. Any advice to a lot of our listeners are working moms that are trying you know you wonder if you're getting all the moms things and because you're working nominee and a lot of times you the kids keep chins up and you know hanging in my mobile home whatever. Does not turn out okay. Pictured because he had to work on it it's. I feel like. And they are wonderful parents and Mercury in what they do and all of repercussions so. I'm very very proud. My advice to young man uses you can't just have a litany. Unita plea in a plea and be at the NCI and Nvidia was actually comes up. That's not to be say. Yes exactly you know you need six people lined up because somebody has a fever earth yesterday and you know. So Atlantic. I hope you'll come and we are walking with us on April 9 and then we're going to be doing radio found a couple weeks later so gassed up my house seat like and bring them into the passenger side. The Dem babies. Yeah me amyloid could give me the babies out of all the ladies carry out always great seeing drives it to their parent thank you so much for having us now thank you for all you do for them back at ten. Bush I Children's Hospital update gill suits the manager of rehab services women and Children's Hospital buffalo. The people behind what makes this hospital work and she is very special moment.