Nate Oats UB Basketball Coach 3-12

Monday, March 12th


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UB men's basketball head coach Nate Morton coach notes. The more harder dorm I'm torn right you feel after this weekend. Looked tired but. Good good good good good tired. It's got tired. Tell me out of his throat hurt broke or I'll order form reader odd projects Obama voiced I'm sorry about that it's it's rough on you but I can't stop now. Keep doing what you do and it's not an hour ago we go wrong we don't know what your internal win problem was again. What's your coach Paul. See on how to celebrate after a I know it's game after game but you move on to get too big wins on the weekend how do you have your players celebrate. And I told him. Sober for 24 hours and so we selection show or two ago we got. I don't like regular consult further erodes the one time of the year where you really don't know we're playing. I guess we had that would account so determined to ruin someone and I enjoy at all. Know from Saturday when we wanted to tell us why it wouldn't. You know in a whole lot preparation you do you don't know who plan shall. Cause I told sobered them both doing extracurricular vigorously that we got rid of fury goes Richard. That's just regular good old advice on an appropriate. Did you know what conference at least you're going to be playing in that before the selection of the team what did you know you're gonna be in the south. Don't know idea I don't give anybody anything until it comes out. You found out certain telephone now. That's cool and what was your reaction when you found out. The that they are excited to be marginalize. What it would not have been my first choice you know when partisanship. Pittsburgh or Detroit or board declared could call but it is what it isn't. Tidewater Arizona got to know one ticket addressed and I hate them. There was appreciate the number one pick him. They got they got. Regardless most drafted before the borderline late with Guido or cut all it'll. It's gonna pull ups of all available later of also. With the distractions there haven't coaching while wise is that says something obviously. You know about but do you take advantage of that. They're very near failure in the media can stir some force off. What should come up with a border and I. I'll tell you is a Netflix showing the making that there will be a documentary about what went down there I guarantee it. It it it. Could help maybe go to a community juju was slow Alter. Yeah I mean they're they've obviously had distractions but they've they've been able to figure out I think they wanna hear their last nine or what they walk to. It would saw a woman tortured internal employment. Certain. Let's rewind a Friday night talk about Kent State few words to describe that game in the win. I'm in campus. You know very little want to do is worried normally get might be so we went we were all fired up to about one and then remove it make. But the real deal war or trust so it's just come out of involved with civil console. It was good to get that while a lot of I would put it was able place Saturday that's what taller guys there. Little brother to Morgan reported Saturday they're not so they'll they'll put all of stressful I just make sure we got everybody available Saturday April. We got out Friday's game can elevate their play is pretty tall well we wouldn't appointment won't sovereignty them. Garrett got us to the championship on Saturday. For the game at a just I looked up and you're yelling at somebody I don't know if this is just computers just in light you're trying to inspire. When you're when you're getting a little heated on the sidelines is it are you upset with that the play or you upset with the calls what generally gets you fired up but that. All of this ball. Club. Rebel and series that's why don't have a voice right now aside I would do since there was one time I got that I can try to tell you. And I mean that you know what at this point though what try not to get too American players. Tutu who you know you're trying to get to cover this war and I just the order says Tamara. Like Hossa played orders postal box dollar. We're gonna use. Them curious about her but look for the most forward I get that sort of dug under Alabama man you're trying to you know to give. I'm going to move Joost and you'll. We'll actually get to stop for years been one. You are are you get little fire but you know make sure that you're good at all. We have a question for coach you coach any superstitions. Like he did you eat the same you know where the same type guy. Think members. Our total market systems are really superstitious. In a row it was like. Like 200 Reynolds was quoted assistant usually over the top should pushed viciously. When someone's story that you tell your honor like knots. But. Our our our not a lot of care relates. I I have no idea what I wore what Jake you know what I farmed out you did this sort of monitor one you know every game but take it to the clear or through. If you wore it went out on trading after one. All pulled him out place now for mortgage side pocket of those or total lover and where the statute of I have to have my stick in my back pocket. And Albert the last summer or this dude I don't even know him. What I war of words I don't have any but my assistant surgeon. Brooke Bennett they've got some sort brook so here you guys is this just entertainment troopers potential. Closure in his second year long we're determined. It up to the first time in school history used to when the TV show approximately nagger irons or. And we got on a roll more or less extreme leaders started doing the traditional Alter current. Coinciding with the door Rodrigo audience meters of a TV show where in the regular season you never know when. You know you're going to be playing again so it. For two more weeks into all ball on them like it to kids show us closed streets don't always help senator Byrd. Walked into the kissing you know. They're basically walked out can be tough you want kids to traditional board girl Rob Kurz. So I would never do that yeah it's wonderful to sort. That is crazy superstitions hits so he plays he coaches Arizona but not the Arizona you're playing. I that are gonna stay so that they they play in the playing game in Dayton now Wednesday night. That's like she's so. Paris your right so we played Q establishment putters on how we talked last night for comments tried that. They'll be total total return with both mr. have to win some games here. If you go back to your days of was high school coaching in that what are you lean on from that experience. At these big games coming out specifically Thursday night is there a thought is they're saying. Is there phrase that you Catalina and that's your go to. Paula once Frazier saying I'm Wilson and his and we are we would play much fire final fours and high school player of course stricken about. There's two we would play against Andre easily out what you're seeing in these kids like. She might public about in the anybody in the very well including the guys. And and you know Vietnamese specimens going. We played executed Greg Oden number Greg Oden I'll straighten. Spokesman much check to whoever wrote a bicycle coach who went down to be an important step there was an airman Mike Conley on the same bicycle seat so. Obviously get above that a kid that was sort term. Also on the table with the equals raised import a gamer that you follow what nine minutes acute. Obviously did not want to go against Greg Oden. That particular day. Our I've just aren't they lately I don't I've definitely got on the team who went to Iraq is gonna have to. We have outplay them were obviously an underdog but we've got to we've got guys who experienced they're guys aren't quite as experienced similar sort. Will be tolerated but a little bit I mean go back to a game you want to regain your underdog you'd. Think about Bob how are the one thing I would we didn't put on the board though that I bowl effect. I'm sure Irish course. What can continue to w.'s student players play. Top players would sit in judgment are about to talk to stream usually wins in March. And I regret pretty tough group tour. What's the first PP. Continue to keep you don't see those players played like you know me and you get an important and shares correct. Players play top players when championships. Sat atop that department along subliminal soccer what spokesmen. Haas RF who works for you Amanda overworked Thursday night. What are you wanna save all the fans are going to be watching back here in buffalo. Well it and we we also has written about fan support Cleveland like obviously Cleveland so you can draw down or stop or as usual. I don't know we're gonna bus transport Boise but are all we were just prior total. All the bargains sports. Or forbidden months are burned. Pull or some sort of do not sudden but also there are clear who really aren't part of estranged they have extremes from Ohio and American. Almost all proud to be more lawyer Richard Armstrong to thank you everybody in. We weren't trying to descend on there have been bigger upsets pull off and I believe what you want to do better read gossip all it would and we should threes. Rulings placed right now we've got experienced guys what scored a point guard that they perceive yourself when we got we got shot at the same but. Or Greg Cleveland at all hopefully we can represent law. I wish you good luck I like your toner like your step by like your style. Christianity garnish. About horns up soon work. We want our W Greg I'll try to warn you got. Into our brother. There are. As head coach men's basketball UB that is neat who sunk his 3.5.