Miss America Swimsuit Conversation

Wednesday, June 6th


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How do you feel about don't worry answer grams of fill in the blanks. It's program and the beach. Yeah. And there are some some. Ways to show the big Keeney off I guess you could say. But six or four nanny title how do you feel about Miss America dropping the swimsuit competition I kiss. I. Hit it out and out. Actually I probably at. America is not it's not that puppy out there. Aggregate you know about it. Maybe that meant that day at the aircraft program. Say you're glad that they dropping in and that I don't put words about say your glad they're topic. Has brought up doesn't think Colin Amy aren't you studying point five ms. America drops the swimsuit portion of their competition how do you feel. I think we need to light. Up isn't it abating it are you competition and of itself. And I did everything we are a good point. Are. Like don't you know yeah. I. I so how do you feel about them taking their portion of the competition out. I get the cricket in theory if nowadays there I mean it's it's. It's the cricket and I think you know. Equality curry and threatening her on our internal you'd be great but a lot of what it really hurt that a physical appearance there so I eat at a state. If you're having a donut could you brought it up Amy what kind would you have. Man I'd go for the team at Oregon the very increase. Two solid choices are glad I'm glad you called I'm glad you listen. Mr. Otto just enjoyed doing it in or out there and cream and Amy if you're going for bathing suit I goal with a one piece or two. To. Nancy is I just I gave what I Miss America drops the sense of competition what do you think Nantes. Hi Nancy. Can't think we lost her Shelly hearing to study point five. Good Miss America drops the swimsuit competition Heidi feel about it. Only get thicker. Woman I know it and I appreciate. It's much heart and soul into it and they kill it like the color political light up a little. Yeah I. I would watch the swimsuit competition regular blouse stagnant body here but I guess they want to move away from just judging people on their bodies. I don't think that it slowly out of that but an awful lot that goes into the competition. We. Are here and college are. Only know that because in my. On my goal as we would get together every time or the you fail or anything like that and we're pretty into that allow. You but I never edit. What would you tell aunt eventually. Eat. I. Don't want to watch it on television arts and on the important. While you put a bikini on and put it to music yeah. They're wrong I don't know I. I'm sure to say and right now in this conversation. That will offend somebody I enjoy art so bright it's a good putts and if we say something offends you in this portion of the program. You're right and we are wrong and DJ yeah but it doesn't have a their own opinion that million. I have there been. Let's go Kathy has to say this America drops so since what do you think cat. I don't know why I think it's a little hypocritical because I think that is probably. Nobody ordered. Right exactly so we're not gonna bathing suit I'm a girl that's really skinny plot. There's not going to be you know all sizes I agree with that. Mean they're out there right inside this so I think it built hypocritical. If I. The girl there's still that I don't not the. Steve now do you think having that what I would like to see it is because there's women of all sizes that rocked their size. And I just about rocky years I like you know what I mean. Like he worked last night that. Hunt for I totally. Rockers like be whatever I want and show how you work. Or. Tell you what secrets confidence he could be adding as you wanna be have confidence and rock baton and you win you know. Like perspective I'm really glad you called policy and as he went back Miss America drops the swimsuit competition anything. I think. I. Mean everybody get up participation property now. Well this answer is that the whole competition and it's not that major components are there still other aspects have you watched the pageant in. Recent years. But I mean apart everybody watches the bathing suit competition I'm sure viewership goes up during a portion yeah. For sure we're not gonna say don't say that out now I know I know you can't say that. Are you have to. The feeling that via the social pendulum will swing the other where people get so serious a serious it's going to be this fun you know. Show or whatever that's completely the other way that people will glom onto and forget about all. Everything we've been dealing with the movements and the you know hyper focus on and fixing things I think it's gonna swing the other way. I I agree with you Al Unser and I'm. Still there. On you it's really funny. The Miss America. Officials and we're the ones who are behaving badly and inappropriately in those terrible emails. All of that and acting like it was the competition. That had a problem that had a problem and there like. You don't ever was kind unelectable now we're gonna drop this still. We're really asking is read those guys who hails mess with this isn't it funny how our fuel a human. And they're putting they're putting it on the girls who were two incidents of competition and I could care when we're the only real. To park the currents pageant participants. Any of the previous pageant winners participants. They tried to destroy people lives people's lives we lead and play along with there current scheme or whatever it was. Horrible read now as far as what they were right. And you're in case study on fact thanks to all the fun. Missionary. I don't write Miss America drops the swimsuit competition what do you think. I'm. Angry link add a comment that I'm. Well rack your own body and and and it UN it. I met her being at our world today and that I'm worried I'm thinking that. On you like I here aren't I do. I feel like all of that Ed and our act. And barely it would actually see. I aero and early eighties I like I email app top it would. Or than that people were brave will come up I'm pretty neat. Are. There. And by. Are really. And yet out Kirby and as I don't have. I ain't I think Andy at all diet more when he and I can. Tell what they're. I internally. But DeVon you really think it's gonna open the door for more women to be in the competition. I'm. As. I abhor it and. My hopes up I was watching miss congeniality over the weekend. That I don't know why it was on so many times but it was. I don't know much and Christmas vacation last I think different no particular reason perfect yeah movies are on and you watch. I'm glad you called and it's a funny isn't it like we always wobble we don't have like your teeth out currents. And that's probably some turbulence and right now thinking I want evans' body yeah yeah. And I I'll let you know they look at the end. That's wiped out startup called body swap bodies are in us including me and I guess to swap bodies for a day at a might be living your body for a day Kelly you're anxious now do you point five how do you feel about the pageant dropping the bathing suit competition. Good morning. You know I I just kinda thought I was a little hypocritical I was listening to on the the spokesperson say that they didn't climb on the outward appearance to be basically the premise of that. The patent any longer but when you think about it is that kind of hypocritical to think that you know are we can also have them at doing their hair and makeup I need. Mean kind of the point of the whole the whole pageant so it is very much eight that's outward appearance even if you draft went. We still blind auditions don't think the thing that shares or spun around the other way I mean why don't they do that with the competition is really just doing. Are you there are well they're telling their poise there ability to communicate. I don't know like. Just say I didn't. So many Miss America doesn't miss I thought we met every miss them and they're great people I love meeting them I love seeing their crown own. It's for again I'm sure complained send it to me to keep it. But what I've met lately part of it all the early part of it. I am yeah it's it's. I don't ever ever ever think a woman should be. Disrespect in the way the Miss America pageant officials were disrespecting but I don't have a problem with. Let's keep going Jennifer I know this is Rebecca hi Rebecca. What do you think about the bathing suit competition being dropped for Miss America. A lot. In gains. For that got a map. You bring up a good point I wonder if this rule trickles down to like you feeder pageants like miss New York State or something like that which is. It's all part of the organization so if you if you were in a local pageant that may be associated with. Their IE I would I don't know. And I know that we're hosting them at Shea he's going to be and so buffalo is hosting in this New York State. Com pageant this year that's a big deal I don't know with the swimsuit. Situations with that. What if that trickles down so you're right into the feed once they do and get the big the big show and it. Well you could always go to the beach I know this is thinking outside the box if you wanna see people on their savings is just go to the beach. It better show. It to better technique that's. The fun part. Isn't a factor sometimes. Rebecca good to come Debian and his ninety point five. What do you think Debbie Miss America drops some some competition. And I know I'm I'm. I'm. I'm I feel and did what I because. Like a little exploitation. And Lee Alec. You know you look. At how about the base out or not. I don't think it's chilly out it didn't hit anything to do with what I heard Aaron what you're eating out. Andy. And safety but it is up I'm sure a lot about it a lot. 100%. You know walked around in a bikini and heels. It can't be easy. On stage QB's. Much more than it actually. I don't enjoy watching. It changed its last write the article it like. Thought that it would it. And what does any of that have to do you know next is the evening gown competition and then we go on. A little you know journey and play around the fourth Holland America's Got Talent and we're good no because America does that it's like so much. Less than that it's at a America's got poise and a it's Jennifer I can't. I. I'm great and now that wrapped up. And I participant in the program work it out but and I'm here and I also run that unity out. I'm an actor Tony. And flatly and I and I am able and I competed. I like here I was in the Atlantic. That fact I think a lot of time in and you can still find it well around one. Look at let's say you're that crap. Epic patent quote the whole package. Without the lead group proposition. Now. It wanted to mollen. Point that you can act in and the Americans that it Napoli and much. At the interview I'd interview the talent. That how important I'm 8 and the evening Alan. I'm glad that my point there and of course the other women get that at age. That they're out there is the local day company and I and our local. Let me stop for 12 because this is taking a long time do we agree with them dropping the bathing suit or not. You do agree with and what the main reason why. They'll find a well. Well rounded young woman who are participating in her community. And got the entire market without the. Okay why do you think it's been there since the beginning why do you think that was a component whenever the Miss America pageant and winner of the start of the swimsuit portion. Started from the open it up at that than if you look pretty good treatment. That is how it started. The group are very it isn't it flat and it how it is. Way back in the day and it evolved over the years and I think if I had another revolution in those and I'll let the program. It wouldn't be funny if it did start as a swimsuit competition if they re created the baby sits that they were back at the inception. Those like old fashioned beating I think he's going to put all the girls and most of it's a bikini show apps are still like Victoria's Secret fashion sure all right but tonight yeah I will bet even though it's the smallest portion of how they waiter scores in the final outcome. I bet viewership wise and you know for the broadcast that's a big portion of it I would guess viewership that's a major component. Jennifer have we grown out of pageants. I don't think now I am on the Niagara county and out. And I have young women who got me thinking like eight per bat. And one of our. There are angry over morning how are excellent on eight and recreate it and really out. Are ones that aren't up and made it out there aren't good. And I will yeah. You really want your you're gonna do. It. I did you read about the future queen fact that teach queen who becomes is miss peach. An act county. And I'm an act it is young woman was involved in the community. And we usually get about fifteen young woman from Niagara county that partners if it weren't. You able to exactly. Your report out our partner in other are very rare breed you are. Yeah. It he's young women to be politically involved a lot of these programs you're at an important. And got a program. You're alum who aren't you figure out. I see one when a teenager goes through this could have been around the pageants leaders. I see when a team gets into it it does give them the ponds then the confidence that poise the abilities are to carry themselves in a bigger set of them like. They get through that I'm like you set for your life as far as a career you can handle yourself for people that part of it. I totally get that dress epic Al park which I think it's fun and it's kind of like problem. There's nothing weird about it it's when he gets to that point where they move on to being. In there twenty's where it becomes the pageant world swimsuit competition that's where it gets here. I like the peach clean one I love that competition it's great. Thank you got. Out of it had to edit it out sort of up and how. You know you're right in that community semen and act a little more can I mean and I'm here on our outlook you. Yeah there are actually right at our Malo a man well on and you're out there on an actual. So it sounds like being having been in the pageant world I was reading an article about speaking your face have you ever done that. You don't talk about it's about content he put on your moisturizer you put on your cover up. And then you put on like a thick coating of your translucent powder. And you let it sit because the heat from your face the kind of set your make up then you just stop the loose powder and you've got content during the ever done. I have not heard but I can carry her out and stick it. Out of luck re why are you. Letter and normal life. We're giving one. Listeners right now I mean you've lived the pats are. How well our girls syndicate study put the matter to me if they want. I'm my ethernet you know what I elected me all the different and I broke out late. Okay look at how do you feel about everybody micro bleeding right now. I'm didn't do that but of course I have port kidnapped on my money go. You know that I don't think you know we don't you EU EUR and in fact you know you're really hit it. Your inner beauty looked so no matter what. Yeah Ali component up outside beauty and it has been activated if it happened at the. The man requirement for our program that are required by. You need to figure out there the most important thing and I think I'm in the air at eight they would tell you to your ear. I love that cup it was nice getting to know you. I can't wait for the peach festival to by the click if you what is that August to September now. But I'm sorry nick here at the number. Eric I'm very eye on our amber and I. I love it I love here's having good teachers this year thanks to Colin.