Michael Murphy President Of Shea's

Thursday, September 13th


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Right now it's time structure not as we've got the president of Shays Michael Murphy and studio good morning good morning this so exciting this like the beginning of our theater season Western New York it really is everything kicks off last week in this week and file culminating on it with Kuerten. Nothing is grade at thank you explained everybody what it's like. It starts out with the a big dinner black tie dinner and and and with a big street party after all the shows. So anyone can come to the street party main street is closed. Between Tupper and chip line in a lot happening in and there are. Theaters all around town are celebrating with great show. Tell us about this year's theater season. We have a lot of great things all over town is pump boys and a net Sweeney Todd over camino team ends tomorrow night we have Hamilton's cities haven't had theater. Which is our kickoff to the Hamilton's season which is going to be in buffalo in November and December for anybody that's thinking about going and finally get a chance to see Hamilton. Our additional tickets available tickets have not yet gone on sale for single tickets so there or are going to be plenty of tickets available. But they won't be going on sale for a little bit yet I've had weeks. I like that. And for the party tomorrow yes tomorrow night I'm getting my these crazy see you just walk out onto main street how does that work. Starting on 10 o'clock or even earlier there they're going to be bars open people come out in joy all the activities on the street there's going to be bends and some of them. Bars and in the shades lobby and a lot of things going on at street performers. Food trucks you name lots of fun lots of food and lots lightly so this is a chance for the black tie crowd to come out and sort of party mr. absolutely you name it ever was there. I don't more people that have now become regular season ticket holders at chase than ever before it seems like it's the thing to do again and one of the things that you get to dress up and go somewhere nice. And really sort of celebrate the Renaissance of buffalo and this is a great opportunity. What I am but commitment is it for some going to be a season ticket holder for season tickets. The commitment is to enjoy theatre in its use competency all the great shows you bias fees and subscription where over 181500. Subscribers. And people love coming downtown trying to restaurants. Then seeing a great show which is which is that beautiful restored theater. And then afterwards they get to hit one of the bars downtown or for its. A school like yes they may be able to go home in the get ready for the next day but a lot of people just love staying downtown there's so much to do. It's 710 theaters cool theater to see a show when NN host three musketeers is going to be there three musketeers is coming in November we what's Cilic. It's and new adaptation of three musketeers and is being produced by new companies all want productions which is a combination of C 710. Musical theater theater Irish classical theater toy theater. And roadless travel productions. Big. Brilliant production directed by Chris Kelly who people around town known love how great actors can be a lot of fun. Seats in the sentencing just 625 very intimate space. Yet wonderful and I don't know why I love those kind of shows that you really you almost like a part of the production you you really area right there with the actors dealing with their feelings. And Charlie and the chocolate factory the national tour starts in buffalo that's the idea that opens next Friday efforts previews next Friday. And here in town now rehearsing tacking I was watching them last night the great sell a lot of fun great for families great for every one. But you get to experience that Charlie and the chocolate factory. Memories of your child one child. Reading the book watch and we would have a thing to addict and hit it closer to the Johnny Depp thing or closer to the Gene Wilder or something different it's something different altogether. So that you get. You really feel. The original story coming and former completely want that I'm older three boys who alternate playing Charlie. They're all rates and program Ingram and all of those characters that you don't. I'm expecting chocolate to be sold out and show literally well there's none left IV. What clinical effects have you seen in the Charlie and the chocolate factory ship has some really amazing scenes like when they get into the factory. And there is where they see that won't pollute us. That's the super cool. The way that you the pollute this is really neat it's a great expect a lot of video also show and the different effects what happens when the girl turns into blueberry things like that a lot of. Patty I'm. Harry you and I auditioning for you right now that the police would be somewhere in these things. The time on the east. Some extra early in the Chaka Patterson external agents show and and Hamilton. Would you say would like that and everybody and everyone but probably best ten H ten and over who. Who'd live but it's anyone can enjoy it that you really you learn a lot of history. But you see what can happen win. You take a very talented playwright musicians such as Lin Manuel Miranda and put together history. And the amazing the first casting some brilliant child. Shays is gotten such a great reputation. For companies that are bringing their shows nationally across you know. East to west but they love coming to chase because it's so beautifully done so many renovations. Is your job easier now. Yes and no but the one reason might shows love coming to upload single we have release marked audience lose like the buffalo obviously know that. A group of people who in Julie theater. Love either understand theaters clever crowd they really are and I'll Western New York is very very unique among what are the chances of something like with Springsteen did come probably make it's when little is that does that bubble at all on your radar. Having Springsteen tour like that it no it wouldn't in something similar now. With perhaps another artist and yes those kinds of things happen but Leo he springs where all surprised that he did such a long run you wouldn't know. Well we'd love to have lots of friends who soft so New York. And just loved it I haven't yet and yet oh well. Next time around. Hopefully. I had a chance to see that show and it was interesting because for as successful. On the show as it was the Bruce Springsteen on Broadway and it took me. Two times and like three hours holding on the phone trying to not lose my lottery my lottery spot. But it was interesting is that the crowd was kinda of pulling the Bruce Springsteen show 'cause it is a monologue with songs. And and now I think they've kind of found a place in their heart because he's brought more business and we wanna see theater stay alive. Across every city. You know. So as we look at the 2019 what do you look at for shadows. Well coming up in the spring we have Howard this fall actually it Fiddler on the Roof we also have book of Mormon coming back caps. We have. Different with cancer is still the change is a preconceived show so you. It's on some different choreography. The costumes. A pretty similar but different scenery and new director so it's cool conceived and what is amazing is people who were in which he counts as kids and our power now able to take their kids in some cases grandchildren. Jeanne denoting the songs from cats. You know this has been turned into it it's me. That's it but actually I just say about cats and at any time you can hi Michael Eric we can. But cats is one of the show news. That I didn't know that was possible. In a live theater. To see the people become cats in the cats to become part of the audience and and and then we saw Lion King after cats right yeah. But just one of those remarkable shows that if you haven't seen it you'll have to see. It's especially in the other. I can't even tell you how to and expect him on that no no no. My dad is the best that congress has not magic hour is my sister who is right and matching up. When did she get to be this really just swinging. Birds and Leo that's an amazing count you've become the wedding now not even close short for a dollar. Like it's not it's if budget is an issue and you need to singer and work at it yet so I'm trying to think of how to do curtain up on Friday night because it's going to be hot. If you're not going to the black tie part to shop on main street and just jump in the party come on and I love that time I love and there's nothing written music on the street. It's so cool and I can't in you know so funny and knocking it was insane as the weather was perfect for Clinton. Do you do it again. You know a lot of farmers almanac. I even this is how I got here. They're a couple of years ago are you doing that now. There are spotlight. That's going to be great things happening on the street and called an Alley who lights theater person ballyhoo. Who are there. Can you get in line. Are you show up and it sure looks like a tuxedo a hundred. It's hey you know fancy I was aware that better than bikini and because it's like body on. I'm we'd love that you're the president machines you're doing you'll make. Theater something that everybody can enjoy and I feel like -- you make it's an African. Yeah it is click and it really it's really special so much like yeah I didn't know that. So congratulations we look forward this year pinkie it's amazing Michael Murphy president of Shays and.