MAX Interview

Friday, November 17th


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And snacks good morning and welcome to kiss 98 point five hi feeling today though water rose so excited he would be Edinburgh or you re I know Christmas bash Tony seventeen. Is December 9 and we are ready for what you're gonna bring to the stage. Tell your fans and everybody listening what we can expect from you at Christmas bash. Are parallel I would love bringing the less energy is possible lack a lovely you know dancer now wiggle around and today keep him. Didn't deepen our fields outdoors I go let's. Little lights down low little. They'll I didn't even in just it did turn tomorrow to celebrate we're basically didn't they he bashed. Now I'm glad you brought up lights down low because I'm about to play at continue talked about what this song means she ran. What inspired it. He absolutely. So I heard the story from my exit but amazingly in the end I posted heroic shop so at the very special signed ascent. Analytical assist they journey the on it. So that just I mean it came from a base of luck so you'd like to make sure they censor allowed no matter solid sexual orientation or sperm they I had. And that's sort of that this stance the message but I know this. I love that people will be singing along for lights down low you know the whole arena is going to be singing along. It would be funny if you're like hey it's my son do the singing my. That's a good fit in mid dollar realizes they have or reality. Actually on it then he's got a little bit. So that's you're asking me to sing along with fiance cry or I heard that fit their darker and darker I'm out here are now. When you get ready for a show what are three things you have to do before you go on stage. Well I definitely have to stretch a lot to get them get little old Jewish means. Do you Garrett. At duke and more most vocal in his best year. It's literally is required and then. I eat a little not get a little you know get a little. You know my protein bars something heroic feat she too much and then I'll have like a little meditation. No do a lot of sir as this hearing I have I think to be about like 360 shows this year which is the most ever done. But it's it's one of those things where I think in anything less iChat that's. Take effect in there realize it's. What a wonderful thing it is that I get sick about them performance and a change gossip humans and so I have always take at least we're committed to just think about and think about. Again that's based so it's really just warming up the little body in and get ready yet to be positive says bring the best I can bring. We are so excited to have you come to buffalo and perform for us now we'll ask for our holiday song to if possible. Do you have any plan right. He had been Ivan brainstorming get there about that decision at this story that we start also allowed Asia's that. Kind of catalyst to the Ayatollah lab Daryn yes Diana. And shell are still brainstorming you know we are surprised that they'll definitely be a little holiday Shannon Beck. Always a pleasure to talk handymax we love you. We love you guys let that get so much and we're excited to be there much left. It is Matt signed kiss 98 point five.