Matchmaking Stories

Thursday, April 19th


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So have you ever tried to set up when your friends or family members let's go to the phones I can study it went our presents. I caddie Udonis. Tell me. I don't buy brother was my mom they gather for twenty years I have many in that you are meant. I'm. So what need to use that your brother up with your sister Emma. What you see in both of them that was like OK they got to be together. Because in my best friend and you could bury a lot that needs. Let me add that they're not together anymore. But it will get it through here. Tony two years of good matchmaking. They were urban. Or did you want to ever. Is it hard like today is hard when your brother and your best friend. Break up after 22 years do you remain friends with your best friend and art and 41 years. OK so no problem like that did you see it coming. And what happens and that was they're really there or not it would our relation you did your heart to set them up your relations with her is good right has your relationship brother. And that's it's I'm taking it Shelley your ranking is not it went by the few played matchmaker. How about me. Well I had a friend as is I'd I'd I'd let that get great. We had I been dating I. I am day or. Fifteen yeah. And he and about eighteen hurt her brother a year after it we are together. And they had gotten married as it the other. Well I mean they're wonderful yet. That's like a what did you see in those two people that made you think they need to be together. Out going wild day at everything together like. Get their personality where are the. How did you orchestrate the media because you'd think maybe travel in the same circles they run into each other how did you actually say hate. You need to be with this person have that happen. Well only Latin pearl Lott let me ask it to go up with my boyfriend. And I had him bring his brother and eight at eight that unmet eight and it and get their records. Now let me ask you this question Shelly is it who are you closest to in your family right now today who'd be the clubs. Who are. Well my. And there's little sister adversary to surely what are you gonna get married. Her. I'm actually getting married the right when he or that. Al goods after fifteen years or Kenny you're finally getting married. At least they add lip looking right at your mother at the way sorry. It would let it. On the ball in marketing. Quicker. I think by July we should see temperatures at least in the forties and my fingers across. I'd probably no snow. Isn't it different stream. I don't I agree with but hey here's to have an agreed wedding hold on to suspect you might wind. Kimberly good morning during kiss ninety point five. Good morning I'm my worry is actually about a couple iMac apple app that are. And it worked a critical hit and they end up argued that are all of and it hurts you it. Corey Perry at Procter and other. And Corey kind of like Jerry buy you a little guy. I don't app ordered out there might or an area like art and like working there one day courting Kerry walked and I are. Out. At eight and yeah I Ehrlich all watching you they were critical of the time by your amateur people at their first state. And then I heard that apple you've only got her and he'd bat when you networked it's like about your later. I can't Batman and carry it we are right. And though they came and they have better. An app and they're better you that you know about her eight like Molly and not human o'clock o'clock but he and that they got and is. At. Corey Perry are now Mary. And they had beautiful little boy. And it all started because they were going out their front Applebee's and become enemy that they need and they bring that there. And they are are literally like I hate it picture perfect you do well Koppel they've been married now or a little over years they're on over here all. And they have adorable little dog eat and I and. All Kimberly I love that story and you know that is such a good example. Of how what your job is in life whatever your deal is in life. You can touch other people's lives even if you don't have a direct connection like you do it. It and that's the people need to connect forget about Elvis on the line Tinder swiping all that stuff. You like they used to do at Applebee's to serve and know how important and how much influence they have over goodnight you know there Kimberly. I'd I'd wager thing for their your your college on my part time job now so I. I still enjoy doing it I enjoy going and in their feet on and it really nice that would I'm having a down day. You can meet all operate a mine and bring a little bit of happiness they're they're gay the scoring area let's go tube was so shy and now. Have they got there and seen you know that apparently got it created. It out like it really rewarding experience it's really fun and biking I. Did you remind them you can name your boy came as well like is that is that the boys and founding out. I'd talk to your read a lot out of boy or girl. You know. I've ever got by a wide. Europe I mean. It carries BNP. Stories amazing you've got Miranda Lambert tickets thanks for sharing it with us this morning. It you're welcome so much Rand Lambert little big town and you Kimberly Clemens. Let's see what can historians. And I. Mario good do you have a matchmaking stored because. We're hearing that everyone's trying to do the matchmaking for Miranda Lambert Jerry O'Connell is trying to set her up with his friend Brett do you want matchmaking story. I kiryat currently in my cabinet backed her and actually get twin car and she was single. And what my coworkers aren't that I worked at a long time we kept in touch on how is he at a hockey game in the area. Earned an illegal it out like. Even if you want it now not even let it hatched and are. Aren't we let the hot all over the Internet aren't getting high. Might like on you I don't the media that enjoy playing when he got the range. He text me like Quebec beautiful girl next. ED. They went. A couple of days they unload immediately. Aren't seven months later they moved in together. They got they actually did conduct a French Bulldog. But it got on with her at the right little wrote the. An immediate there might not all I need to I need to know where they got them. I know I'll I looked at my Dow could be moved in together and out. Seven months ago and actually in October checkered how it felt that we can't begin. Illusion that we can get away that he proposed to her. He had. Now they're getting married learned. That op them it was totally unexpected that are not able to go to hot pool. And only he. These are the day. He proposed on. Hillside slopes October until beautiful that happen and pollute the idea. I'll I'll I'll. You know. I had he led Opel car around this. She thought he was going out by Italy and T turned out. We got it means it needs her and she was so shocked. In Spain I achieve such a wonderful per cent while I was so happy you are made of honor. I'm a kid that went so hurtful that made her that I. I met. Yeah I don't mind does have dibs are you is she doing a wedding party are you in that. He actually hasn't really a plant actually Brooklyn district getting married pocket that you thought. He'll. Partner. And I don't wait until that died down. Excellent that's a good idea wit it yeah. Under AM that's when she's got time and I final question to it than just heard of the I'm just curious. What's the it in your circle of friends what has banned the bachelorette party what is Agilent in doing. Well Mike Skinner and there is accurate and it's near city for the week I it was off. A lot of different argument. That's kind of like look you don't start in buffalo in the limo but on that someone might and that getting married her and the terrible going to buffalo when it occurred at. Make our way I can downtown that we living on how to bulk. Chuckle or we don't Alamo but aren't put all that you'll find exciting they took that upload to offer. So quote that sums it up on that. Because I keep hearing is like two schools of thought is the one school state local. And then there's the thought were going out of town for your bachelor party. It's cost to say no do you. See your friends are no if they can swing that sometimes they can't have been feeling left out and so respectful wedding party deceit. Is this gonna X but is it the bridesmaids dresses literally no matter where you go cheap for a bridesmaids dress in my opinion can cost you. A couple hundred dollars with alterations and maybe even Mullah Omar you know that at Vegas in the whole thing is like at Washington. I like Caribbean the ideas he can get away a little bit still. Alia to help. The department that are putting it and he had a welcome rob cut. So we kind of were on the age they've got to do and I stripped all the aren't other families that aren't something out. Not just a jet boats and yeah I don't know I don't. I sure good aren't up for it. Well I love that Wilson's you've got time. I'm gonna give you tickets went as her wedding when the twins what are you going to that one. I hadn't of brightening her reading about it art which what's the data that are spreading out in Port Au Prince you can still go to the Miranda Lambert concert on August 16. But yeah again and he's gotten tickets and labor little big town you can you tell your friends told the whole story on the Arab nice I. Sit out.