Liam Payne Interview

Monday, June 19th


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Kiss Saudi eight point five it's kissed the summer hello in the trailer with the one and only the campaign. I'm very well thank you just are as he was and a bit of shame about the weather isn't that. Is that it is right I mean did we bring this with a assuming it actually in England right now. Is is he life and that we have commodity here not mr. have you counted how many lives shows you've done in your career line and how that I mean that Matt I'm shall as the most direct put out that some I mean I funds are good with numbers. One defense is that good date code we've we've the numbers we get I get to hear a lot of things. And then continue to an amoeba with a new two days quite good where the numbers go that's clintons played nice on that he's got a lot of fans and people are happy to see your music out. For the taken days stingray and I'm super site up cause a lot collapse if innings I've been studying decent woman you know Sessler and a. About collapse that I can look forward to name names have is that. I'm due to cut up wit and this is this is one of my favorite songs I think I've done at a and he said the same thing he thought that he's not he's the catchy song I've ever written and we had some great right isn't. On that works along with this and they it was a it was a long process making a song magically it was more than worth the wait and then I also have. It's not a lot but Johnny too his written a song on my album which is pretty great. I'm super happy about says. I've interviewed him before super deep. How deep. He when you ask him a question. He he has thought out answer just in terms of he doesn't just go do something he's really thought out his moves in the music industry yeah achieving earnings for the I would I would support him down him arms at the. Some of liking the most attention loud music and too good to go places like a lot of people already it that he. If that peek away their and but I think the people coming through at the moment what is is zed in child because. I'll into his house and we spend some time and I watched how he how he plays like as it like as a musician he's crazy good crazy good and he's such nice guys that he's lawful. Are you seeing on tour and because to use a president that X-Factor when you go way back. My where what song did you audition a lighted like franks not like slimy sin and things she got might go from the time. And now I know odd what I used to sing sing music be it purely because my voice was light in my voice drop and I was like eleven or twelve so then I was like. Wal-Mart I and I used to sing when a since I was a kid saws are what the hell menacing now and I'm not it was them most obviously Louis thing to sing. At this time and I like I did like in music or show what now my voices and has got a law high. And than it's ever been she reaches a great I'm really hungry and soon I can sing more army base things which is good it is amazing. Your sneakers are sick. You got them there vet it that that amends Reebok's whenever light drawn on them but like if you tried to do he self you do it badly. We we wish thinking about DeWitt thinking about making a pair with we've old album on some light old album songs written in different causes of which I think might be quite cool. It's enemies the super cool I saw you arriving at LA ax and it was insane. The paparazzi the cameras. I mean. Luckily we have all right flight path I got away with a flight Herridge has good knowledge rocking the easy for. Stuff out nice and is always good to what you Shays and appoint a beacon indulge in a bad shades up or not not. Guy at the time. And no I mean he's part of life he's really and I you know that what a visual and I was of him one negative towards things that are exposed was not caught on a gold I'm just gonna over nova is is who is what is an happens some times each is. You get more used to as time goes on and days just like yeah just. Just smile settled down Marla do heavy gauge currently manipulative and they sometimes he's all quit. When Dana the con you -- like a stuck with things but I you know I see a lot of things on MP people who rated schedule which is no need to make you'll be just you just go with it. When you get to. So you're going to be touring in the United States and this is a big deal for you yes was it hard for you to kind of lay out what you wanted to or did you go into this knowing exactly what you wanna because. Obviously you've. Then I huge success as a group but not your solo C wanna make your mark in the music industry. I mean for I was super fortunate I golf pizza box and great people Leon and tourist I was when I left I was kind defeated like I didn't really know why I wanted to do dollars chill and I wanted to be. In these spikes anymore are not honest about it's just it's owned and true but then I saw I was saying. I'll wait for the song to tell me if it was doesn't carry on right it was my thing. And then that I had to some which can which is not yet some how much you've got to play demean a direction that we wanted to go and and he just kind of went from now every day in and of sight of the to fired by great label and obviously great enabler here in the US in the just kind of went from there now he we. Chip Donna audience is hopman it's great and I'm so thankful for the support of the block is when he first the pal with a new song and all. You know I'm on your own as what is ace that is a scary time and you can work that we know we've been quite work nearly three years to make this possible and and now that people around join itself is great. How does your family keep you real like in check like they remind you that you're still there is. How does he mean check on my mama always sell music is through this again. And my dad likes that my dad likes to be involved in in the business of things got a good bye that was my manager and I'm indicates at least it looks to be involved in what's going on which is. Benicio is this something do it on dealer sent me three days prior at. You do in this this is going on my head and I got a law I guess a lot from my dad who with quicken which company and and its other day. Which is great. And it's and it's called a Nazi before before they get today industry. And a what you want a city of fans because you've got like I don't know a Gillian. How much is Gillian ask us a big number. Checking who needs it I couldn't keep up with an emphasis like. Tripling its like racquet you know like they. I mean it's amazing that when I look at things while us out there are instruments still felt like you know I would like I was dot aide might. Instead I'm story for the first time property and stand as a committee and point five people what he's like that's the crazy thing at obliged. Or I can say is thank you for being interested in my. Crazy witness and and I mean it and to the songs that coming up thank you pick an open this this so much more music to go on have all in my pocket is the funniest thing and every time there now wanna show people songs that like. We'll wait and see what happens it we're so excited for your Kurt congratulations thank you very much Leanne Payne and this idea point five.