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Monday, July 16th


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Is that he appoint five and Nicklas pick was hanging out with allow for your first time in town. Yes welcome to buffalo would like to nobody city when you first get somewhere food and that's from inside no and you're gonna say about Boeing's yeah of course a bacon and deceased and it's probably an unpopular opinion I don't like buffoon. What's but thanks for coming out will still love. It's you've tried them obviously yellow I guess I hate to be fair I haven't tried them here I should probably do that. There you go below what did you list of places to go to a lot of good wins and ten you'll enjoy them. Here's the thing in buffalo you don't call them buffalo wings just call them chicken wings I think he's continuing progress that good good good have fun with that. We're excited to have you in town and I looks headed to meet you because I'm I'm curious about. First off who you are but also what you do because you get to play songwriter and you get to perform which I think is pretty cool some people pick one of together. You're doing both you have a lot of success with it. Your song I would say is this summer anthem at least it's definitely getting a lot of play around the country and everybody knows the song but I don't think that they know you. Is the story behind the song true and is that you. Yes it's and are so basically it's the first song on a project to have outcry mentioned as a team. Which is all really about when I moved to New York City and has eighteen preschool was trying to figure you know who wanted to be. And I found love for the first time to I mean better than in the beginning and it's just basically like seventeen sounds about the ups and downs it. You know being in love for the first time kind of been in that stage of your life so. Who's the girl she's she's the guy just a girl he's bigger actually you're not together anymore. Is it opera when you do talk toward detox. And while there have been a moment. Yeah. It was real there. When you read about New York City is there a spot in New York City that that song specifically puts its footprint down on. So many I mean I'm seeing in the Washington Square Park just. All of the lower east side east village. I cannot be spent he spent a lot of time in the city I have announced the Brooklyn Bridge she but maybe that's just the romantic mean I would be dead though these sick actually. I recently biked across which preserve it but yeah I mean lorries had these guys are definitely kind of like my stomping grounds. Tell me about songwriting in general for you that's on is all about UN route you wrote yourself but I know that you to a lot of collaboration you work with other. Writer's craft some big songs. You like sharing that task if you look at the PLU. On. Eight it's a good question of the depends and so on I mean for me like. The ones that I know that are gonna be for me or just mark personally eject lyrically like the end of being more specific about my life verses you know from during song. With another artists are without their writers. And and that being liked from a place that I've experienced on tapping into feeling but not necessarily guys like specific to me then knocked in and of being a song you know for another artist. Is all the stuff you read based on. Personal feelings. Usually on market and make some people like I saw my best friends and our with a really like their correlate more analytical writers that they can just kind of like right whether they've experienced it or not it for me I feel like. I'm I'm one of those people that like. In my head if I'm not reading about some nine and actually felt. A few of faith said it's a cart media it's almost like a journal yeah it is weird is just it is like camera and went. One of the other big songs that you've done and people might not know what you wrote no promises Demi Lovato and cheat codes describe that process and when to Demi come on board. So that was interesting process because I mean my friends salutes. They're really close friends of mine started us on New York City in section one of those days we spent. For ever. Just like kind of hanging on the studio like you know like not really getting the idea but like we were scattered bunch we spent a long time we just channeling getting through it whatever like I think around. And then eventually that the song kind of all came together turns in the day. And then we sent there to Chico it's seven friends with terror from Chico's for years. They love this sort of working on it and then. We found a Denny's in the involved that was like that was that's kind of a big deal that was crazy there with the way they explained I was basically be an email saying we found. We think we found a used the alias Sina superstar it's to be a part of the sound feature on it. Oh boo we Ortiz who it is with the would you imagine who is on top you well. I mean Demi definitely would have been on top of that so so basically they were like we can't tell you and she gets back from Africa as we don't know. The Rex who we later they were on is again make searching OK who's in Africa right now. Is they get a list in her Smart guy exactly. Now announcement. Iran and and we achieved we literally found photos Demi in Africa so that was pretty quick to put together in good detective work there. I. Com. You say you have a project out now but that's not to be confused with allow for album. Can you explain what's next for you yeah I'd say I mean the project's gonna mention as eighteen the playlist on seventeen songs. Right now I'm on tour playing rights and festivals and then I'm going on through that Sharon in the fall. I'm that's gonna be sick and I am writing what's going to be my first match albums I just started that you can read on the road they're gonna write with that. Hopefully OC you know whatever whatever is natural. Bring up that's songbook it's in the room you know it's gonna happen right I mean yet here it's so many like it it's crazy you similar songs or Israeli people the keys let's. Let's talk about the name because I haven't explained it and usually when I do have to tell somebody who is that they elect laugh who allowed I have to explain. I would say it's like a loud but with the VR that's that's really do what I say all right yeah I got the memo waiters and income from. I'm so monster shards of the Latin VMware for lion my mom says Tammy from Latvia. There have been you should go China yeah. And it's thick and we're the laughing and slipped and America's Ehrlich a hot Latvian community I don't know about. Actually. Don't know I'd do is stuffing the pockets. You're gonna get invited to let him festival you know there's some there's some like everywhere you know I actually so a lot of my feeling is that Sarah Cisco are born around San Francisco. And they they'll do like a log in summer solstice party and elect invite. That means from the communities we've met like random Latvians from the Bay Area expect. What does love mean in less genocide means lion on the Leo my real name are aiming science like that out all comes together. I want to know from use specifically. Your favorite summer ever. My favorite summer where you know you grow up where you were little guy where you were teenager where you that eighteen year old in New York. I feel like. Yeah well I mean New York in general but I think in terms disarm thinking back Rick when I was in like eighth grade probably that there's religious site the Summers of like. On another like sleepovers with your friends and playing video games and it displays color while long do you guys have wallop here. We don't have while one case is basically is 7-Eleven on steroids. With a touch screen daily so we'd we'd like bike to Walla walked 3 in the morning as the best. And chicken are sandwiched. So he would attempt magical I would I would like toys today sometimes hanging out with loud deep question when's the last time you impressed yourself. I'm impressed myself. What may be songwriting or just I didn't like to do that. Mom. NAND. I think. And I mean the honest answer to be like couple days ago. We finish. And then. It was actually was it I think it was a drive for show and we had a we know we were it was tough for them it's a fun and then go back to the hotel. And proceed to run to my nose. Lleyton and I like 1230. Is that we got an arm around me and not really me in my Jammer that we're about to say hang in and hotel room and then makers as to Sigalet with Cisco and it didn't figure and and you ran to my house. I look unimpressed. And drunk to announce his current. Maybe it's fourth of July what do gonna do some welcome to buffalo have some wings I think we might turn around on that and good luck in the future accurately to seek. Where we hear you next and how we hear you next month he Simmons. Slough off on kiss ninety point five.