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Wednesday, May 16th


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Stephanie on just ninety point five. Are you bringing it right here at Laura you're hearing Viennese Stephanie. OK let's Hewitt and the ice I hear laurel Tammy your IQ study went five and are you here laurel. Even imagine yeah Annie from that but last night when I heard it on television I heard yeah handy but this morning I hear laurel. Things are Colin Maria you're just not yet point five. I act when I played it on my own it was clearly vulnerable. Legislated out my computer it was the opposite. And what about what I plan on the radio let me playwright give a listen CI here yet but I've loved the definite definitely I look I can even turn it into yen. And I have been able to do today. Let it high on the earth I'd come out with anybody here. Yeah I agree there's so desperate. They say it's a judge if such a definitive. Thing that you're hearing there's no you can imagine somebody here something else and they do Chelsea. So I eyelids looking at eight bucks an and the biggest pop it right now at the anchor I'm saying. I've been reckless on my husband and I that actively here. Well why panic about a minute I heard the old I am hearing or I don't your knee anymore it Bill Weir that day. Last night when I heard this story bubbling up I was hearing Yani two and now all I can hear is laurel. You're not young he's gone on he's gotten I appreciate you Colin Neely sandy does not believe what I've good morning. I heard on the board it hurt. The but what I did a parent what I'll. Hi good morning to you Kelly I'm so glad how can't complain. Well I don't think you guys let me and that happened and that her the morning when I heard at leopard or. And that area I cut my thought about period where what I. And went out there I heard yeah I hope that that it did it and why. Alex are you doing today and great you don't really did what are you hearing Alex. Are well this morning I can't believe it's the thing down I was hearing Yani. And that is that you set law. Not only here now. Wow I am so sorry I doubt well now. White and that's what I was worried to say what I was hearing. I can not get myself to hear Yoni and it's freaking me I'm hearing ya go I heard that yet and I could but yesterday last night I heard Yoni. Like a 100% no amount of oral it doesn't sound like that. And it's as my brain flipped. Holly and Goldwater d.s not knowing that you know I am going to vendors and. Like the world keeps turning now stuck on this 100 million people in Hawaii like hello okay. We are such as a whole and have it tomorrow yeah I mean that is the world. To stop not that an accurate figure themselves. But the and then the scary thing about it was when they do a year and review this is going to be one of those fights it's embarrassing. The best dot. And it up just. Yet more ideal what do you think. I I actually the court are as good Iranian oral. At the he's laying down some though as I don't like what order. I heard that they're both Bert are in the morning and I. That are hurt unease. And then after someone or oh all I keep hearing oral I haven't hurt Ernie. Lull. I don't what do you think in April. What I thought about the coming work. I've heard yummy. And then all of a sudden I mean outlet in front of parliament tied whatever and I want and think yeah they have blue green god yeah. Ice so white and gold what did you see. I borrowed on my commitments. Steve this is the problem this kind of stuff freaks me out a little. I think I do own the mineral water I agree with that after some reports that I just saw that are coming out soon we all need to be worried about a water. There gathered as we didn't score very high and a new report that's going to be out zap water and yeah it's it's an is that there's a lot of start without it guidance. I know I now. Isn't it's so weird though that pick and literally the control. I heard yeah I mean a couple times Lorena and then when I pulled and I working girl and I went what I opened a letter. All of sudden you look pot and then came out yeah. And net bloated and I respect and it's like a big change recording or any. No the only constant has been literally I am I am pressing the audio I appreciate you all are okay have a day where it banks YouTube aren't. I Barbara you're on to Saudi point 5 morning. That you're all here and Mary. Mary Jiri with the why on the beginning Jiri. Yeah like Harry. Maybe body out. Yeah. I love you we're all very different things don't let the body Stephanie aren't just any point. The Smart literate but right Ali hurt. I like. Doubt I doubt I'd let you guys on got app. So had you had coffee before or after any of these times that we played at the benefactor brain do you think. I am not a hobby. Yeah. Caffeine injection might be mess with the plane. I literally can't believe where he you and I together hearing two different things and I'm playing the same sound bite your hearing Yani. That it is like I can't tell you how much of blows my mind I appreciate Colin. While I don't Wear what I heard it and the earth I record. And a when we have a bond him out in the car you're hearing while Ivan you're EIB. So when we actually turn the volume down for a little bit. We are opposite I heard oral. Bat but it.