Kiss The Summer Hello Artist Livvia

Friday, May 18th


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Gisenyi point five it's Janet Snyder and Nicholas Nicholas and we promise you we would be announcing another addition to the lineup of kiss the summer how low. And that is where Libya comes in dornin live yeah. Aren't you know excellent rate comes from today I did all right thanks I have it on good authority that you are part of the class of 2018. Yeah when you got your graduation gown did you spend the time to steam it or did you just rocket. Not a if I definitely the best and if they think I was I would follow me they exception to the ball. Because people are saying Harry oh my gosh yeah actually he can actually keep it Abdullah well yeah but it's a. What was the best graduation shot you took. Was it delayed op like kind of a side shot was at the pop in the court of champagne. Is their particular found your school what are your shot. What do you think I think that we did quite. Are we have the elite eight dialogue I put these people are clearing plenty to directly AG has. There that they would pick up the other day that I was although I don't walk through as well taken in class everything else. We hunger you know court did not act over to teach. Our I think anything like what other people. Good I was the only double in our mind they've brought it up. Berkeley's kind of a big school for music. Yeah that's up Berkeley Kent is our general I'm really great there. Unfortunately I didn't really take part and in the identity of Berkeley that very much of Adam because danger. People out of public life I did you pack it in print outs recorded in the like you independent study with a professor. Odd cup competition which is really really extinct. So Libya it's now time to officially announced you will be part of this year's kiss the summer hello canal side. Thursday June 21 congratulations. I'm excited we can't wait we're bringing in such strong incredible females like Alessio power and duly to add you to the show is really cool. It's I think he handled specially in Prague still got to feel like you won't break the quiet. Were they look so hot though it. I thought I didn't think it's a course stay and if you thought that he would be cool. So for some it might not be as familiar with your music. Tell us a little bit about who you are as an artist who is Lydia. I mean really Kiley every color rate and everything that eight years she'll portray strong added how are bad and an uplifting message he. You may have heard is I can body featuring clay bowel I don't know he can turn into a constraint. Pathology. Group side. Wasn't the pictures of the water that made you think I've got to be at this constantly the F. Oh absolutely. I mean they're really worried about the B and it it's just so cool have you learned about that I read your post that stated it like a. Have you met any of the guys from why don't we in real life or Jack and Jack. I'm not actually I had it in real life they're completely what was. Super duper cool law they had medical benefits aren't. You amazing fashion I was looking at your instant Graham account you kind of remind you do leap in your fashion sense I don't know what you compliment you are. What will you be doing on stage act as the summer hello what can we prepare for. Oh well yes you fashion I have to really telling you relative thank you Wear a direct hardware and let our you don't hide it. I look desperate informing can get body and I'll be performing. Community that I will be thinking very very did well. I will have something new out I bend which is a little bit of that Peter I'm not going to change much about that yet. But. Well I have a global fund movement on a slope actually part. The leaking well I'll bet on odd that I age where we a I heard milk. All my equipment dealer it's called ground without overly cool while follow on what it's all adverse public policy it. It was well thought of this legislation up quite uncomfortable topic suffered. Obstacle for a while it. I thought I hit. We are so excited to see you on June 21 at canal side for kiss the summer hello. Tickets available at kiss at 985 dot com it's Libya I'm kiss 98 point five.