Kiss The Summer Hello Artist Dua Lipa

Thursday, April 20th


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Kiss any point five it's Janet Snyder Nicholas Nicholas. And we welcome to the show one of the big stars of kiss the summer hello dual meet on good morning. I love me now are you. Really good course so excited to have you had kissed this summer how low. This year doing you are just like blowing up the testing be real exciting for you. I'll bring people in my here are treating me like they are clearly thought. At least keep your feet is a very. I'm getting ready to play your song blow your mind but before I do tell us the three things your fans need to know about you. There. I Laurie Goldberg though I love being on both. Are you an entree or change my you are so let's violation. Well that's until you come to buffalo for kids summer hello and then that by far is going to be so much bad news. Again I'm ready I'm ready. Kiss 98 point five or introducing you to do a lethal one of the stars of kiss the summer hello I would ask about that song blow your mind block. Is it a while with MUAHMW. 88 what are our. Have you found there is just me like I'm completely asked with that song are you getting that reaction from everybody. I'm not a lot of folks on the song it reminds trying to keep people joining and very good read your night. I didn't think there are you like you thought. Love it so I can't play like I keep wanting to play it over and over again Sally found guilty pleasure playing very are there are so you grew up and coasts of bowel and you started in London. Grew up in Kosovo then moved back to London. Coastal like today in 2017. I mean though I'm glad he has solid effort. Village green I heard like eight ugly and competing yeah it's safe to get a lot better at it out the right track and he didn't get it so I think they'd let everybody back iron it would it would be really nice I get the shot exactly what do you think you got it okay. Are you good luck I'm not. You've a charity that's in Pristina tell me about that. Yeah our delete that we've either got it got very excited that we had to give a lot of different Cherokee. And all the money that we have made the chart it's our own light that I drank the Seattle. Dealership an adult although I don't know about. Arm in order to keep the Turkey. You're young age you're 21 years old why is that so important to you right now when your life. I think it's important to get the to the community and it being dark be carpet. At Abu. I'd return to eat and if they don't let much and my courage and they've really been very important and that the complaint we get. Tell me about the album that's about to be released that's got to be pretty exciting. Yes I really like the elderly are you into. Are you are at it kind of in our long term coming that I do I'm happy at what is now I can't you're out there. Everything elaborate about it very. Good. I believe that's them they're both know the funny isn't it on the out the vote early I need luck. Maybe not just for going on in my life that alignment and. It's it doesn't it look opt out of it but it's great I'm glad he's got to look out the different genres. And he. Yeah yeah. On the big side urban functionary. You say that this is kind of biographical. And then it's about love and loss is there's some guy that we need debt Pollock and yelling at right now to somebody break your heart. Because we got your back accused. A thank you you know now I don't know anybody I don't like staking garlic very little luck on that directly to the right about now. Did you big jerk. You don't settle for you doing battle. And amateur on the outer strong doubts about it. A lot that you're going to be performing at this gig along with Sean Paul who's also playing at kiss the summer hello I know you guys have some. No lie the featured on haven't performed with him onstage anywhere. We have we did. One of the boulder lenders don't let him out to. They may still be getting together and doing the song. When you think about what this year is going to be for you could I really believe and you know visualizing what you want it to be what do you visualize it adds. I'll guard while irony that's going to be a mask do well. I don't know the only camera there or short hitter Corey Perry so it's coming do it. So he's like you're ready yet it building out to be very good. I disagree. After you what it's looking like great I mean I'm I'm doing everything that the jury today. On the phone with due relief by joining us kissed the summer hello. About a year ago I was in Europe I was in the clothing store and I hear this voice I hear the song it turned out to be beat the WiMax. I you and I kind of obsessed over that's on some like this is a voice I haven't heard before and so now I hear this on all the time and I'm so happy that has become a big thing for you. Tell me about that song and who it's for. Well Vince Gonzales and it meant do you gauge your relations. You know a little about the glare at them drink the blood let you know one arm. Even when he diet day it completely under each other and and then I realized that you don't just screen meant to date. Armor but then there's golf ball that I doubt that would any of that and it is big arm. We pretty they're pretty early into the carpet in an important. It's got to get out the agreed to meet again. It's the kind of safety Barnicle and Andre examining it and felt it all ended kind of like wild wild fire here at. But you act when you are straight. They need they re re pretty neat yeah I didn't get that bit. And are now I think I think the city to bring. You into our great great great great. So you're bringing the song be the wind to the US right to kiss this summer hello. You've sung it. So many different and what does the crowd do when you're singing this song like I'm trying to think I've my hands of the outstretched. And I'd be kind of spinning around my. I'm married I'm jumping up and down like and then the. On the same episode plus a different job but I. I love that and I have to just a side note you have the most incredible fashion sense do you love playing with fashion because your styles amazing. Thank you so much I love I love that I mean that I can't beat your thought that I see it at the age fifty outfit for outfit done. There are different are very very happy I'll bet it's dirty and. I saw you at the radio won awards and you were wearing address it seems like you Wear a necklace it's very special to you. It's a little pendant necklace. Yeah yeah I am. I keep. Eric Greg are like yeah coaching it but yeah I like to keep your eye opener Mike lucky but let's go. Are you at that carry a parent churned just do the little. You act kind of keep in close to your heart that's really amazing. What do you wanna say your fans still asleep bock. Are her lap I wanted to thank you very much Blair bag the governor the book and making every right people call. I think I'm just don't know yet elegant but I would yeah. I'm good. Right now I'm just gonna play either one over and over again that's all I mean just you don't know you're just gonna notice that this one radio station in buffalo. Is playing it insane amount of times. A all of oh thank you very much I really really appreciate thought. I solicit June 18 were hanging out hopefully we'll have some funky crazy cool outfit on that everybody can take pictures. UN actually do your thing you do believe I got to. The gate.