Kiss The Summer Hello 2018 Jack & Jack

Tuesday, May 15th


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Guess not eight point five is Janet Snyder and Nicholas pickle as we are getting ready for kissed the summer hello. On Thursday June 21 step canal side we welcome to the show stars of Tisza summer hello Jack and Jack hi guys. Leonardo and are you don't excellent so you is our way air right now. We're right now we're really we just got injured and Baltimore Baltimore yes I'm not least now I don't know which ones Jack G and which ones Jack. On the look I get. My voice hello I hit some jag date. I guess I can tell us that my name last initial military radar day here in the Yankees I know the people. I have no idea but I think what he did you do it you kind of figure I'm stuck it. I have Eric questions specifically for Jack how do you. How do you divide up what you guys do together like who takes care of what. So Jack and I you know are dynamic very adjusting to the population assay Lilly did what we can do just because of the you know art. Our strengths are we that is in Europe yet that is the jag today and I grabbed on and I'd like you know I'm. You know I think a little bit I'm not gay singer mortar shell is singularly and that's a big security. So dad you decorate them on the singing for the most part only. Yeah many companies are grading the Yankees. Usually start down the hook because the urge you do encompasses the general card that there idea of this song. And so that easily take open it to write the books sometimes all right and allowed them Don Johnson all right alone but it usually both literally eat together and then we kind of spent great. And do our own thing for our burst he's been kind of come back together and feel we got and what's great about being best friends. We never like. Never did that tallied one nodded we don't like the other part you know we wanna make sure we make the bet is it possible so we're very critical. And each other and he buried at critiques fought a merry go yeah I did. It. You know I think about it out of but yet it did that is like patting someone who you know you've struck in the you know is is looking after your best interest right side. In equality at all you know it well it's gonna take its terms we want to hear it in in terms of you know I didn't result and so yeah that we make everything like 88. You guys isn't amazing and more on the phone with Jack and Jack stars of kiss the summer LO. Isn't it amazing when you hear about like one of the most iconic songs and then you hear how it came about it was just kind of this fluid as you guys are talking about. It just kind of happens and it's is very organic process I love that. Yeah I thought the Lincoln did the cool thing about it you never know how it's gonna generate the react to the public never know the damages aren't gonna do you know in terms of you know our. How. I try to get in the being so it's something that you literally. Contextualize. Like player late in the shout and Charlotte they are literally not going into this thing can come to fruition and actually end up being something that you never imagined so yes. And imagery beautiful and really. Tell me about how the song bag came about. Egg egg and often we YouTube and let the alert was amazing rather. Loud and Michael ought to get. Lab Bobby hadn't though aren't they thought she got the lead the minute that everybody everybody not in the Ugandan everybody at least in the music industry knows that you won the most talented. Brad is out there and and prevent anything like. And we were like. You know look I get back you can usually we're so organically writing all our stuff and it's led the first Barnett would kind of presented to us and did correlated so. We were honestly a little apprehensive that the yet because we want to. We wanted to discredit us but at that time he can't be dug up and he had just Obama then take some risks that the chances. They know it is slow this song only when we heard all the immigration we're like OK this is something that I actually peers for an up on the and yet. Is that we know Jack and I say god who becomes you know being involved with that the creative process so each other obviously actually do it and clearly they could be very in my like. I would be able to add extra wrappers which is cool because you know I had let me put my thoughts on it but yet I was actually the first time we ever caught a demo like that so you. A totally new ultra but I am I'm really excited you know I am without a pantry acted in. You know we really appreciate you guys be one of the early and elements until you had a huge or something you'll ever been played on the radio or that this is great big they're big and report it. Allow get you a demo tape for you to listen to to think about doing. Their song. Soledad rider is okay I want he had gotten to shut up out of my manager and exactly. Exactly Adam is our man didn't eat. You heard just about sorry bout in Italy 62 older but that though he'd be young cat urinate Singh aren't here and so we will work with someone you kind of my dark here. And you aren't a big loud it is. Because they're like the exact in my agency's secret you know are really getting build up your you know anybody and everybody and so yet jag and how did you like how close yet maybe you don't eat it and so. I'm it was great actually finally beat the meeting we need to eat at each court. The song without which is kind of weird bow legs so we can't think they'll meet Matt Jones beach. Shortly do really well to love it and so the yeah I think ravaging Portugal. Yeah. What your connection with Sean Mendez to you guys hang out. Yes under strong demand you know we kind of came together and I mean it's amazing that you would get done a lot of low altitude I know. And the yeah I mean there is somebody didn't really get a good etiquette Jay Nady got a unique. I guess they think 0101 cup you know things there's no voice like that in America. Yeah and then on the Oprah didn't I'm how our history as they do you know how sorry. He's not as of yet has made yet yet and I'm leery now let's quickly show and clean brush on out rowand on it saying the U son you know I'm sure you guys about the then in a couple of weeks. And it's just such an amazing Darien and you just love. And we're able could be proud of at this hour of the people because we feel like it motivates us to do better every single that. Honey guess keep in touch with what's young what's fresh because you seem to be very hyper aware of keeping things moving and always hungry for the next big thing how do you stay on top of that your cells. You know I think it's Jack not being ease nerves at all lately searching for the next wave in the next cut sound definitely that it is because. Yet back and I always feel like. On the I didn't really hear it guys going to brag or whatever it. I don't wanna uncle Bob and I are lucky we always. Like myself before I get the mainstream pick it up which. I think a lot of people calculate that you're that you're you don't but then there Ali. Yeah like Jack well it that you normally aren't quite like our crowd and let you know random YouTube channel that may have. Lesser known Jack and I also feel like just. Including one of the art that you know are living it's like what are you thinking that was when he won we are. We're really I haven't finding and worry you know delivered upon lightly though we're working hard so. I don't we kind of or abrasion from every place while I could be little corner and I take it down. And that. You know I think like that house because you're not going to be young Deborah and I didn't got to capitalize boom we are at this stage. Talking to Jack you Jack stars have kissed the summer hello Thursday June 21. By frank Chris worked the lighting for your tour last fall well yes so that do from here tell me about your life shook is that guys over the top technically is relied showed that technically big. He's insane I mean we love conspiracy for the mentally you've ever had somebody put on solid elation or keepers are and I mean you like. You literally at every single leg action that Robby are dumber makes sleep with the light Pletcher you know. You need the mammoth so are. Yet alive so a very very energetic you know I'm we'd like Ali break it down a little miracle expect yet live show they just did straight minutes it's very high energy analysts say you know they exist period euphoria that hearing replicate what you just. Happy bloody idiot in that room vehicle. This is Jack and Jack stars of Tisza some LO on kiss 98 point five what's your videogame of choice today. Oh where I think the sport and I used or and I don't bet. We consider like oh well they. Actress Cher what's your video game name. I'm Ali bella Manila. Would I don't know Greenwich Village you know automatically spell it but I'm bella the beltway and let us know what it means that it how cool would it comes up the current. I have my thing over brilliant like that like the blender and people are. If I did I am I get bombarded with that you might get an Iranian state mental I agree I guess alleged that he saw Michael we had a. I like that I like it a lot. What do you wanna see your fans you guys have hardcore fans coming to kiss the summer and allow. And I deploy check you know wait they showed Jack and I. I think we appreciate your undying support more than you ever know and yeah I would probably actually exactly it has some nice. New music out even though the you ready for the member I even more addicted ended on the team did not feel London no where in the world could this summer there's going to be a black. Jeff Johnson before I let you go I need some kind of a wrap for me. I'm rat OK and we look back to elaborate enough yeah yeah. The galaxy. Get up and let the haters need to eat like you know got they look at that would be not only do they quickly let you know they can't play. I won't take a woman I'd be greatly and they go a lot that gap. I'm glad I'm not gonna let you expect Lara but like the Jack yeah did go at one that the best low and let it go check. I like it. You had a breast yeah that was salad yeah you gotta get a grip that Al gotta represent a lump on jet Kaczynski just some kind of hoped the senior had right now any song. Are you never married girl. Like you and you never by the band. Leg knee. Lucky and happy Villanova we need you home and you can you be my own mini are due or. He got me going nab terrorists that you. Perez leave it there aren't any left the eighth day today I mean he did met. I then I know you know you've Barrett will let the bad. I yeah. Jack in yet. They could inside kisses summer hello tickets a kiss 985 dot com guys thanks to the time today we appreciate you. Thank you know they you know much no way to get Carmelo would go get your them this week the onion.