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Tuesday, November 21st


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We've got Stephen Hodge got from the Buffalo Bills on the phone hush money is zero. Hi we and then Jerry are really good he congratulations. On their record you broke this week thank you start your direct. Did you know that you're close to their record before that football game. We argued about it. I it is accurate we're poorer record that. Thirteen consecutive fifty plus yard field goals. Are thought. At this critical bridge to kick Stephen. Op you know I thought his own career all. I how to chart you know if you know soccer or broke out where everybody played talk currently about hockey. And dialer power output soccer yardage. Yeah what are most of the kickers are assuming it seems like they steal from the world of soccer. And your just another one but. Is it mostly soccer guys that find their way to the NFL. For kickers. Yeah I did some black big most Jerker played soccer RTC Jim. Traditionally football earlier and earlier are now. So not quite much October but. Extradited. Burst of hope lost our backyard a sophomore college or are actually put the book all these are. Choked out a little bit later I think kids are debt and little bought earlier. No doubt about that but that had to be Fonda. To be on the field for football game and did you know the rules of the game at when you started in nineteen I mean obviously you'd watch football probably. Yeah I watched about football but. Yeah out blog. Other rules are different you notify you say we're putting out after the first I literally had no idea what those aren't at all about it. How to put it out daughter. I don't know why they're. I think they must direct our it's I hired because. The fighter I picture you're brought that's an unused how to avert that word RS special about your opt out apps right here. They look like short a lot back out just like gates junior partner got beat out 65 other semi outside the dark. That is so classic on the phone this morning wit from the Buffalo Bills Stephen hi Scott while it's been a crazy week hasn't. Yeah yeah. I mean I was talking about Thanksgiving and you guys have a lot going on one that's drag but I was like grossed just. It is thought I don't know I thought I'd. I don't well I I hit a lot of cooking did yesterday they're good smells coming from your house. There there are loaded god we've got it gave each other about Charles duke run well. It doesn't leave. Where we're enjoying it are hurt our first year where good he thought it. Our shot jobs or about. Do we already out so I'll making sure just actually lottery pick Eric. Stephen what usually happens at this point when you're the family with a baby all of a sudden you stop going places for Thanksgiving you mean come to host a Thanksgiving what's your plan. For this season obviously you're working a lot but I still got to do to Turkey right. Yeah out yet where oh where are then we're gonna have. I you know laundry in town and I. Also try to via. Third car lot shoppers are over. Love we got. There are registered sort of blocks shoppers got a bout triggered grill. These super excited about but he got out of it to put out a doubt you credit to our bet though it's our water our out. Ask Joseph did you every time every chance. We jet. We're are you most excited about I'd like you do that you you've got a lot left are not the LA obligation you know any ship early trigger we get together. Our governor try to do affect your Turkey all votes are grill. Tell you I don't know about the strokes I know the green I won the big green egg but what makes this girl special. I'm it's got electric car boat and that's a smoker. Or grill on on. Jar popped it does it does really well we're long slope out. Yeah. Yeah a little flavor are or should just do it. How big is this thing. Are. There aren't. Just see you know it's so funny because we've talked to so many of the players on the team and cooking and for a lot of them is a thing because you don't have to so. Watch what you're eating sell you know making it the best experience. Nutritionally has got to be fun for you guys. Yeah I loved their cars out. Jerry in Seattle they're a lot lot more option per yea so I think you'd be here to be you're just got to go out through restaurant or shop that. Not he's not. I don't know I hear the table or planet now. But we had to pick a lot better feel I can count. Some better cut short by a large so are thought. When you set I know you've got the whole routine down. Tell me what the processes so you've got where you're gonna stand how many steps to decide how many steps back and then how many steps forward before you kick. Well I district about all that how close Dick and I are built at the ball well luckily I have. Buckley not only times I have second nature. Top. Yeah but I guess I don't there are a little bit more than Jews short steps back. And a little bit farther she steps. The side. That I've probably hurt my audio weird way at bat. I try to feel my target which is a lot of point out that we upgrade. And I just our Latin. While the ball is in the year are you talking to it. Because I would. But I expect. The trick here is. What silly or put it Scotty can't do much. So that your kid. You know everything leading up cigarette and just knowing that you've done everything you can't clearing out to a church but you know the best opportunity so. Can't premiere audience. That means aquatic rejects. Which is a subtle thing but. Just aren't senate wine every opportunity and I'm putting really confident going. When I get particular. I don't get. Control their opportunities that I got. So. Yeah I could get her out there. You know. Sure my first pick in the fourth quarter or word you know I could out atomic church throughout the target of so you never know what are the opportunities are all court I think I try to treat all the. Stephen Yoshko of the Buffalo Bills. Broke the NFL record at converting thirteen consecutive fifty plus yard field goals. And with that we make the difference maker of the game we've got this incredible still crazy iron our trophy we're gonna have created of that final kick. That you did last week for breaking that record congratulations. I would say you thought I enjoyed it that stroke it you know I've got it up I'm off I got news. I don't have an effect aren't what I do it why you are in the other not a lot. They're a yellow look at that he's showing off and everything have a very happy Thanksgiving for your family. Thanks art art art or your.