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Tuesday, December 5th


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Violators of the Buffalo Bills how are you under great how are you couldn't you seem cheerleader challenged in the bank girl did where she steps over the invisible box. Have not seen that he's seen every sincere. Assure you it's like the talk of everywhere. It's bigger than the Zeta-Jones thing. It's the coolest thing it's this cheerleader. Challenge and everyone's trying to do it I'm just wondering. If you can do this I so there's a school college a college football cheerleaders cheer her and I watch as he's an apple box that she stepping over. And I think. It's hard at Mozart. Shane Christen the director of marketing has just said Kyle Williams can do things and it definitely did Mort slips some Brett. I funny so that is like all over Twitter right now people trying to do the invisible box jail. Yeah since I think's yet chart it's hard. You know it's Tuesday night. It I warmed up. And I have to likes threats and all kinds of stuff before I get my feet off the big guys you'll -- guy. Without stretching you know that stuff not quite as members nineties today yes that's yoga comes I can definitely touch money's at any point. Key test of any given time her late. That's flexibility and what. It's so we are we getting in the studio today I'm sorry about sun I was at Sunday's game you played so hard. Well you know we always play hard and you know so I play sometimes you win sometimes you loosen you know hopefully counsel learned in the Fordham would be better for. I have to. Admit when they show those videos of the post game when the team comes in and then the coach tells you to finish it up and what every says. I really they're two look I feel my hands in their 20 sure like as you get everybody so hyped up have you always been that type of leader. You know I've had that in me for quite awhile you know here and an ending collagen. And I think the cool thing is that. Those cameras sometimes I'll lose track album and I forget there's there's there hidden and it's great and honestly it's a great look for people that you know there are looking for more access are looking for a different way inside the locker room because. I mean that's as bad Israel and Ross again it's. Sometimes I I'd maybe snapped look like for him. But it's army it's a real look like you know it's may and it's our team and you get a real a real glimpse behind the curtain. That game on Sunday was. Gonna. Yet you know I think it comes down of those guys he you have to take advantage of your opportunities when you get down and you can't make mistakes and you know we didn't take advantage of opportunities that we make mistakes and they exploited them and they wanna football and that's what they've done for the last. Twenty years now you have to be on top your game and hopefully like us it will be betterment of the four port to still love what you do that is that's news crazy right. It's like. Well I believe that if you do something you love it never feels like pork. Yeah you know it can it can feel like work in August and training camps a little bit because not playing any games and you're just kind of after being on your teammates and you know nothing really note and really in sight but. You know all of Sunday is that I really love the preparation work to London and O an opponent and I love. Company teammates see something that may be here hasn't seen before that helps him be better. When you say getting to know an opponent you mean pretends they're under their tendencies are trends like without personnel. Tendencies but down and distance personnel and in weird stuff but. Yeah just getting denote. As a team though only about play in and now. No and the guys you're gonna go to snow what they like to do. I'm game plan to do what can I contact you have with your opponent when your when your on them when your wallet plate number and try to hold like conflict as long as. I love that. Up and ask him some boots yeah I'm trying to get line for me like back at Stetson man and good luck. There after seeing the last home game I thought I got to show up at these bills games that it realize all the fun that was happening that's I want to last those game. Were you at any time thinking I'm gonna tackle the streaker couple weeks ago. No wanted to go and you re all just like it why. Near me out of elbow drop. You know it was rainy. It was it was quite the quite the spectacle for sheer. It even in yours I should take cleats even your cleats was it just so bizarre to see that actually happening well. You know you live with volleys at. People either whether it's here or that somewhere else people wanna get on the field you've seen it happen we that's a first time for stark naked. That's crazy notions like star has not committed object and I have total polished off an area. Bowl I democracy. Right and but it is a good look and I did un it was there and I might get the name on but the cause for cleats on Sunday yeah what did you do you think Islamic Mikey Michael. This is all right so I. Had traditional foot trouble in my career OK and the issues that where they don't make them anymore. So I only have a limited number of plates like I'm down into like the three or four higher rank this one. So I don't get any pain it up more than it's because I can't spare any obviously there's a lot of noble causes and guys all had great. A great stage to you know kind of pushes things of car and on and take part. Oh have you Richard foot reflexology. Foot reflexology. Josh announced that all my gash. Real. He's so you're educating. Invisible box. And what he put reflex so all of your nerve endings mrs. Farina. All of your nerve endings and in your feet and you literally can manipulate body pain from. The bottom of your feet and so. There's a lot of western or eastern man as medicine that will work. Foot reflexology into things because like the tips of your house if the tips of your toes the tops. If those if you touch them and they her that's your sinuses just to give you an example. So your foot pain could be like probably worked out. Well whenever if about six years ago if they could have come up with some kind of total pulled a kidney from. Gap is eternal Achilles tendon yeah and I asked whether or another they kill again. Not only answer the bottom of your feet. Works so I didn't have you in studio because I know this Sunday. Is and wasn't bad December game that we had in terms of weather and Shannon there's gonna be the family day happening on Sunday tells about. Am at against the colts knew where you know all we have some gimmick where taxing at fortunate level seats with them. Concessions 499 dollars and that he can come early and all the fun stuff in fans which is the actress sports training facility where I get to play air that. Is a DJ number and apps and cousin there live reindeer synthetic ice to go ice skating so cool that yeah. And then out on the boulevard which is on tap it southwestern closed down and attracts out there. We're gonna have like I sculpt seeing our friends from new parents and Martin's via there. This amazing deal for a family afford to go and get fort 200 level tickets. For hot dogs four bags of chips. Four bottles of water soda. And then all of the other experiences. And I see. Exactly right now are here at the red beard not pretty I like the color which do you like that. It's different. Different yeah I had a diagnosis such it's such a change you know sometimes it can be it can be. Kind of a shock yes but you know it's it's cool it's it's definitely makes up it's on the phone for us to the world's. All the words fell on a shelf come to mind. You're going to be all right beer or not. While. You know help on the shelf it's yes unfortunately on the did you miss I am very temperament. And why did peppermint. Event is listen that his soul tough football players with no I don't want government do this morning. I think temperament. Found her way on the drapes in the living in the government's. Temperament worked so fast I would through temperament. Let us do this treatment of who hasn't bulk and Stanton would be very Manny via YouTube account it was no doubt about it. Absolutely are so these tickets how do you get these special family day tickets eating a little hot colony that BB. Can we just talk for a second about the my one buffalo at. Because I heard you can enter on the my one buffalo at a thousand prizes are going to be given away including Super Bowl ticket. So that is our fan appreciation game big thank you to the answers their sport taxis and December 17 against the offense. Yup thousand prizes and cut but why share and two Super Bowl tickets. That's amazing that's amazing so would you do on your tail off. Today I am with you I know. I like that I'll get I'll get back and took ten now has planning time only got it to play music music talk hands are dance sounds and yeah it hasn't. Don't try. Not in August backing a workout in in. His rehab stuff in target difficult. See you face to face you glean what you do. What you as opposed to you just hi I. Yeah I mean I think you'd do look like you changed your eating up for your workouts or something and did you. Or is that just how does this time is there but I'm gonna say thank you yeah the you know players like when players like change up their their routine they and look a little bit different. And I you know I get though ought to vote to her via with pads in Canadians and all that stuff but who's. I think it's the beer's match is that is it that this ethics math degrees weather. He dressed up for us some practice that. Angle that's amazing well good luck on Sunday and now what do you want since fans. You know they're great they're great they're great thing about buffaloes are fans and I have been lucky to be here twelve years. You know we really appreciate their you know love and support and everything they do you we obviously feel it on Sundays and it really all the way through the weeks. Really luckily I'm grateful to be in a place like this for so long. Can you possibly one. Home game walk through the parking lot and talk to people jumping on the tables. I cannot tell you how much I like is me I'm a mom I'm like. I cannot believe people really do. Yes you know we're gonna let China do that this week she'll be out and check the laws uniform yes we do. Pray that dirt and when that's going on on typically kind of busy in the locker room but yeah that's it's a little while. Just seeing RT a big game is on point like after seeing it on Sunday. We we've got that down you've got nailed and we do and I'm missing anything else and a I think you I we're so excited about this this is a great opportunity to introduce oh yes tell me. Probe Albany and human again Kyle and I'll get about bill is an approachable yes we did go to our website vote. And all those bills late and OK so we just go to Buffalo Bills dot com yeah and then link and I will share it and make sure to share that all of our platforms we can get you an. Even approval before. It's been a bit like him a few times yes it's fun. Yeah that's a good time I've been in different places. Where's it this year I think it's back in Canada yeah Palin is nice that the one last year in Orlando but why couple times. Ours is I would want to be in Hawaii just because it's why. Yeah so long fly is it does. That is estimating Orlando that sounds get have a good game on Sunday night you will look at Florida Buffalo Bills have announced family days sponsored by independent health. The game against the colts and fan appreciation day is against the dolphins with all those incredible prizes go to Buffalo Bills dot com for more details.