Kelly Pegula's Missing Dog Yoshi

Wednesday, May 17th


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They didn't I don't know how but I honestly I really don't know how they ye I didn't care where Arnie comment and somehow nearly deli heights but it is that we thought he was hiding in the house and are not strictly you know the confinement houses and had not. You've been on hand and that was Sunday night around late 190. I'll. And figure in the main an Amherst area as neck cracked. OK and so tell me a little bit about what you're so good probably come to it if you're calling Yoshi willing I'm out now. My dog won't today either I Anderson. What is favorite kind if somebody sees Yoshi and I know you've posted it and we shared an on FaceBook and instead Graham Twitter and everything. What are some of the things that he would like that if somebody sees Yoshi to keep them from running what are some things that somebody can do that that is one of the things he likes. Have the Jacques but just don't. Idyllic. Breakaway. So if you try to like. There where him and series but don't be here to just grab. The why you like magnolia the job acclaimed but I don't whatever but at anything honestly just like. But it street our anecdotal than like China per cent and despite all the people that. I have yeah. Kelly has he or she been spotted anywhere other than the last. Time you somewhere. Have a great time in public duller market. And on the order and the hurt and park and but that he was also kind of eight. North. Get hurt. The little sites up. These dogs why do you do this to us and your dog is beautifully that what's the breeder dog that you have. So he is the issue about the war. I didn't I they're mini hot. Many ask without which they may not husky now but with German shepherd coloring that's kinda got that job Doug and big dog like 120 pounds right. Yes you let. It out the little miniature German shepherd and that's the. Aren't so if somebody we've shared other locations but I have to tell you we got a pretty good track record of finding dogs on the show up at. Yeah so we we just put the call out to everybody and I think it's because I've got like all the women in Western New York listening. So I feel like we just kind of add that to our to do list so if you're in Delaware park Cary got to keep your eyes open. I'll we'll let us know if like if anything changes as it it BC and a certain area. Will let everybody know on the air but I feel terrible emptiness like. Did you sleep last. You know he did. Well. As they weren't you can beat. At several that all 4011. Dan was looking for the dog all while it got to call and conflict sputtering out but. I'll need. Yet. We're cheese dog that public and dog. Like my that there aren't yeah. I'll my mother would be aware of I listen to my mother she would becoming the streets to you because that they are cam is the same way. Are we were put in that to our listeners yoshi's missing and we got to find himself I I all have a good feeling about the cell will will keep you post and you keep us posted okay. Sheridan and arts thanks cap but not equivalent to study points I.