Justin Timberlake Ticket Winners.mp3

Monday, February 12th

Alexandria & Kelsey won tickets Monday morning.


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Alexandria your design he put science. I don't like I got this really. All the 98. The most coveted tee kids in town Alexandria. You're right now you are going to see the Justin Timberlake man of the woods to where. These kids are floor tickets you better be ready to dance. I know anything you do all right what do you only what you dancing style in news. I get down. Yeah actually it is ATF Ali Ali is going to be a party. Why can't wait to see you dancing thank you for listening to study upon science. Are how to deal to be the very first Justin Timberlake winner. Yeah hi Chelsea how are you. How we the best news ever you. Are color number 98. And now Lou you are congratulations. Oh my god and Omar you've got floor tickets to Justin Timberlake man of the woods Stuart coming to buffalo. Sunday October 20 to keybank center. Value of these tickets 250 dollars but even beyond that you can't get your hands on Justin Timberlake tickets but you have got yours Kelsey. Oh my god they did so my.