Jordan Poyer The Kiss 98.5 Buffalo Bills Difference Maker

Tuesday, September 12th


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From the Buffalo Bills we welcome Jordan player how are you. Underwear leader congratulations. On an incredible game against the New York Jets we love this act. Out of the center. But it couldn't open right side. To me he's in trouble at this. The wire came unblocked and McNown never. Or fall tell us about that play Jordan had an appeal for you. You know I wouldn't you say that very play calling. By countries there's. They read my keys and and of course McCain entry hostage and just a lot of phone a little bit and in is this just the little big play and happen and I throw could it you know it. First second the stadium substance. Also good cook so idiot the rule itself so that the police there. Others and taken McAllen dandy net to contact visual or verbal with him before during after the sector is at all just business. And now I mean I dare I guess I've greatly just earned in three years in Cleveland. And so. That over the ocean and their current. I think SN extra room and you know six or seven flights heroes series you know Leo and sent there and play. When he cougar to learn airliner. And I looked out of sort. And so you know I got so little this there are some sort of this was some well. You know listen. A good note here and what just I mean really really there are martial law program. You know this. You can you know pretty you have been kind of played. But who. So in your position are you able to bring down somebody gently so it doesn't hurt and do we. At that point. Immediately. I'm home you know it's hard. If you didn't retirement girl I want you to be nice if thank you and hope that somebody's. Injured. For the it the physical game. You know Richard you know what you're eating into. To create votes of those so here in new you have to do is quote. You don't get pushed or yeah its. And so that this is part of the game you know and you know after the game west or in the you know what some would some total amount of dust in America sees. Nice did you happen to notice when you made that sack that the bills fans inside the stadium liked it. I mean they're pretty new or players. It was pretty it's pretty exciting. You talk about putting your cleats on one at a time and all that you must to have the magic cleats on because. This also happens. Yet at the buffalo 37 round Rory nuisance and no press corps. Our accountant troubled during his relatives and gets to pick away. When well more we'll actually hundred and nourish. And I just took her parents know. The eleventh terrorist quickly criticized orders in the you know I heard here. Jerry Hughes you know current pressure recorder that was able Serb forces make a bad throw. And the anger and the place so you know it's it's you know the Arctic as a fair but firm do that Jeremy should double or you in the back. This is really exciting. You know and all credit goes to them is an art great urge you and me put it. Jordan where the Buffalo Bills on the phone with a steel hold onto the football and handed to Josh and him sign it. Didn't. Part of did that we know what the globe there there's not your best where part whether. Are there any doubt that the settlement. So much so. Who committed. Two between myself and me you know Chris. Jack I like that so I watched the post game. Locker room talk by coach McDermott. And listen to what he had to say about how you guys have to be humble and everything. Is it humble if I posted that we're number one and AFC east all over social media I mean my. How all the the fans have to be because worst super excited the way the bills started the season. Well you know. Then if you do it every day they will you know or to wherever they see your arteries. And they do aha yeah. Clinton and that that's what you know in certain good players at WW the truth is we. So. Can move ahead. Great quote Carol that you didn't already know our defense is ten this weekend so you're really get me to try to enjoy the victory. Narrow our you know our RC now we're. Brought to Carolina and that trying to get the and thank you very you know let them get that part it's because Israelis are here together. You know Berlin for a quick circular loss brokerages that your great in the sixth inning of Arctic then. Cabrera and you know this is such an extent that could be harder than the previous week you're. You know so and so forth so they definitely enjoyed these greens couldn't it is currently in a period where they are here. You know where to put that behind you real quick in order to monitor our. On the phone with Jordan's lawyer of the Buffalo Bills are difference maker of the game so you move on to Carolina how soon do you pick up iPad and start looking. At what kayak Carolina's gonna bring to the game. Our and lust. Or their game on an Hispanic more certain access Sunday night currency. It's kind of get a feel for very the coaches the coaches always you know Mexico's sort of you know. Different situations right now and raised kind of is he on utilitarian growth and we keep somewhat since their own and great I don't know much and I. There's a couple of guys are excellent here. Perhaps to a Taylor are there actually is important and excellent there. Here aren't included in Iraq is Coke Coke RO Lugar for a you heard this completely associates. You know where they were excited for opportunity. To they're Korean. Confirmed. I love your story and bill's fans might not know your full story. But you came out of high school as an incredible baseball player drafted by a Marlins right. Yeah back under the floor tomorrow. Yes and endured three sport athlete how how many years. Pick one sport over the other. There are very pro wanted to do. It's not the partisan citizen. Prevalence in our plate. A play both sports I decided. Who one of the car is. Or just say this is an opportunity principles. Based oracle Paul. And me that was that was part itself you know does he have a video photos we need them haven't you know keep your grade. I played two years of both from then. In our receipt it has to be mine. My sophomore year car is sort. Had a recession protester on your literacy. Our on our it was a Saturday night in who is a prime time game whatever. And you know kind of apple right there I was and it is this is this is that you. Feeling that he's an intimate rural that there are so. You know. Based or we're. Those kind of the moment for me you are actually falcons are somewhat straight is of Omar. You know put everything into this. Thing based of creeks. He's never elevated him wrote. I that you know I have to ask you about Rachel. Near her purse she is so beautiful so I started follow insurance program aren't so beyoncé you guys are married yet are you. Merrill hurt her and I can't win although that's so romantic so your fiance is Rachel bush she's beautiful your babies beautiful. Then as they started searching and learning about you I heard that I even Tulsa basketball story. Were. Some of whom are here for homeowners in Queens and or lesser days. Richard Cain all. To Cleveland kicker is also a couple under. Actually your home from popular private that are either. We're actually going to campaign. On the plane and leave their plan the clippers. And and of course says he's been and so you know and I'll show her. Racial and big. And I can get. She's an the Borough the Borough of dismisses me. If you have like you kick you out years that immediately come are. Aha yes. I'm home may read this story go ahead continue. Yeah oh and if you says he says the problem is that probably. I hope right. Thank god that we don't know why is now dominated does that look at its service. But all it was almost like in this club so this is mean. He lives in Canada. News is really weird how anything can happen between the course of the game and you know we're seeing and convert our. They're sentient has since it was I mean crazy it has reason couldn't be trading situation. You. But as a guy aren't you like hands off missed. Don't shine like I'm sure that's exactly what you were thinking Jordan hands off mr. I'm trying to do a radio words. You know. Or Ireland's. That I'll lose you know so I'm we looked up to there is someone. Sandman hadn't yet she sees. And it as indicated cook. See you sir it would be successful and what has the same suit you know. Who wouldn't accept. Honestly our CO I give them. Fifteen that king that the keen. That he couldn't have mud in my immediate. And my body RC. Says skits they know that our great democracy that. That it's a little bit more. Disappointed in the factory. Here habeas some color to achieve the left side though. So to accuse two. Take gaps there and it's. The it has been. The quote displayed an incentive. And the president. On and a whole lot of childhood memories yeah now. You feel it tarnished the character the image of him like that you have. That in that victory. You know confirming. Great beautiful and so I'd send them. The brunt of the only athlete to those. You know it's or in whatever so. I've gotten over that part it is very it is part of the Interior Department. I don't know you but you need someone that you idolize someone who knows what he's. And yeah some some great. We have put that I mean in this Karen. It was pretty certain things pretty still he it. He you know social media is. In bona pretty pretty unit. But you guys are the most beautiful couple and I'm so excited. To hear that you picked February 17 yeah yeah as of now in the meantime we got a lot of games between that and that. So I hope that we make you the difference maker of a lot of games this season with the Buffalo Bills we're glad to have you in town. Thank you. And Micah I'm super happy to be out here right he's there are loopholes are the city is unbelievable long. I'll probably play play for an end and put it and do everything I gotta update. I like everything about you on get an employer Jersey for sure her are gonna. Rather graph have a great week of working good luck next week that the game. Very few are hurt are our peer group.