Jonah From Why Don't We

Thursday, April 19th


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Kiss not eight point five and we welcome to the show Joan from why don't we I just. And what are nothing I don't today. Through to get morning where in Detroit today on tour. How's the tour coming along you have fun. Yeah oh my gosh this tour has been. Like changing threats I mean just are so massive venues every night now and so are very city and it seemed like every idiot like how does the lack that he says. Term and then a real dream so. Think trade. On the phone with Joan from why don't we they will join us Thursday June 21 kiss the summer along canal side. When you're singing your songs on stage is it hard to hear yourself when the crowd is singing louder. Yet so we have these things called in years which are critically monitors decorating look if they can use Coke. I'm another Capote to keep other down out of you ears but it's so loud that even though don't do that created a path of peace and it's yeah I can be hard to get me tickets are. What is one thing you love about your fans before I played the song trust fund baby. Just how dedicated they are. It seems like everywhere we go every radio station we go into the Asians like. The fans go our net they're tweeting Conning in and everyplace we go they show up and it's just amazing to see a group of people so dedicated. Totaled one hidden talent you have that people don't know about. Who I can drink a bottled water faster then should be humanly possible. I will race you I'm not kidding because I think that's my secret hidden talent. I challenge you. Really yet. Okay acted that Simon hello we're going to get yet. Nat does he's set to be a certain temperature of what what was really cold water second cold water started to drink. Yeah I think grim temperature should be. But we can't. Tell about why don't we and since your unto are now. And all the guys are hanging out a lot who is allowed his sleeper. I don't think any of it like snore Ernie being. I heard back latching in his sleep last night we Arum so doesn't know and I knew it lengthen. Let's do you think he was asleep or just giggling embed. I think you're the sleep. I don't know maybe it's evident dream or something. That's so funny cool has their phone blow up the most like who's getting the most texts and phone calls. Yeah. Probably to act could it mom Carmen. Had to say he's just thanks for letting everybody know the attack. Jonas who's the most pairs of sneakers. Oh Corbin oh my god she. He'd spend all of that money and cheers compared. Who is the one that plays video games the most. Also Corbin seat you have alternate orange. Coordinates where. Pubs here ever it you know it on her computer and it. Most likely hook up with a trust fund baby crap. Terms of their game. Now let's I wanna know can't edit an act who is the biggest celebrity that you met that you were so excited to meet recently moved. Arm. Probably do it slipped. Learn New York. In December as critical to this amazing gazillion. She's in debt. Should it be a girl is our to Angel when you meet your cheek yet and it's weird. To actually hear it in relay in you know like. I was in the current market cardboard cut out notices that she's right here and in that Taylor quit like out. I don't know I canopy now. What is the favorite part of the sense that you're doing on tour right now what's on do you love singing for your fans. Aren't we taught Sunday beat every name. It's just. That energy in their hands seems to change a little bit when we roaming yarder that song it's the last song and I didn't. Everyone's just jumping around and seemingly Ericsson. It's like to strike at big finale. Jonas you're born in Stillwater Minnesota I've never bend there. What's cool to do and still watch. On my guess it's a great great little town. On there that split called notes and ice cream in you'd take you'd you'd be most extreme you've ever seen on account. And somehow they fit like and it's on one little kind of potato article part there there re very they go straight down the middle it kind of like. It is the first town ever in Minnesota so I think I'm old fashioned soon. It sounds fun great great come down like that and it must be fun to go back and visit and a yet it back. We are so excited for you to come to kiss this summer alone play for our fans like I think you guys have one of the biggest obsessions in buffalo right now so. You have got a lot of people excited to see you on June 21. While that and we can it be that we'll see how the rest of the guys Jonah let and we'll hopefully have nice sunny warm temperatures for him buffalo that day. Are right again Gigabeat setting you can bat since learning yeah aren't our heart shaped jacuzzi is what it's technically called. It. As sitting as a can bring the stage that they socked again I kiss 98 point five.