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Friday, April 13th


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Kiss Nadia point five welcomes the one and only Johnny Resnick from the goo dolls to the airwaves I. I eat you know and you do and lets you know. You know who would just stuff you'll work on mixing the live record right now. From some. Chose a little after four years soon. We would go to twentieth anniversary torturers get if the girl. I know on the tickets are going on sale Friday morning 10 AM which everyone's excited about this question about mixing a live album. When you mix a particular performance that you're listening to doesn't bring you back to their moment on stage singing that night at that particular venue. I am Ali dole. Where he had it took me back confirm that sent to to Wear loads goes and goes 11 between galaxy you know they're just put the Buick. Oh yeah I remember seeing it that way and then. And then it'll trigger other memories like oh I remember. I remember seeing that person in the front row and for some reason they stuck in my mom and you know it's just strange things like that I'll remember you know. Friday October 19 Saturday October 20 you take over Shays for dizzy up the girl the twentieth anniversary tour. Tell you what debt album has meant to you because what tech did nickel platinum four times. It's insane that it was the most incredible album. Think you very much. It was followed with like it was one does it mean that album when I go back to define what we are making no doubt it was like you know we're. No more we were a kid anymore and and and it was so I was go through divorce there and play you know I'm in California. Find myself and have followed and you know and and just what we've managed to well. You know I really do some good work we're out of Iran where are all of them in this. It was exciting was exciting and according Robbie they're still alive talked about. Blue blue blue Abu and we like that that's a good thing is it possible. To name a favorite song off dizzy up the girl is it mean yeah I know I'm sorry should not asking us. None I don't know I mean I mean there's a few songs that are like you know he's immediately. You know I love I love slide love them along and we'll continue these relate. These look moments in my life where where I was ready lease on an dislike. I felt myself transitioned from one point to another. Well as look at musician that story as a writer. And as exciting as a sudden there was almost the talk about it. I'm this copyright there I have to do I have to place slide. We're on the phone with Johnny Reza good to get your dolls ticket for their show at Shays go on sale at 10 AM here is so lied I'm kiss ninety point five. Kiss are you put five I'm the phone with Johnny Resnick of the did you Dow's just hours away from tickets for their shows at Shea is going on sale Johnny put you on the audience. Andrew Luck and that's a would WW people show up so I'm grateful. Let anybody come in the shoulder and sees us and it's it's gonna be it's gonna be followed and you know like always this it's always Butler is always tough to show played because you know. If you care more about to about one then the other ones don't do impossible not to. Are you going to play it track by track by track because I've got an idea failed. Okay well I guess we're playing it we're plate not the entire album track by track in its entirety. Then by organ playing the older folders such forward you know some more superstar Karl watched all of them. And the net and then a couple more popular songs from a few other records but it's going to be it's going to be a really great artists and a lot of quality. You know I always like to include myself in your concerts 'cause in some small way I feel like I'm part of it is the Dow's so here's my idea. Exchanged but we saw as I could come out and and just dressed all in black like a mistake chance but I come out spotlight. And then I'll save ready track one. And now stepped it state you wait you're done and then I'll come out against track too I just wanna offer that I like that are like that idea. Some higher I loved. It yeah you're hired on with the fans finally. I would read orbit so are we should hit yet. I love I'm all in for shore now I just have to say we are so that he do you not proud buffalo is of you because we're so proud of. I feel like through out of ceremonies are grateful for you know but it could. It's hard I mean as I've been getting up there more now on the most of my wife my wife's and I had an artist at a daily last year. She had baby. Yet we get up there are a lot more receive my sisters and hopefully it's so much form and it's. It almost on have a baby and it's good fun. Figure out a little short plane ride from world and we looked great out fled the city of new York and then. Take our little plane ride them. You know yeah my whole travel Flickr so much fun. Let's talk Italians. That women to have super natural powers that allow them all the baby all day without their arms falling off. And all of this soon be your first Father's Day. My second father nice that they're gonna shared burden they estimated and down. I know you know you've done so much for the city you're always you always seem to be there if we need your help and I just I can't stress enough T these concerts. In buffalo at Shays in October are gonna be so special I know it's it is not just a couple seconds. But I just also wanted to mention for the true crazy. Over the moon Gaddafi and you are doing some VIP experiences aren't you. It is cool so that does that we're gonna make available from you know what custom made. Platinum album from the from from duty of the crow and such but that's just pulled up you know people wanna have let little. Lamented. Yeah element takes you to thank you very much oven Los Angeles right now for a slate. It will governors like polite about it. I missed the playoffs. To Mexico because this is a big this is an important phone call we have to talk about to do it now on the part of com but first you do your correct. Yeah we actually let it go do accessible in Europe. And solemn. Which we have done it alone time which is the kind of exciting and actually gonna get to go to homeland a homeland. And people go to get go to Poland are loud wake of a Maine have never been there and you know. I've never been to a festival in Europe are the festivals in Europe. Crazier than the festivals like Coachella in the United States. Yes yes and it's -- insanely crazy like getting. You know it put so that like what you know recreational marijuana is legal in California but away and actually playing hotel. Solid throw that is. You know the original shin and the. I'm friends with and tedium stand. Called cash cash. And or and eroded along with those guys too few years back and than they called him that hey you know more concerned with the sequential unemployed. Well pretty you know horrible. Allowance. So that's might that might be good all my big gut might make ego is just going crazy because. My cool factor just loved iPad. At least I would say eleven I mean that's pretty big that's big yeah I love playing Coachella what is it weird being ill and when you go to all these different countries and they know your music like to think of how much. Those the words and music. That you've created has touched people all over the world. Yes it's it's honestly honest to god the only. I didn't it look I'm grateful when I'm really I'm I've learned to be super grateful about it though and it's and it's. You put it while it's it's really it's the blood pressure or. We're so excited thanks to take the time to talk with us all the way from LA this morning. Let me just one more track this is my best when I think track for. Like USA 400 keep working honestly just let me know. I'd like the Bible so it's I think it's very cool but I will keep an okay yeah rest. Are you do have a great day and thank you sued.