Jimmy D From Bisonte Pizza In NC

Wednesday, September 13th


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That's going to this this is a good game to go to you we have Jimmy Dean on the phone right now how are you golfing break the second. Your editorial. And Jimmy. Also ice so tell me about your place in and how hoses at the stadium. And armor and sure our sorrow at the radio two blocks from the stadium. Yeah about the pro would go to give you the third street yeah I love it you know you're you're isn't. Territory of the Panthers and how they feel about having a Buffalo Bills party. Well over the a lot of transplants down here you can really do all of that group traveled anywhere it sure does tell anybody restaurant. Well you know we don't we open not five years ago down solve the city I just open our second location. About 1012 weeks ago. And it could go really really good with the ball away and bought style pizza. That people what awful self preaches yes you do absolutely. Yeah and they're really love that we shipped on a Margarita kept rolling we shipped out to the stairs no rolls. Over the whole town back cheered Charlotte. I love that you can I think that's the only kind of pepperoni you can put on a pizza. That kind of pepperoni. I agree to let you know those little ones they scroll up because their little I would appreciate their. Learning curve and others that they like. How how is it with the water when you're making your pizza crust because in sometimes that the fact right. Yeah a lot of people talk while the water week culture all our water in the week we cope with the huge filtered water. You don't look as if you won't get involved Copeland. I Jimmy so you got a great pizza place you arrive by the Panthers stadium. Tell me what you think it's gonna be like it will be 100% bills fans are you very buffalo centric at this place and what to please call. Well operation called this country pizza company which is bought flow and Italian. I notice that I and come to link did you guys get complacent blazed down. No I did you can control and our future we're going to go a little. Yeah there are the leading okay and all that yeah. The house. Gas and and what I don't know what the etiquette doesn't of the place doesn't. All the subject also alleged assault the city. Where did appear and I org is Jim Kelly network president. Yeah. Column without it we know you're probably. That's just a learning how I ghost story the story to me nor ever wanna be on the radio again you just talk about happy I don't want. So as I talk about the old days. I would already mentally you're Obama's as far as the bills fans of what you expect and what would you play and see. Well I'll tell you will probably be about 80% bills 20%. Who got a lot of defender really enjoy the would come down all the time. But I really expected to be just. Just made them you know how August of victory yen. I love yeah. I love that while I love would you think the bills last week we looked good in many. While we looked really good to know right to trigger the papers looked really good so this would be a better that you want to beat each. What million the Panthers are good team but do you think our defense can hold their offense. I can we do more afraid of our offense. You know I think the bills' offense to really click chart because the producer of a really really good stretch. That's. And ask in niners Jimmy. So what your friends and family got the connections what nights are the party's going to be. Well try to try to Saturday we're gonna have a nice big pre game party. We will all Bartley is to judge you really big place a 42 motors where each and got a lot of room to a lot of people and ends Sunday obviously tailgate you. We're open it up at 8 AM. Which has all the terrible Doug great does start right at 8 AM. A nice and can you watch the game inside your place. Yeah we have the adult tickets are we overbuilt trend every Sunday. This past Sunday was great mom a lot of people will be legal work down here as well and I Qwikster crowd probably 5050 judgment Google's shares last week. That's so cool. And how are wings. All indict or not Detroit it's they had a wind gust of America are wearing sensible last month to me and all we want buster Goodling and Charlotte obviously. How gradually. And I don't know I don't argue but it can't be done and we didn't struggle bubble boy. Fifth why are flagged and if you want you want to complete Jimmy I'm going to be so man you on your menu do you put buffalo wings on there. Not wanting city not a labor thank you vary on exactly. You know it's true buffalo on Ian. We use are also not just thank goodness thank you see this little naive keep and it really appreciate. Yeah and like it you know to get into world registered or at least charitable this really care have a doctor and try to really get brought down here and that shook the we should boast the role of the the people this mobile. As it should be what hole you're on right now. On the third hole. Often with a little south buffalo can I can I met. They want one of my good shot off old buddies on energy depart all legitimately do amusing bogeys as sort. I don't yeah. But you know what what are. Whatever south buffalo does we love your accused ninety point five congratulations on a successful restaurant in Charlotte. You guys I love talking and I'll north south and West Street street which is only two blocks from the stadium. Going to be a great week and I'm really excited or. Possible Richard posted on the web sites or for anybody that's going down their nose people down there. They can find a little buffalo in Charlotte we love that. That's also why look 98 buoyed by an image you guys. We miss you did Jimmy I'm of those stories ahead okay. You've got out.