Jays Lemonade Stand Story

Tuesday, August 7th


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Jake good morning good morning I travel reality Ariza tell everyone the story. Of your daughter and the lemonade stand tell us where began. So. It's turned out quite simply as a but if he can mechanisms. My my daughter six years old and has autism. And her behavior technician you can't see. Suggested a lemonade stand out feature social interaction. I'll let let people that she doesn't. But didn't know or doesn't come in contact and everything. When she would come into contact before the lemonade stand with people she didn't know how which you react. And also I'm very shy scared. Sometimes she's been acts side instead with them in a recession doesn't see on a regular basis as well. Unbeknownst true to us Nancy come reached out to. That can't comment on the armed police and spoke to and also dispatcher but you look just alone. And this is mentioned about how about Sarah would have an aluminum stand and actually reload police officers. It's so she asked you if if anyone wasn't this deal what percent does catalyst there I'm. You know on patrol if they could stop by and he Serra. I'm just so we can introduce parents say if you ever lost or you can't find your way anywhere if you see a man or woman and uniformed. You'll know that she'll be safe outcome still. And officer Durant go from the top on what the police department showed up and spectacle like I mentioned my daughter talking with her and my daughter was overjoyed. And did you know that you don't have someone that she doesn't know which show an interest in her and how she's doing a net. And so in their conversation. She doesn't. Yes terrible you know that you aren't here that you really well we've talked sushi yes. I also really like harder harder still. And when you really don't eat your letter citizen has and it vehicle and as he was bleeding. Yes if she would wanna hear the sirens but she's. She gets really really well oversight so it's a loud noise is that pretty typical of autism and autistic children. So I'd be lucky just it will put on the lights and and that process. Elements later another officer and up to buy lemonade from our. I can do about it well thirty minutes later. The crew from Elwood fire department come off the soccer chief in his vehicle and to fire trucks. All of firefighters hope I'll come over to us. To give it to my daughter Tara haven't skipped a little bit to have composure here. That they didn't put on the side entrance they've they've heard that autistic children evidence because. He'll be overwhelmed by loud noises so they just came. Up all of across street and my daughter could that the Detroit did in her. Safe and in her lap there. As they're coming up introduce himself and say that they wanted to buy lemonade. You know it's been looking at those moments where. You didn't know what I have to cry you're collapse because of the joy that was and that's that's child's. Eyes. Sensation. That have typos and joins a price on her looks and she gets. I've seen her happy and joyful can't time it's it's almost always when she's. A lot of music. Com. She's she's just she's very in tuned to music. Armed but this but it the fans of joy to worship self acceptance. And inclusion in a community. Comtech quite frankly. A lot of. Autistic people. And the struggle with because there's a lot of people out there that. I had a tendency to that the judge what if someone had a meltdown on on public. A lot of times people like all of what spoiled rotten press kit this is when in reality the kids probably overloaded and overwhelmed with all sorts of sensory things. But they don't know how to process and they don't know how to cope with them so the only that they Coke would that is where it's with the meltdowns. But. I would just like Q so overwhelmed that you look over on the trees are not enough I don't shoot excited and on the. That you wanted to picture that didn't live with them and sit ups a grounder took a picture would amend the entire crew took a picture with her. Does that there was a major one and made it harder harder and actually the name of Brett. He gave her his good luck charm and his good luck charm was even little white and take my little pony. That he told her that he carried with them on call for help protect them. And you can still see the sanctions on it from one of the calls and he told her that he wanted to give it to hurt helped protect her. So as they as they loved. She did she goes to. To beat me in and my choice. But noted it he gave me this and it protected them look like yet. She's like he doesn't have anyone depressed attacked them anymore. I need to pray to god and have got to protect and manage but while I should stop what she was doing and just got underneath out of her chair. And started praying to protect. Greg thus firefighters and policemen and to help them sleep at night. And it's a global things where you circuit missed ya look at this for real. You know did at my watch and elect Obama movies have to read before me and that does the crazy thing is live this it has gotten bigger than. I could ever imagine I'm I imagine that this fact earlier just a land she posted it. And I'm FaceBook you know national doesn't share that stuck. And what she felt compelled to do itself and. Since Saturday evening since you posted if I'm over 35 pondered reactions over over thirteen hundred shares. Or three on the comments from people just people reaching out thanking for forward that being shared and highlighting the good. You know the good first responders out there and didn't look good in people and the joy of of a child. It just goes to show you that few people and society right now the only society sold. Self absorbed right now it's always me me me and know what what can people do for me. You're right he's at and you're you're story has lifted so many people. I know you're limited on time what do you want people to know about a child with autism. They are some of the most amazing. People in the world. They're big they have their struggles. They they process things differently than than you and I but opinion is they all. Whether they can verbalize or not because you ought to the middle spectrum. And there's a saying once you meet 101 person about seven. You've met one person talk just comes so. And whether they can verbalize it to you or not. They all have. This security force sense of belonging. And basic sense of inclusion and community and a lot of times people and so won a separate. Don't they have special needs. But a story like this shows that. You know acceptance and inclusion. And unconditional love better and autistic child gives. To add to those that that include owners that are circle. I'm even appear not in their circle. A lot of them I have the utmost respect for people in general. So we also learn a lot from. Thought that the people and there's and coral autistic parents out there on the kid you not opt. It's definitely a struggle. Trying to learn how to deal with an autistic person. Because if you can't you can just like to treat them like he would. You know it and your typical person. And say they don't think that's the same way as you and I deal with a lot of things. And it's a struggle for a lot of authentic parents but they're the key is. They always show love and compassion. Jay did your daughter feel like she belonged after this incredible. Episode. Yeah absolutely as she she still talk if she's still talking about this and yeah the tendency to like. What went so patent showed just like grab whatever and should move on but she's still talking about. And vetoed it's it's not that her bedtime purge. She's been talked a crane. For the the police and for those that Firefox social protection that's and and she's still she's still talking about involved wanted to see them again one to one day and. I guarantee it's that you loved music and art should probably united. Creating some sort of arc for the poor for the guys dollars down the road. You are special dad and I'm sure your voice as a special mum on. I just I I loved this story and wanted to share with our listeners 'cause I that's the good in the Western Europe community that we always need to remind ourselves of and I love your little girl and if there's anything we can help you with please let us know Hank. And I want to thank you for four or allow me this year my current success stories. I love and I guess she's so special and it was so much fun getting to know you to thank you so much for taking some time this morning appreciate it. But it didn't look at ticket that I.