Jason Tartick From The Bachelorette

Thursday, August 30th


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From the bachelorette the one and only Jason target how are you. Good morning everyone and do well are you guys doing. In losing season. Life is good and we are in Seattle Washington. It's third grade all throughout the quarter Labor Day or on the clergy and buckles on the corner so I'm not excited to get home I can't play. Jason you grew up in western new York and buffalo Williams Phil do you remember your first greens. Well how bad is that an accurate reflection I do remember didn't know what my dad. I don't know. And we were at in the ring that in understandably gets a little late what are these wonder where these once told it was life lessons of the ball polonium. That was like you got close. And you got skateboards. Golden question what are you like feel like clones or do you like skateboards I polo like skateboard go just flat. He likes the close which made it good chicken wing union partners so every time we played here didn't look like that we don't you chicken wings together so. If there's any wrong a right answer but how would you wings do you think he couldn't Jason. Article what might random moment of the single lawyer I'm going I actually Christie obviously what would you do we can yet. And that little about what I would tell you the other chicken reading needing to guard that's maybe on the bachelorette. Adidas track but possibly good pension directory which is what I did like to talk about the side of Ramallah while the assembly site. All of my gosh yeah. If you got the literally thought I will let I don't know about the whole I'll let back into the united spirit is true. Isn't that Oz this nation commonly got into the dense as to that yeah. You know and that basically meet America's coolest bachelor Jason target at wings pressed tell me what you're going to be doing it going fast. Yeah so we're gonna get there all the early sudden yeah on the main page seven the night I'll tell you get there around five issue of being green power deleted many people look like get prettier from Florida area of new Yorker editor wherever you're coming in from. I Italy could see everyone and then from seven tonight we're doing now on Internet data Mardy all the details now. But a brunch or the following day is on the line I heard the governor and saw this to get my mother onstage. So a little you know local talent they have to question answers but I have friends come and then from Rochester buckle or keep the city I will bring you all energy we just Saturday night in order had a record with a little bit. One lucky winner and three of her friends according to the wing fast web site. Well when a private brunch with Jason the world's coolest bachelor at Russell steaks chops and more. Contestants have a form that they need to fill out to explain why Jason should become the next bachelor so that's going to be kind of fun. And I pay our judges are gonna choose finalists based on responses. To join Jason on the mainstay so this is something you're interested in. Just Google the wind Preston from there you'll be able to and to the contest. What makes a girl like what is appealing tier one girl's eating chicken wings. I believe that the law of the girl who brought William. Did you like to have one go to black eyed with regrettable and you be eloquent we ought to first do was not source what I had fun. I get serious note here fingers dirty you know the blue she's got a good time with it in such as part of the year and he's from buffalo. We know the basketball world of upgrading all the excitement. It's gotta be hard to focus on the banking world because that's what you do for a living when your coming to Winchester anything else you have going on in your life hasn't been difficult to kind of re enter back into that world of every day. You know it's just like everything right separate channel to percolate and your work life I would go to work and very focused on what I'm doing and I'll bring it and it's a good way to meet up channel some of my energy and focus side. Something that's you know keeping you productive and hadn't been engaged in them outside of work. I decision a little bit of the changed in the last several months months it said but everyone has been so nice and kind. I'm in the man not such agree. Journey so far enough. You know still looking for like someone already did meet him this we get to know. It's your Jason we are in our life that might not be in there anymore. Is say a girl named baca was to call her cell phone or text to what the name come up as is there is a different angle would have beaten back. You know. It blows so I had been nicknamed Baxter burger I don't think I have Irsay is that you're on my own what does he told me. That got out of Bradley even touch aren't here group her PR they were really good friend and I and we keep in touch. I'm so we are all there trend which she called it probably get revealed that your ball. I hear you know I'd look go and I didn't doubt that's what I get to go that's district will be there are compared at. If you didn't meet people at wing fast and really throw a good first impression to each person. What would you where would you go casual likes laps would you Wear a tuxedo if you're like hi and welcome to wind fastest. It's nice to meet you that you don't like that Jason I'm just talking about we move fast only. But what would you Wear to welcome people as they got out of their cars limousines off camels you know something like that what would you be wearing. I've been the target place forever single aisle type of player actually believe that did you hear. Where tuxedo. You got over some buffalo being here. Like I said earlier than usual tools and you look at LA Jersey you all know and they give up hope he'll tell you gotta have looked tired got to be casual got to have fun when that but still maybe a hybrid of both. Are you bringing any friends to town this weekend. Yeah so I have you don't like LA and a lot of data will be there and and I had few. Three trend that we're on the show that surprised media Giant Eagle did early in the signal being proud that I had buddies from Winslow beastly little area. I. The president Janet yeah University of Rochester we got through Roland and we're going to be split of the wing group they three in the energy and we just can't wait a rock buckle Saturday night it's going to be so much thought. So are you going out Saturday night like for girls in buffalo because you know they Alison kiss ninety point five. Can you confirm that they will see you out in downtown buffalo with your friends Saturday night. You hit your ball holding comeback Saturday night on Labor Day weekend and not a lot of my arm just not right so we're gonna do our thing or do we got seven or not and we'll bring it all actually the food bank that we're gonna donations and once solidly support a good cause endured they were to go until I will be. How about a dollar empowerment specifically. My good friend gay men know until well I think I'm gonna have to make a stop there so I anybody that can make it to the way to sort out on the going to be a good idea alumni and not. That couldn't be not immediately sat. How funny would it be what's what's in it they say I'm the best advice do you for a second that didn't. Even know about you on Saturday night at owner like. Hi Jason thanks you for second grade I here's somebody that totally under. He's got so out of the bachelorette I just like it was like I got to deal reflected the odd if you. I don't know actually I can't believe that ABC hasn't needed to secure hastily for second. How have you considered I'm Jason you name we got this going OK okay got a whole lying. On the art I ask you one more time. Jason Arctic from the bachelorette of course from Buffalo, New York is there anything oust any announcements. You wanna make on kiss on the point five. So unfortunately I don't have an opinion now they yet. But what I will tell you it is. You know things have gone well and I can't complain in the momentum. And all the support it is so appreciated from the city of buffalo I'll side of the city of buffalo and now we're gonna continue to ride the momentum bend in the support and dot and have fun with this journey and weathered on the show current stop the show. I'm looking for my person and I can't wait to find them. And I'm will go from Larry and as everyone knows my return buffalo. Always series featured blah well until she's been trader on the corner like a way to get jiggy what's. That is I thought it was gonna announce the bills now. Yeah is it I just when you just said that it gave me chills I felt I was watching a season of the bachelor I loved. This is incredible I'm so excited it was seen this weekend it's always fun talking to you and I guess when they announce a little talks soon at some point just to say hi yeah planning because I know what can. All right Jason Saturday's weather partly sunny warm dressed her 85 degree temperatures can. Write direct way. Here's to hoping Jason target the next bachelor this is kiss ninety point five.