Jason Tartick From The Bachelorette

Wednesday, August 1st


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We welcome to the show from the bachelor acts. Jason and Tara good morning Jason. Good morning yeah they think we got to go but perhaps it. You get directly your radio station going out and this is such an honor and privilege. Listen you did so well on the men tell all I was so proud of you congratulations. Oh thank you that I'm not if you knew the situation but I I really appreciate that thank you. So let's get right to it are you the next bachelor. I didn't really have to wait and see you know I won't tell you on that experience. My expectations. In every capacity. It was one of those things that's like according to dedicate to my career and this opportunity presented itself and I gave this shot and he really had expectations. It's not that I loved the play we're not sure I could and because of that I certainly consider being the bachelor that opportunity was. When do we find out what's the deadline have they told you when that gets announced. I don't have any expectation that goes over the deadline or liability. Well I would say it gets announced next Monday at the end of the bat you read it says don't they go rating I think that that's what they do. Historically it's been everything they've done it out after the Arnold wrote it goes on Good Morning America two weeks later. I think it's got to love that occurred on to a good so I think did you know historically doesn't different scenarios the different kinds go really just don't know. Jason who convinced you that this was what you should do whose idea was it to go on the bachelorette. Go to great question so I participating in new book club in Rochester new York and that's not for profit that supports families that are going after treatment. And who went with a little bite here and they're saying that I worked court supported me did you sit back spot and I think about it where all caught American flag critical that article or I'm rock and roll out of work at the age. Help us I think what you guys I really simple place for those that charity gave that happens it marked the seventeenth and October 17 I got a call from latency my understanding. That they you know I would let this soak that the court govern load it and let cord injury or my radiator replaced and it just got to Seattle could know what. Well I doubt I doubt that he's his own unorthodox ways and so directly defied look at it diminished. That seems like she's really a special person. She is I think. You know buffalo in the past that it does the midwest Minnesota five go and I'm very down to earth humble you get out on it all in circumstances. You can laugh with you do it lacquer I'll bet. Google is special person who always will be in the game I think that if you guys think that is you're you're right not because that's good at Kirkland well. It touched me how close everybody felt her and I think that that's a real true person. One of the things we loved the most we're on the phone this morning from the bachelorette our guy Jason target. Jason it cracked to suck in a good way because we really love baca. But how she would greet everybody by doing a full on run and then arms and legs wrapped around the pro ala. Up up and down and we go ahead that was so what there's there's I think there's there's. A third straight out that they're there they never got their say yeah about what particular big it's got to keep your world big pet and public. Do you know at all what this next episode is going to be like the season finale. No what I'm going all of whom played under definite. Good that they put out there in the traveler. Don't know what he played in the offseason. And you have great people treat from interest they book is that you know I'm Garrett Blake urgent so they're pretty nature. This is the oil and I think the way to rebuild their lives in the way they'll continue to with a lot of help it because what you that you ended up with these great guys. But I think you know what the football club or what will be the early backer who she decides to pursue could they're both great people just very different nature. They are very different but as a viewer they look very much the saint. Then there's that old attitude and appetite break. I guess I guess yeah now she does will you be watching but you are tied to Willy you be watching this because. This is give like you know when you break up with somebody and then you kind of Facebook's on them. And see but their life it's like this'll be like that's a rust rocking like where you gonna watch this city can really let your true feelings out. And yet that's the most difficult thing about this process that wouldn't be in line and sinker great and they become good at that you breakup fee Mubarak. If you do you're always been a difficult thing about this that you kind of have to relive it warm so up until last week I watched every episode with friends and family members. But going into the title at least I like that by myself Kirk obviously didn't at the legality up by a lot about myself as well so albeit without the at all. Watch it didn't make it out yet it's a black he did that death bit about. It up the quote I. Jason you Mimi so proud because we have as a radio show. Seen the best and the worst of reality TV of all kinds and we know that there that one statement can make or break a person. And so I don't have to always have that self awareness of what you're gonna say at all times. Because all of America at some point could see it depending on what the editors decide to keep in the shell. How hard was that for you to be yourself fully in vast and yet you have to keep that awareness right. You know my whole thing was that I wouldn't secret in the and the best part is that the people that are closest to me friends and family. People who crushing is that they certainly the guy we got every episode every week is the guy we don't know what it's about you know now the couple led the task because. The fourth gawker. From the bachelorette we are talking to Jason tart it Jason I thought about a lot of ways to ask this question because it's a sensitive question. It feels like every other day asking this question but I think we need to give props to the first girl you ever kissed here in Western New York because it. Men kissing skills and I you make us proud in buffalo guiding and training somewhere are so who is responsible for this kissing and skill that you have because there has to be a couple of girls couple shout outs to you first kiss and buffalo. I'll forward. You know I don't know how important not to do it does a wonderful girl when I woke that I like what you. I think yeah you did your group got work to do out there who you are today if I could go to Jupiter. National stage is going to be a whole whole Lotta good kisses out there are closely. And I say that I did it take so long planned to bomb us but there was no response. It's so good the vast majority of skills that you've collected from the 716 is that what you are saying to me. I thought I look back now now I know yeah. I light up. I don't know all the blood substitute at that birthday Beckett did forget my name it after our first if you appreciate it yeah. You gotta go you gotta go I like it. Is a hard look at red roses ever again the same way. There are people that you know they did it ever diver after a gross but got a stop to give it to me. Often tied for the work they like to have funded pro wrote I don't blow over sad it's hilarious to the other thing it the other thing I felt Obama joked around. He deaf guy had a court TI. I don't want you saw court is much. I'm glare at the corner I heard knowledge cord blood and everywhere else it's funny how that about half. Yeah right what was like gone back to work once you start being on the show and at one point you need to put it aside and get back to doing work was that easy hard to do describe. Yeah absolutely when I got back his Mother's Day weekend so I could back. Prior to the bottom. And I went back to work the week after Byron. You know what they've got it right because. You know people look at the question and answer clients and prospects are actually all the work we're thrilled with this blog is no more thought our little bit. But for there was about waited distract myself. From all the chaos that was going out to a media a lot of these guys don't show. Little thought better actors are model who do. It has been like it is in this little bit of being out in the end the ball well born banker right who is not so it is so it was a good distraction focused on work. In general manager in that matter. I love. What you said about your brother and his husband that loves his love his love you set an incredible example thank you for that. Warmup but I will say that I didn't quote. It would look very well accepted it's called me but there is Oprah's tweet that I read that doesn't love his Yugoslav. Not yet made it out so glad that I ever got is he's my brother or husband. And how great they are together. Then they get more importantly that if you don't you look that was a couple but I'm really well there's always those. They are going to be hugely and that I'd like to have like my relationship. Blue course but they're very special people and I'm glad America come up with some because he has. I think it like my brother in law. Jason Terry from the bachelorette with her hometown visit did you have say in where you win people wanna now. Yeah so definitely had as they I feel that I think they'll want to deal and then everything has come together that did. And I think buffalo showed so well. I will tell you that. Heard our people pat. Baca all of them involved. Saying I gotta go back to buffalo I got to go to school when we get on a little deeper if that's what this penalty took out a Gordon people from the West Coast. And nobody called me to go to a buck or OK okay so that's beautiful hurricane but I love. I love that I love to the bloopers on Monday I thought it was hysterical when they showed walking out like every buffalo only and is done. Where you almost slipped and fall which you call yourself. That was so yeah I was like it was still like yeah that's buffalo please note. Is that buffalo we do it every day lock in Newark Cairo later. By Eric Butler. We don't know at this point who the next bachelor is spots. If it is Hugh how would you feel with the tables turned and you and whole bunch of prospective ladies. You know I think it's good I think what they do now having moved out of there is typically had a cast member he's done that that's where. Is I'm great because you're lucky you can scenario into other dance I what everyone's going through the good the bad the ugly. I'm the typical he can get stuck unorthodox speech on north of that nature of this field. I'm kind of help if you perspective you what people are going to why they're acting in Nevada they are so. I'm sure that. You know I couldn't because the fact they're being patent typical I'm certain that. He's the bachelor bachelorette. It even much more difficult and having an understanding of what people go through it's important I think just also a word he think we have. Overcome adversity when your other show and what you can overcome in. You know pretty composed manner I think due to cold at the bachelor bachelor. Some think it if you're the batch how to keep a straight face when. It's just girl next indifferent and came public at wegmans you take matter what can you really can I don't have to see yourself truly. Being able to now the you've been through this to see yourself making that commitment. Like if if you really could after that short period of time get to know somebody not to say William Mary because that's a big deal. Or are they going to that'll probably got it feels the whole situation up I looked great really but how could go to character nature. I wanted. You know he he can you shall dialed in your motion they're still outside it sure actually. There's a lot of our do you have tough ultra flat in May learn about our relationship to understand that there's that Dudley was brought to Wear your hat. It probably aren't all the love and mr. he would he would generally do not articulate real so it is possible and I think. It history repeat itself. If it does show that as an example there are a lot of couples that are he engaged are are there waiting areas are married you have kids. So why has proven itself. Where was your favorite place to go on the bachelor because you did get to visit a lot of really cool places. Really cool places so I absolutely love getting my Tyler which is debates are the culture there is accrued there could you media spotlight it's temples. It was joke and absolutely incredible place that could go. And I hate to be you know. Yeah I could but coming back at buffalo he called portrait while Obama will lead grad was graduating. I haven't lived there who should get back and show up for that lighting is he ever order actually a pretty go to bulk patrol. Who is who who are the most special trips in my life. Who got you interested in scrapbooking. I knew until I honestly didn't ever wrestled in my entire life. But it kinda goes back to the situation you have a lot of carbon and and Kirby I have a collective a lot of photos. I'm I'm back and I had and then I think there is a little bit right because there's no quotas no other rookies merely more or anybody else. Other than those commercials so I'll believe that the way to channel all the half going it's probably optical but there are aware that bull. I'm about to take it. All the dogs that's it is Bobbie back to why in my here though is kind of the way I actually elsewhere that he could say I believe towards the south document that together. And news stories that they had everything about AG said hello my baby she's been privileged got a there's other big joke about what it is about couldn't put my dough. That was the first truly glad it was. I was little but I think it I do and then it turned out pretty darn well. Pictured it it did I'm dying right now because I really feel like you're the next bachelor. And just trying to think of as you'd have to bring the girls back to your hometown so we'll have to plant something really special for that when you're the bachelor and there are going to be I wanna be able jumping tailgate can be fun hard had to feel good about how. If that opportunity presented itself. Where is valuable that the big it was up only covered about that no doubt about. I love that you are great guy and you represented yourself so while it seems that he did this with a lot of honesty it's a reproach you we really are. I appreciated the outpouring of support from the community has got out of leaked so I'll check in January that I love might not floating into the though glad that I could represent a soft or that Daschle stage it's quite. Good luck next week we'll be watching will watch the day after we can't wait to hear who the next bachelor's I think ABC would be crazy. Not to pick you. Probable then they'll look at that support and thank you guys for having me out what your radio station what these guys woke up four. Take care Jason direct from the bachelorette. I'm kiss ninety point five.