Janet's Jewlery Was Returned

Tuesday, June 5th


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Yesterday. We had a desperate woman. Kyle into the show her name was Janet and she told us her story. I'm better at three completing. And I Adam I do a recap within my back and I thought I had and it the whole yeah yeah. Hadn't. Been helped me carry out quicker we get out of anchor what an immigrant from I had. You and we got out and I can't even trying to get dinner are. And I am I think you can't go out and help forget that there aren't you know parent and I knew I had like he had to go pretty young annually. And I don't like it got flat cajoled and Eric and he went trying to help her in and how badly. Well you draw the way it. And should I thought nothing of it we went there. I wouldn't go Great Neck but I have to get your knee I I I mean I didn't you. Chart not listening and hearing it that are ever created I. I want to go to mad. And I might as well my gut. All night I didn't think I. Heard. I give me. Aunt or grandmother but you did parent I'm glad that yet might I mean I couldn't he I'm. I error ended and I can rate split. So the one thing if you're new to the. Community. You're probably thinking oh it's gone gone for dead. This is why Western New York is called the city of good neighbors. I never questioned. For a minute that she wouldn't find her draw or of special items. Then there wouldn't be the honesty that we have in Western New York I. I know block port is good people absolutely we bring on Janet good morning Janet how you doing today. Who we can't an oh my goodness I didn't. Even so were you happy and if so what. Well it just a really good and and and and disbelief that this. This can't spend hey I would let Stevie until last night my husband and I never get under way upstairs to go to that I'm he had. At the Arab Arab backing it up here we kept the front door on our way up and peaked I heard that he can knock. And I was like now as you know I didn't and then they act like louder and keep it out of the ground and I'm. It was and it's an open the door. Slowly. Yeah. And you're good. With a look back at all of everything all the joy to pack it jewelry the real story I everything she said. And he had a point it felt like it was just doesn't have spoken like. The hearing and perhaps I'll I have to call ordeal and he was just. The look amazing forehand I had I had ever met seeking an end and we call it video Latin beat Barca. I haven't heard unpopular giving it they Akron even Virginia. He can opt. So wonderful woman. Yeah Virginia as she told the story Janet was just serving by and saw something you were throwing away says she picked it up not doing anything wrong. Who called for India like hey Pete Carroll looking for you. Who okay. Her daughter call her hat I think that would eat 46 PM last night and cut my arm. Hey did you happen to pick up until we can have a I don't that little. He had his ankle yes I did why I hate and she's a mother working party not just that I you know gates told her that. Jury that it had already achieved that in all my condition at. It was time out it was based lucky that I got radio this morning it was going to be very tight he can you thank you put that. It fed the other people didn't like this format you couldn't get it to. Armageddon she found that jury in the jury had her and she just brought a woman. Well she had. Do you think she will happen. Don't you meet her at the Joker and bear. I am every package really bad but if you're looking at home not only like pinch hit for. Oh yeah she didn't know or you don't mean. I'm so we haven't yet we get it out there and and that I think it doesn't. They got the appearance and I knew when he thought he would give it back like if I didn't bat. What was it like when you cite your grandmother's watch 'cause I have the feeling that was wearing it right now and if so I that's what. I think. And I just I know I'm overwhelmed I'm overwhelmed by a I know the kind that that's. People on paper stationery that I think I think I got even more than 600 times it would. Are Janet what did you state of Virginia once you realized you were getting your stuff back. Her words I get. I'd love her. And hugged her and hot and I'm Daryn that. Kept saying I can't believe that I can't we are here I can't wait you're eight gotta figure he got to U. Over it just overwhelmed. By the way he would accept a penny from me. She would not except I think it is that these issues from port to like you look. Yeah he got into thinking would be issued an giving her her time can't Indonesia can you get to enjoy it I. Pain. Still are you. You don't think the trend we have made a promise nationwide and we're going to work when I meet friends and he. But hey you did that's that is so amazing and for anybody that's questioning can we believe in. People today in 28 team because there's a lot of bad stuff around us look at this story of somebody. Making. A mistake on accident throwing something away and somebody else having it. And there you go just like that it's back in your hands I am so glad and what about the tenth anniversary necklace 'cause he you know he did I do not custom George from now on if you're not careful. I'm glad. You know he's to a diamond necklace or got a little girl who. I doll I know I. I just can't believe everything you back and I want a thank you so much from putting that out there. Are. Burn proof you couldn't do without seeing her goal isn't good do you couldn't get it on the radio and on the cheap if you compete because there's hundreds of bad out there. And this is such a good story that continues to help you could one man and I'm overwhelmed with the without a kind that can just the thank you so much think it's so much for everything. You're welcome so much hold on to your stuff the thing to listen in Pakistani prime fat. I don't think it's so much.