If Your Bank Account Could Talk What Would It Say ?

Monday, August 6th


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Nick if your bank account could talk well would say you. But what bait are they eating. OL I did daylight but they I admit it. Oh yeah let me out of love it how are you down if your bank account could top what would say to you. It says that didn't. Stop. I'm usually. There's just too easy just. Spend money would be charged today. It and cash yeah exactly you would see a difference. In you know people that are proud of our parameter. Had to spend cash. I think you would with golf and little white. Probably yes that's right and give a try diet exercise of cash. Caribou. And stop the at this very I can't if your bank account could talk what would. I didn't let who would they stop withdrawing. Apple try every time I put it then I take it out. Exactly I hear you this is Lisa he's sound. If your if your bank account could talk what it's in recent. Anybody out of this Monday morning is like oh it's six all your savings so much so yeah. She sobbed yeah. I need to get it began. I'm still here and now. I think we're never gonna say do little bit of money how about message to Miranda Lambert which like that and now we're Ameren Lambert and little big town. August 16 that's Thursday night at a dairy and they can you get tickets. It's during the counties to figure out how to get it to him. Looking good luck with a saint in the not works high IQ study put my music has. Your bank account could talk to you what would say. Yeah yeah it. Here in my sister IQ study point five hi Kim Susan's. Tracy if your bank account could top quality. What they can you say I'm here at. And let it a little irate at at an annoying to them all like that I look I ain't saying do you write a mom and I and I. What's your order and airwaves senseless. I'll have a lending at. It below right well dollar are you at. All. I intend and then L. But he caught it out right now. Are. It's not a bargain visit to an Arab and ask. Yeah. I felt I had. I don't feel bad about it in my it help the. Exactly as early part of this and Richard and the rest. I that's awesome things are pollen IQ study point five Courtney if your bank account could talk. What would see. It. Court that when you think I'm going to wait and is what's your average bill costs like when you leave wegmans that you spent acts. Not that the other that only about the end that. We probably ever go at about at all. Yeah. It sounds about right you must find your buying fresh produce in. Not all that that's now. We're gonna have the right accessories for cocaine yes for sure part of course and it there was make it looks a fund seasonal things telling them yes yes. I can study for five business. Oh chock. If you bank account could tell when it's eighty chuck. Well the people weren't. You shouldn't judge. In. Order and questions don't play it in a seven day period how many times that I seek pizza and wings on your. 33. Or. It is what is right he. Appreciate Colin six or 49850. If your bank account could top what would it Sadie hijacked. They NATO and it was Wednesday although Amazon. Yeah yeah I like you know Jeff I like it.