How Often Do You Change Your Sheets

Thursday, February 8th


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How long can use the same sheets. Before it's gross. A book while watching corrects. OK I would say the ever heard an and it didn't hurt but I wanna say they do it a month. A month so like thirty day aren't. Okay what about yourself. Know every have a sunny so so they come off on Sundays and so is Sunday at cleaning day and what's your grocery shopping day. That's Sunday at my cleaning day Monday it is my country day like Africa or optical. Like Eric Garland plan deer on kiss on it went back. How lucky is the same sheets before it's gross. Seven days okay thank you. I don't. How many days can use the same sheets before it's great gross. And seven days to pay like this clean buffalo. On this is Mary. I recruited. To. That's pretty good. It's changing them twice a week. So do you two sets of sheets you just pull them off. A good hearted look at you cowgirl. And saddened sheets. Well you know I like the flannel flagler county especially this time a year REE 63 days Joey what about Cuba. I have to get really did chip watch that every that they. I had and a yeah for sure I could hear it yeah. Who's got a lot of bleach listen that's a good way to be just by the white sheets and never have to worry about anything. So not surprisingly a large part of America's single population. File in choosy. 35 days average person says 35 days. This for singles is how long you can leave your sheets and your bad until it's gross. On the 36 day you are officially gross. Large part of America's single population falls it's an actress category. Average single person. So gross weights forty date 4040. Days to change their sheets. 35 days for single women and 45 days. For single men. Overall averages 24 days ninety days from women thirty days for men and 180s for married couples. Time the onetime men are more likely to change their sheets is when they might be getting Lockheed. 49% of single man put fresh sheets on if they think it's going to be good night. Only 39%. Of women do that now like this news here. And it's and is this a long time I got tunnel once a weaker. I like fresh and of I love. The smell of bleach. I can't smell of clean some people don't like the smell bleach. And like I I have a white sheets a minor always like Chris power water might gain some bleach. It smells a bit.