How Did You Get Out Of Your Traffic Ticket

Wednesday, September 12th


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Here's the question. Have you ever won. In court. For like a parking ticket or ticket you've gotten downtown park you're speeding it. And I beat the ticket and how did you beat out the one you know I got a lot and outline. I Patrick. Hi did you go to court and win. Yeah. Eating cricket we're eating at school don't. Are. But it would certainly picking it. A cool good so it went to court or. So did the judge say you're right. Yeah actually it at the looked at a younger age that it would issue on the dinner out. A contract on the opposite that the school that's. And what to what so when you talk to the person giving you the ticket what they respond when you're trying to explain in a calm. Manner that one up there's no school today what was their answer at the time. According to it and move if the school year and that's irrelevant. Burton I. Ago I was bad. Mean and union answer yeah and there's a note turn on read between 9 AM and 3 PM. And I just didn't want against tech. Literally the car. Needs their mind but also a window and a pony up to the sun like yeah. Does meet so I still don't care they don't care this can I. I kept hitting I run into this often because one place I go has that same situation where they've not always right now red white and I get that and I'm just I'm like. I'm here and play by my rules and that's the sign. And read. Tony Tony you're on the phone I ain't got a ticket and I'd edict what was your sense. Almighty Allah are also and I'm like are and I was under the ordinary couple Leo over gave me a picture of urban. So I want the corps and fought their turn and all learned a theater because the cops sitting you to death warrior I'm like are. So you could approach regarding exactly how well Larry Arial the ones that day. So I got a little bit. What song we play him was a bit. It. In the belfry or go at all. It's probably ain't college of their what I like little I don't let the role solid base like that are. Littlejohn out because the bases commitments and did the judge in. I know I know I you'd actually Haywood actually political note that there officer wasn't to have you know. Not that yet that that you wanna be careful with the ears you know Saber back but went so when you have your stereo turned it can you feel inside that has gone through. Colonel but if we protect just be careful you might say you don't have your car anymore what's the deal. And I I ended up on my card I actually don't have a very large literate that's great great time Eric Byrnes Larry. We were doing before is I grew. It is true. I mean art and newborn now I would have real evidence and on Baghdad. It still reduce young with the bases. And an eight bit eloquent background themselves just look at. I kiss on board Craigslist. It's. Doing you got a ticket did you beat. I didn't let it eight month pregnant got pulled over how wearing IP Al. He gave do you expect. It within that know what that. Actually entered a judge and what are we fabric like that when I was I might argue that what do you have four right about where I thought. That off that there wouldn't dare. Opt out there got yelled at by the judge and told me in goal hole and we like the old creep in on it. All my gosh that's an did you just have received other anchors couldn't. All are what people are like you are not seeing hearing belly I don't carry it or you're about. Home I article I'm glad it worked for you ready here and kiss and eat it up. Morning did you have a ticket. And I get our old fashioned bode you know and that thing was true that it alert. OK so tell me the situation. So Ellen junger has done that how it irons I drove it oiled the week. And might like they got caught on metal concrete barrier he's got red dot. I went back I bought great lately and I'm reading a light and I got out there are not happy at some blatantly. I I don't kind of funny I actually don't do it bought another in the trunk and he will not be chill illegal break. All of the bird you bet away. The element. And quality eighteen I don't know that it all the old. I go at guilt and I called uncle like they'd like them I won't be the judge. It out Erik added that they don't remember anything. And I agree that you should be a lawyer at the net. Because it all go up by your earlier that incurred an ugly welcome Juan let. Almost who does his work. I never never at one related to beat the and they get. It ethically you get around. One yet you know like there's the times of people and do their parents I never had the guts to like. We do the card that it's a visit all uses card you know whatever I ever get pulled over that I don't get pulled over a lot but. Wouldn't not it like music cool but I did it could targeted at what attract you to do something you know. I stole it I got it already I'm in my thirty years driving and I thought I had it did nonchalantly would annihilate them. Did it connect this though it only ever got all that need to get in my column and then not being real long it. It but apparently let him know that we burial at. All. That's. Coming up there a lot and it. I think someone drive sick today thinks Colin. They got here on YouTube take that lessons.