How Did You End Up Unconscious ?

Tuesday, May 22nd


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Powell did you end up unconscious. I didn't yell and and I kind of lean on my order and call them like while I don't feel that I get like a major has rushed. And I was joking around shoved me off for him and I haven't run on the Dreier. Let my head open and an apple. All my goodness. He must've thought so bad after that. I'll assure. Six or 49850. How did you end up unconscious. It's weird but it just happens once Obama. But sometimes it's like playing a sport and you end up unconscious was 6449850. We want of those story hi kiss ninety will go to the phones just the second. You're unconscious stories I've never ended up unconscious. Not not I kisses yes. How did you end up unconscious Stephanie. Rock. Now. You add it happens what was your particular situation. I didn't we are learning proper outgoing you know the thing and first once hard to keep track of the other twelfth and and yeah. While that's funny all right this you know you're limit tree within it adds it's always dangerous Celine aren't kiss ninety point five. I had no actually I was burning across a period I think pilot out at me at an element Ian. And during my I'd hate towards the end I think I was like maybe a hundred meters at the and that line I can't help. That's so weird what happened you know him a super hot tan you know lyrics. Running really hard and does yeah it got me. Yet it never happened sometimes six or 49850. How did you end up unconscious while you're the island. On make sure if you're on the roads right now you're very carefully your headlights are on we got some head of the heavy downpours. Yet traffic's been a big issue this morning and has been these rolling downpours moving through the area just slow everybody down to please take care. This is about as bad as it gets like this is about as heavy as rain can. Yeah Eric how did you end up unconscious. All of you my brother or sister were on a golf cart and it it is and on top there. And now he did tight turns and I flew off and landed on my hat on the sidewalk. You know and the heavy that's the only two was it. Oh while that it dangerous. So that yeah. That's who are not known at a good time lesson to be learned there are any how did you end up unconscious. How I'm. Playing days off our game and I let playing their base and Ari. Was sitting in the all day and it was sent to much and I al-Qaeda and the background and we ended up packed the court that the game because we didn't have any more players. I don't know what did you that would try to play like we got it. You know this is just. I'm so glad that that was like I mean not glad that that happened you but I'm glad that was the story about and being hit by a softball. Yeah yeah that it adds there's nothing worse than that thanks Alan hi kisses yes. Hi. Molly how did you end up unconscious. On right beat. Really. And I name. Obviously that we found out that I was alert and a. So did it viewing experience I heard stories about the happy Penn shortage are you having difficulties staying stocks right now. Well I have entered in the current setup I get it back at USC and darker here are my actor he is currently the current year. And when they earlier he and and that any yet here's another hot. Well I explain and the doctor Kurtz of pharmacy and I'm still waiting for that economy and the sum up. Are you serious. Yeah witnessing here without right now. Without cracked so you've surrendered the old boxing deviant one correct yeah now hold it did you not have an option hang on to the old one even if. I don't. I don't think the crowd that bad I think he got a seven. About the ornaments that are you better 08 days. Why there is yeah I would've hung on to the old if I couldn't see yeah sure chance especially because the bees are so bad right now they'll. They'd soon be looking for something. Yeah I agree and that there's a restaurant that I let it slip and wouldn't we get there there's like a key issue going like. OK I am open site and that's a bummer and. Again I know one of those places that ending terrorist config in America right now thanks to Conde and be safe Tricia inches 90 point 5 morning. Martin Ari you're awesome how did you end up unconscious. Well I'm not as there and we get in there where we had armored. Like seven as alien to come into and get in the Scott all I get it being kicked in the cheap coming back out you're. Yet that way acts the way I woke up I in the Hamlet of what happened. We know how long you were out for. I'm not thinking Matt. There is such a bummer that process of replacing teeth when that happens. A lot and it's not fun. All of a gun out but Trish I think it's so cool that you're an officer can you go over the rules if you see those red lights behind you. And you think people know but. Jane you saw it last week we were both coming in I'm 33 and I called Chan to say hey there's an accident here you wanna get in whatever lane and then. And then you noticed people we're two and what when the fire trucks came. They are trying to beat the fire truck was it was serpentine and I really thought it was the most ridiculous thing so. Trish what are some rules of the road that people should now. Is it why you're looking yield and you heard it in. Heels being true yes obviously it's a tough. You know answering. All over I. And stop the shore in spot and give me insure that you looking Amir's. Sure they should probably and I'm your Rite Aid may end it and absolutely you looked at the site and wait. Are these vehicle at. And if we get pulled over what would be the thing you keep your hands on the steering we don't put your window down. I would know it yet he had been in plain sight at the site on to make sure that you all got second scene you can see Batman. But everything cleared and I you're gonna give them. You know warning you're gonna get excited that everything good and I'll always good to be that we're actively looking and I they all hate. An answer what they need to have answered. I always tell them what if they asked for something I tell them where I'm gonna go to get that yet I never wanted surprise anybody. Whatever the situation as you never know if someone reaches for something quickly reaching for assessing me. My license whenever in my pocket. I reach in my pocket get it. Trish I have such a good idea yeah how you know how we have those stickers on her windshield to the last are an action registration. I think there should be a sleeve on the other side of that where we keep our registration. Because that leaning over too because it seems like everyone keeps the registration in the glove compartment of the glove box. Any app they are and if we had a spot to put it we wouldn't be doing that breach over. And you know and saying that's been hacking could come out that a lot of money. But he and the shark tank. I think overall we c'mon I mean do you like that officer and I talked to this officer Trish. And we talked about one of the the troubles that officers have but wouldn't be a good idea. It would be perfect yeah event it would be right there you could you know he did pointedly adding it. Signal of up to that sorted the aren't giving the their multiple things could be called back. Obviously now people just. Whatever you can you were out yet there's always a really bad in the glove compartment you know there's always something weird but and then. It was nice talking you thinks Colin. Robbie occurring YouTube yet Evelyn BC.