The Honesty Quiz Pt 2

Thursday, March 8th


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We're gonna do the honesty was a gift for people. We ask you question you give us an honest answer 6449850. We go to Samantha she is the first one happening obstacle is hi Samantha. Okay you ready to give us an honest answer. Part it's an honest answer have you ever had to fish something out of a toilet that you've dropped in. Yeah. Please count I had Samantha. You. It happened and nobody patting my back I get right to go yeah their credit. Fished out and then your business. I. The reason. You know some educational. Flight. I'll write this and you say yes you have let's see what Sarah says hi Sarah it's the honesty claims. Martin Ari air I'm really good how youth being some it's there. Act it would get eaten cookies there and fish something out of the to a yeah act right after the count on you dornin in house. So you keys out spread out of the backpack at. Where the regular keys Ehrlich is no one kept the clear that the car huh well. It grew into thick on the tour and the other hand I can't lack. That's. Now pays for it to the dealership. You tell me did. While my day average for the dealership and he helped me out batting and keeping our it. Of Gaza usually like that can be 200 bucks replace. Syrup maybe it's just that you are selling cheap your genes or lose. Yeah. I'd say you are yesterday's that you and cement that this happens you Dorothy aren't as he would be ready for the consequence. 100% honesty had you ever had to fish something out of the toilet that's dropped in there. Yeah but aren't. Well. Oh cool well all. Are. So gross is it sucks up water pretty quick. I want that aren't there. Tell your technique for fishing out the entire roll of toilet paper to earth. You don't is let up until. Other hand them. I get it and are out there and yeah. Aren't aren't aren't adding that he owner and look how little. Things honesty appreciate you. And this is Ryan Ryan you get the final word on this honesty quiz you ready to get to pick your eye. On it. The question is have you ever had to fish something out of it that's strapped in there. Add the Atlanta. Okay now out underbrush and go on that issue out but I and get a handle on how well it outlet and but it Al and I all right got it. It out quick that really add anything and it anchor leg right that ought to act on that I'll let it play. Break out how but they aim at mom like that don't work. Hello. I M yeah. Yeah it does it's the same thing. And I knew that I don't harvest you thought it was a nobody needs to know current situation right. Exactly well thank you for being honest and Leon it was appreciate you. Yes. I'm trying to think of I have fished things out before you've got kids you probably haven't. I can remember there was an I wanna say it was attorney. But it could have been one. Like us here at one of the Thomas the tank engine wooden trains as a as a really big for awhile. It was either that or I feel like it could have been one of the army guys you know green army guys plastic ones. The earth could have been both for all I now. Because my kids were like literally sticking stopped in the B you know that this is when there was a VCR thing they can put stuff in the dvd thing anything penetrate it. Or anything. Think they would find stuff even food would go in retirement. Kristen that really like to just put things in some electronics. She was in your column reflects how. Lot of Obama you know and but I wanna say I've had those moments I don't remember. And I would totally tight credit I don't remember that I ever dropped the phone but I've had a moment of oh my gosh my bones in my pocket and you feel starting detect. But I don't I don't think that's ever happened to me that you. No phone I think I remember. Seeing an effort hasn't jinx it he had no right if I say never share it happened happened. I think it cute pink. Maybe self. Some hours. In. Rio area but Elena is really good yeah exactly no no no major incident. And there. Yankees have you Reece phone twice on clay. So that note. Remember if you're organic always up. There.