The Honesty Quiz Pt 1.

Thursday, March 8th


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It's the honesty quiz. I'm kiss 98 point five Betsy king he's the first person not kidding you to answer this question. I don't expose. Scared are you going to be honest about this question. Irene. When somebody else loads the dish washing Katie do you rearrange. Its announced he plays. So your answer is. No. Excellent job to answer it's the honesty was on kiss he pushed by Stacy. Not that aren't honest answer when somebody else loads your dishwasher. Do you rearrange. Now you just let it be. Being honest and learn are gonna answer. Are hearing just ID eight point five day. OR GU dishwasher. When somebody else loads your dishwasher RG do you rearrange it. You're being honest is marriage and I appreciate that dance on the phone hi Dan. Are you doing today. Honesty closed and somebody loads your dishwasher. Before you started out our you can rearrange it. In the arm of yeah you have to do it but certainly if there's. All the way and let everything go to. When you rearranging it in your head are you totally being judgmental for the person loaded it. Are arguing that our current judgmental about it only throat open and there are outraged that you thought I know that are clean debt however. I feel like it'll give it butter clean if they're not two around the Geddes so box around the mayor. I am a 100% agree on is not rinse off. I appreciate it Dan very good answer thanks to take in the amnesty quiz.