Hollie Bonneville Barden From John Hardy Jewelry

Wednesday, June 20th


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To study eight point five X the beautiful women event with the woman who is being. Featured tonight holly Bonneville Barton of course. The artistic director of John hardy to Rory welcome to buffalo tying thank you so much so we are so lucky to have you in town and you're story is amazing can you tell us a little bit about. Heidi that started in jury. I have close so I am IA came from very creative family always loved ten and it up going to school when I was eighteen and into Wimbledon school about. And I discovered the workshop I discovered this amazing. Ability to croft things out of nestled sports and by. And it completely fell in love with the holes Torii making process the handcrafted nature of it. And yet continued my Jenny from that voids I went on to to be is I was head designer activist diamond jewelry five it is. Until I finally came across town Heidi completely different brand amazing you creation Jenny from me -- I've been treated direct here for two years now. That's incredible writes I have tested diamond question for our listeners who are may be thinking about getting engaged what you drill. We think about when she's picking out the style and each. OK so honesty you're gonna wed this hopefully for have a so Israeli employ and I always say festival funny your own style like it doesn't need to be 100% classic and traditional. But remember that you're gonna Wear forever so it needs to have that time mess. I feel and I think may simply lead to something which somehow has meaning to you. You know is not just about what it looks like it's also about the pilot the meaning which is so opposite when it comes to jewelry. And when you took over John hardy two years ago what a beautiful changed in the collection kind of putting your Stan holly signature on. Yeah I was a big challenge today John Heidi is a beautiful powerful inspiring brands. 45 years old has a strong DNA but I wanted to breathe new life into the ground. Retain that strength that bring full of femininity. Sort of just three imagine the browns and I think that you know it really resonates with people and it's sort of this re inspiring. John Heidi fan and those who have been collecting the jury for many years can you tell us some of the special things that make anybody that's fine at John hardy peace. Or even hasn't or from what makes it's us that's daily soap John. Was out she has helped us from Toronto so he was fascinated with making he went to body and he discovered this that it. Amazing community of crops man who went making Torrey by half and they will reading chains they like hammering mental. And so these techniques of very much in the DNA of John Heidi so we have send signatures that still run through rock collections. The woven chain is probably the most iconic. You'll see. Women wearing them stopped and yelled as. Is one of these best the child beautiful piece of Torrey which is flew it forms of the body at the same time when you Larry it. You have this empowered these things is. The way of montagne Alice is running on this iconic. You remember the first piece that you are you ever made. I think the best piece I made was almost like. Is that this cough that piece it was almost like a wing. And that was my fast at that go. Metals and things. It's funny because in the collections that I am seeing that you brought. And in other going to be around for a couple of thing I've noticed some wings in some of the pieces yeah I guess you know you have your and signatures and they funny around you. Is it OK to Wear John hardy from a few different collection on my god yes let's hope you all the same time right I John. Heidi is about layering stocking. And it's touchy about building a legacy you buy one piece it represents may be when you graduated college by another piece it represents another. Moment in your life and I think jewelry and sending John Heidi is all about celebrating moments in the life. And you celebrate that by wearing you know mix matched all combines what. Celebrity. Did you have you seen recently wearing a piece of John hardy jury that made you smile you like neither France. Frieda Pinto is an amazing friend and a and I I always love it when is celebrities who believe in the brand and not just wearing it because they love the look at that story. This supporting what we stand for which is sustainably meet. Ethical jewelry and so I always love it well we have these celebrities that very much. Supporting the right. Sort of that I've noticed Justin Timberlake is always wearing tan party jury yes I did the oh my gosh especially high this year and that must be such a rewarding. Peace to not just you know just seeing that they when they don't panic you Lara is I think that's always amazing and John you know John Gotti is. But I imagery that you two falling in love with a once you stop like action that you continue so I think you know he's very. Now addicted and we'll welcome to buffalo and I know how long the collection going to be here that people wanted to see it. I think it's here for a few days of the trunk here on the C you were always the guys have an amazing collection here. We have the trunk we have exclusive Tinto which is not one of a kind high and pieces. These. It's like one p.s and the exists and that traveling the country that here for a few days. And and this weekend is literally. Every high school's graduating this weekend if somebody wanted to pick up a gift for the high school graduate would you recommend anything. I'm reversible classic chain is beautiful comes in this engage and you can Wear it. Gold site up all Silva sides so you get to that so long to great highly Bonneville Bard and John hardy jury had Tony walker on kiss knotty point.