Greg Chats with Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony!

Friday, August 4th

Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony took some time to talk with Greg about the new Fifth Harmony album, the group moving on with 4 members now, things she got in trouble for as a kid, fashion mistakes, & lots more! 

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It's great just batted point five and on the phone with me today I had the very lovely lowered her Reagan from fifth army had little girl. Where are you here I am good I'm good they ease some experts not going to be right now. Now we just established that you are in LA right now and you just saw the most amazing group of all time brag. That's exactly the established yes. And they look and pass it is this the very act actually leading totals. It's the kind of group that you think Santa can handle it like christmastime and all like that. Trying to look like a group that would be like you know because it is going to be Alec is like the little villages like below what kind of is. Gap as like that so technically I feel like the confident and like and. Like a bill that would stand in line kind of thing like it's and it's really good king live here and we get the perfect landing area for you. Yeah. All right all right so first you guys a course the new album coming out these self titled hit harmony out that's going to be released. August when he did and I also just wanted to point out that you guys are kind of buffalo veterans you've been here like a few times though even for like two shows now when you come here. Like we ask everybody I got to know where eagle for wings. Only had I wish I could tell you like. Something but I can't tell us. I don't know I don't remember where I wanted to I had I know I have arguing like I'm the expert panel and this. They've been so I don't remember where Atlanta have been so many like restaurant little weary. Yeah you're right. I love that no odd that I that the when you're here though you know it's probably got. Away. Well I mean just an anchor bar are like it's in mainland here at your cup asking the wrong person. I actually just moved here myself in April and here I am a newbie yes I was even here for any of you guys it shows when you guys came to buffalo opens and I'm so bummed about that. But I will tell you I'm Leon now I know but doesn't take a bar like the main sued everybody talk about here but I have not that had red wings yet anywhere and gone since I've been here. I don't think I have it and I captured in the world and I really enjoyed doing. That jet to try anything else when you were there any other buffalo specialties people on whack. Mighty taco Logan there anything like that. Nobody clearly school really only buffalo culture right now he could go back. You know what I got the forty pounds on me now to prove that yes I have been very educated. On buffalo flew. I don't I mean I'm not very good at keeping diet regardless of where this. We like mutt like that's gonna lead me to my next question you guys might not even have to because like when you guys perform at. You guys don't just get it there and saying you guys have like. These this insane dancer teens is like a full. Carty he'll work out so that when you guys are on the road at. You guys even like think about what you're eating or just like you know that I'm up to this crazy work out later on tonight on eat whatever I want today. You know what's funny though about creating Greg when it routine that. It doesn't it after working at Carolina this I think it hit the only at any color Herbert cart Gilbert are doing it and you're like wow I really just let my entire life of all summer they'd like to. Have to make sure I don't think you are on trial Connecticut we've got about actually sometimes election. Your room but speaking of that that what is your. Food weakness what's one thing that when it's in the room and you're in the room it's outlasting knock. Poll. Let a legal matter goes so planting. Don't think we'll fly if they're like and it scared her out like you can get to be realized I'm gonna have fourteen. Okay. As best I can junk food though is that. It'd be it'd it'd have made. And came it's like karma lives in victory in the senate thank. It's like dessert but it's a savory so it's fantastic. Again it is normally. A bombing these all I'm gonna. And that's on cell lines now I'll bring what thing again outweigh. All right so. I can't exactly ignored. The elephant in the room here. As of now there is one less member in fifth time in the and with his new album coming now I'm just curious like. How did that affect the process. Of making this album and he was tougher or. Did you guys put more emotion into it because a bit like what how did that affect you know you guys. And they didn't affect anything at all on and it just kind of like the forum has already been based battle it out. We are apparently that the car right what and how are probably receiver and ball. But it really I'm able to write and did you go to like you know play at that point that he if you are. Kind of how the like Bob that they like that the bomber like treated it. And like. We put into an album so excited about it here and act and am now trying to recruit. I'll that's cool that's cool so like. And I was gonna ask I was there anybody in the music industry who really helped does get through this process like maybe an artist from another group led a member Lee a producer but it sounds like. You guys are pretty much intact here yesterday. Yes many it was just the are I mean he. Actually actually they had a chance to speak. You know start as well there's a lot behind Ian is constantly. The market but I'm you know what whatever Rick Perry is that it made it to have people of course it's very dedicated it. And like. This he's incredible in the cart and despite making sure that you know we are going to be perfect harmony like now with the ticket. And even the opera is that a right vehicle see. An avid part of the creation process of the apple this is the most invest in you evidence architecture that it was your favorites. Well I can't frightening yet it's. It is good yeah I know. And I think about sorry. They think the and it was co written by Diana and their money. And it a battle. Kind of like a guy that you do play how to like letting him know at the Brooke you know any particular you know it. Either the thing I need a lot on the late night live exactly right. Yeah yeah well and I definitely not been there before. I have been duplicate those roads and exactly what you're talking about yeah that's exactly it. How gratifying is it this down a single we can't talk about is being still will recede and everybody's embracing it the way it is the media. America is an amazing arm wouldn't let it I think that people are so excited about bureaucratic and good that they believed in me as much as we believed and it is not the super cool our. Panel. You know getting that new music out there I really and apparently there are people here to new music and I feel like it's just a whole new level. And and it shows that we their part they you know I think it shows that we had a saying the lyric or more and. Hit by the way out what hotel. Where you guys say in the video for down where where was that it's now. I wouldn't LA that was on the Allen well the likes. Literally called Alan. They've got a lot of different here. Yes it was like an old as most now that we. Took over a barrel while. And then we got happen. Most of the video there and other at the fourth seen apps aren't we shot in New York actually. Hectic we like finishing the video I've. And then by the end of our elect the likes of an extra sort of being I thought I would think there are literally put together. Idiot like you lack meaning. Right now we have that Good Morning America the next day. And we had a great city and like I am actually been supporting him at the old it as a guy. The hotel like eat and then we did hair makeup that it can't make up and barely shot there at the. All met a Celtic is other semi was concerned about to get I could've sworn. Can I guess that he's live in LA and I could've sworn I recognize their hoods on that video and Elena show you guys in the pool. I was like I don't know because of its the one I was thinking of my I hope somebody would do that with a toothbrush. And like chlorine for you guys. And I'm gonna get dirty ho and ads are people aren't. I was not about that that we really can't act a thigh and and now. I'll get it on the. One barely breathe that is now I got a couple of questions here that a confession time a little bit. What's something you've got in trouble for growing up. Not my parent my mom they're not teachers that she likes you that you don't education. And bill would never have problems beyond rare archive how to get got and had to be an eight. You old you led those kind of dance the may or nothing kind of dance. Exactly. And I think. I don't you think it'll have an option currently at. I appreciate it out because it always it always made you my back because. She no partner act think like I can't do like. What I need to do and I'm not gonna like all above and beyond that I don't have it easy hook cubic. He definitely it could in the opening set. It could be left out you know. Yet I was thinking that yes that's probably why you guys go the extra mile now. And do everything went out with something you may have done that your parents still don't know about. Shouldn't matter how hot. Try to dig in and being on me yeah. Pretty standard is always another. They don't or are laid it out. Exactly exactly now that but that they wrap it but at that I had the great and all clean our eyes but with my. All right. Also course you're very stylish person every time we see you on TV already come to buffalo anything like that you're always looking great. What's something though that you buy it may be growing up. All or maybe it's going to I had when you look at you just think it does seem like such a good idea at the time. What was it that game. I had. I have this shirt that I bought from limited skill. That is an army brat on X and it I'd like that all that looked like a little brat doll and then it was. It sure would wipe the writing was in pink and Google camera and then also had. It came with little drinking green ammo are more homers. And I would like Avery breaking shirt for a solid year of my life. And now you deserve barest it even be on. I was a local at those are mormons and onsite or it. Who says who thought. Are there any picture this that there anywhere if we Google this week can we see this year. Must there must. And maybe not if you Google it but. A lot of it. Kids and I'm sure it's an art and. I feel like you were whispering to your rep right there we needed to leave all this right now the needs we know changed its. And I. Everybody get content like K see any activity within our crap and you got immediately. Oh man they also know who is an artist that you think the harmonized that there might be surprised. To find out that you actually really intimidated or not necessarily an artist he really intellect. The limits of rob soundtrack Ari are you like a big Sinatra fan or something like that. Yeah I forget lovely question. I see it they've tried but I think you're. Her car. And I'm not very exciting to them they know me out but it seemed like in the. Moon. The spot and I'm not I'm not cart TV. Like a lot I think they've. So yeah. Perm. Is this one country I hate Angie Harmon. But there's it's one dungy that right to the public every day and it it was can't. The links. I am intrigued and I'm not that he has. Sony had an outside but it's called don't blink and the army so beautiful and it's like a bat that like in the perfectly lyrically. And the video in the heart wrenching but I am blogging like I'd get an a I would. So. That does that mean my here I would think about the girls. But the design constantly. Don't blame OK. Before I let you go I got to find out. When you guessed it and that's about the low I mean armored as a runner died he got game. I know a little more hopefully we have in the coming out so quick at the door I can't compare it to the island happened but it Fischler. It didn't music there's nothing in the shadows so hopefully Lee passed by Aaron at not looking at a bankrupt America. Like everybody in the class together like a bunch of. That'd be perfect that he perfect. Way lord thank you so much has taken its time the top with me today good luck with the new album's drop in August 25. It harmony. And you know I can't get buffalo some time in America aren't you. He's a let's learn there are content.