Friday Nights Lights October 20th

Friday, October 20th


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Kiss 98 point five it's genocide or Nicholas Nicholas time for the Friday Night Lights report brought you by MT bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills and US air force active duty recruiters of Western New York where they do the impossible every day. Go to air force dot com. We say hey good morning Dick Gallagher good Barnum. Week eight of the Friday Night Lights football report what he's been the most surprising breakout team of the year so far. But I think new name whose loved one ending to a three games last. Several years a year known as sudden they're six and one. And on their dominating and Palmer opponents. They had lights on for a game and they had 17100 people there are so and they never had a nice game before. And nine Louisville number had a nice game before they run lights in last week so. And it's you know experience really kids Friday Night Lights no doubt about that are let's talk some football James talent at Clarence James Dunn and Tom Lange worthy in the red raiders keep players. Cain and tanner. Manhattan king. Andrew bomb or. Drew bugs Francisco Rodriguez is so mom Spencer goes only a freshman. Military zillow. And for Clarence and read those for Paul berg yelled at key players John Stevens Jacob route here. Brendan Zimmerman. Dillon for our jackpot named Yani how Leo's and then it was love ski. James son dominating Clarence early in the season there's games at home for the red doubles I'm gonna go with Clarence. Right next game sweet home at west Seneca west. And for rich low in the panthers' key players Murray's Roberts and Sam roving rob Gian Carlo Jalen Louis Ryan Harris. Dylan McDuff faith in Tom Rivera. And from like a solo in the undefeated and Indians keep players Mike Lonsky. Matt Myers Justin Johnson Josh Wilson John speier Jesse bride. And Brian ball. This games could be close below his he had stolen Seneca. The difference being mad Myers what does that do that's gonna make that difference he is just an unbelievable two way player pass CNN also rushing the ball in his career stats. Are in the thousands both were rushing and passing. In this is thirty years starter our next game Williams though east at South Park and the flames in the back in the playoffs. For the first time and a few years in Motorola in his first years as coach and where is the least to keep players Kevin Steele. Nick Kiefer Cameron Williams Dan Wagner Colson scored a jade jima and Joseph McDonnell. In print Kim Delaney an undefeated sparks. Key players Jeremiah Sanders. Clarence Thomas Elijah Lewis the Monte found. Dave beyond Humphrey Brandon brown in daequan Anderson. I'm UBS's so far and I think think he's going to be Jeremiah Sanders 63300. Pound linemen. I'm sorry this is Good Friday that. Yeah. I don't Williams Lilly's flames are finally in the playoffs and I must I just heard Ron did you hear Kayla Williams is on the team yes and keep your boy is on the team do you realize the legacy of that sun definitely have to make your legacy. Listen not to go out here but again the edges going to sell. I forget to turn to god father at all sad that got other football might say that this Williams police Columbus giving edge to movie Williams though he's playing I think he's your motor surely you've formed Janet I believe that sheriff uniform when he's flames go to Ralph Wilson Stadium. I am willing to even share. We're offering. And they'll read it nice to see but this two piece for the flames want this year. My two rollovers juror's head coach huh. This year new complex new culture some really good key players with keepers steel way mirror and not scored they've got to shut but they're going against so far and the flames have to be. As physical as the sparks tonight. To come out with a victory good game number four status at Williams film nor. Every state make up oriented tiger's key players in Aaron Smith. Chris had a way Justin Campbell Brandon Barksdale Sima Clemens Austin Grimes and Joseph Richards. In furtherance Barnes and Mike mentally then are undefeated. He players Joseph in the cell. Dylan telling mark while wells Scott backed Jacob Orlando beneath Gaza's RO and Kim Walter. And I had to give the edge civility is rose gardens. Favoring certain williams' most schools aren't pets I have like Mike Mannelly. And they don't agree you're too pretty impressive. It's first time may be an undefeated and they're very regular season you really got to give him credit to Mike. Because his staff but they also some outstanding. Players one on Amazon Kelly and as part of the family of the Kelly regime if he's going to junior needs to. He excel and on both sides of the ball let's put a spark and these players are words for the week. Is hearts and most of your opponents will be as talented as your team. In the playoffs. The difference as yet the dig deeper and one and more. We can measure speed wade vertical jump iced well we can't measure is a size he via hard which includes your character and work ethic. Often teens and their players will intensity character. Big card focused effort will often win playoff games. Tonight make series you're playing with the art. Make sure your plan the best game Europe played. To help your team win you the engine you're the driver annually keys here is success per an excellent outcome tonight. It is prime time show time game time your time make a difference and make it happen. Tonight make it happen cap that is a Friday Night Lights report on kiss ninety point five.