Friday Night Lights Report September 8th

Friday, September 8th


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Guess not eight point five it is time for the Friday Night Lights report it is presented by an empty bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills. And US air force active duty recruiters of Western New York. Where they do the impossible every day go to air force dot com good morning Dick Gallagher how white out and doing good. You had a lot of whole field picks last week how they come out. I and my worst week in three years so I think Alonso one and three but I'll try to improve today. Sounds good. As we get into week number two of the Friday Night Lights. Let's talk about sweet home at Cheektowaga and enrich Lowe is in his first year as head coach taking over John Fowler. Keep players for the Panthers Murray's Robertson. Dylan ms. Duffy went five touchdowns last week and Sam broad read Ryan Marciano. Just rose Tom Rivera go to real low and no match cult. In which you two are gonna warriors. He players he's shown Beale. John sweat this gen. Anthony Michael grade the third and Jevon Williams and Chu Kwan bush Tariq Whitaker. And parents who asked this game's its us up. I'm giving you as a G two. What is it about Cheektowaga that you like the most by about a has a record of a big it's 47 and aid in five years in ages have. Blend of good nucleus of forty players that they come to play. They were call you Iran and they've been very very successful. But planned against sweet home. With a new coach then dominated does not done in London last week. And you have to give. Gilman Gottfried a huge. Shut out mainly just because he's transferred from Saint Francis bag this week on. Five touchdowns eleven tackles and he really made me he made his mark. And even with fell are leaving and to me that Santa's a bag now on our force the cyber game number two Cleve hill heading on up to Wilson key players birth Cleveland hill are. Caron Wheeler Ryan and adjust to users to root grew outstanding tackler. James for Barack. Manny L hammering your aura. And Sam Arrington. And Mario granite man on the chorus and red 'cause Stansky. In infer bill that lives in late may and key players met slang that kids go. Jared Carney Christian got hurt Mary Travers on no met doll. Freely turner and Marcel. Wilson nine and give kids to the visiting team Cleveland held. And Cleveland hill if you order pick one part of their football program that. Is working the vast what would you say offense defense special teams. I think. Defense. But I think because the coach Glen Graham. Hula they needs about six cookies wins to reach the coveted. 100 mark he's outstanding he's been there for years and he has the respect of those kids they stay focused. And they come to play. Next game not pioneer ever marry down. And for the Panthers in gym do pray by and areas. An outstanding coach keep players might trigger men whose only is junior. Derrick this guy RO Caleb Riordan. Weight class. Frank media. Nick Rinker Amorim Mars and Tyler Ellis. And for the flyers and jumpers terriers and his seventeen year he players Rashad law konduz and very ozone is so mar. But these who leads his team a quarterback. Dylan Casey who's a player that's because speed to burn nick cuss gonzo. Jolo law. Sincere men milled Rex Montel Ferguson and Chad buyer. And to me Conner doesn't aerial will be the difference and he was near its two. Maryville. And their fourth and final game we're highlighting. Lumberjacks taken on the vikings north tunnel wanna vs Grand Island 7 o'clock. And this will be smash about football and it's best. New thing because her lumberjacks in his first year Dan Troy in the key players. Read stuff her Jordan Holmes Marcellus overdone common male and Jake Meyer. Trevor league mean shy and very. And Charles Trippi. Every Grand Island and dean sent thoroughness seventeenth here. Key players Zane Johnson frank the bomb all. Camp CL goes through reports on sounds less and week out just one Johnson. OP. Nick bins along in his game to me is its us up and I'm just given the heads to the Grand Island I think that him CL a will be the difference. Two great programs so good luck to those teams. Our weren't for the games this week is and. Two and attitude defines who you are it. And will have an impact and how you play the game. If you're not focused tonight you were sending a message to your teammates and coaches that you don't care and so you'll have a nickname your honor. Did you meet on the bench truth it's a good attitude will you enjoy the journey in this life for bad attitude will cause you problems for over. Your choice. Prime time show time game time your time enjoy the journey leave everything on the field. Don't forget you can get more high school football action go to channel two's website WG RC dot com slash sports. It's the Friday Night Lights report I'm kiss 98 point five.