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Friday, October 6th


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Kiss Saudi eight point five it's time for the last Friday Night Lights report with and god father of football's Dick Gallagher front and highlights report is presented by M&T bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills and US air force active duty recruiters have Western New York where they do the impossible. Every day go to air force dot com good morning Dick Gallagher good bargain so this is week six of high school football champions I think are going to be me. Aid this week there is a really key games and this week and next week he's huge for several teams and in all the class is the only class that right now is being dominated by two teams is Lancaster who is on north is a fun time. I think our 20s17. High school football season. I think the weather has been the nicest weather we've seen in the past ten years it's gonna make for some really nice highlight reels is what it's gonna do yeah. The Mets through and I just have to take say no we're getting into all of the senior games and the homecoming football games on behalf of all of the moms when you are senior. Give your mom the biggest hug ever because she's the one that drove ear cup activist school food that you needed to aware are brought you your shoulder pads and pour the cleats are all of that but make sure to everybody in your life that's helped to get to your senior year of high school football. Make sure you say thanks let's start with week one Albion and Dunkirk. Both teams undefeated playing real well and the purple Eagles of Albion and annum crown in his first year as a key players price Pritchard Eugene Harrison. Men are Steve O Jack has Harrison. Jesse Cruz made more. Donna McFarlane. And Demetrius Gardner. In for my sir Terry in MR otters who made it to the states are finals last year they're doing well again in the key players jazzier Rivera Isaiah villas. Paid Marlon. Taiwan right. Qantas correctly. Ezekiel Taurus. Davone far nom de pesos who's getting the edge NEA and juggle the purple Eagles game number two Grand Island as sweet hell. And the vikings in Deane sent Dario has been around for seventeen years and if he wins this duke became ill have a hundred victories. Which is June Ginny gets into existing club. And for dean and in the vikings keep players' camps Jaco Toms is Siri. Zane Johnson nick hands along those attacks and machine Jason Breeden frank Obama. Kenny ERP. In JJ Wilkes. And for the Panthers and rich lows in the first chair keep players Maurice Robinson and Joe Carollo Sam wrongly Eric Johnson. Rob Gian Carlo still unmet Duffy Darius Carter. And Antonio moron and not get the ads do the vikings even though they're playing in a way as sweet home I think that down named Obama's input on against our plan last week. Is there any carry over. The next game we look at Williams of BellSouth. At star point both teams for a one and very very competitive teams and bird abilities and to keep players per click Kaczynski. Just Foster. Jim Mel Jones Alex Miller. Mixed humor the end film here. Cody Stamford in men Jacobs and for the spartans in outcome and RO keep players aaron's chase that Sam is Tara. Just in mud Kyle's raider he Anthony Robinson. In Bremen go well in to get the edge is abilities again. Even though they're visiting let's do our fourth game south park at west Seneca east and this is our game is going to be smash mouth put and it's best. And it's largely Tim Delaney. The key players look Correll London daequan Anderson. Clarence Thomas Jeremiah a Sanders. And Monty found and Brandon brown. They've Leon I'm brain and Dylan Varner. And we Jim Marino and the trojans keep players Jacob Marino John dole. Andrew walls. Anthony bowlers ger Marino. Ray Moore and made locker. In how to get the head says the sparks this game's a toss up and have the trojans weren't you will not because there's an upset. As we look at these games obviously a lot goes into the planning preparation and acts acute should of these games. Our word for the games this week. Respect. And remember for all the players. Tonight respect the game. Your teammates your coaches. Your opponents the officials. Your parents your teachers and the flag in his prime time and it showed time and his game time. It is your time. Make a difference tonight in play the best game yet replaying and the godfather of football makes a difference right here with a Friday Night Lights report aren't kiss 98 point five.