Friday Night Lights Report October 13th

Friday, October 13th


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Guess I did bush five it is time for the Friday Night Lights reports and a Friday Night Lights report is presented by M&T bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills and US air force active duty recruiters. A Western New York. Where they do the impossible every day go to air force dot com and wait every year for this particular week in high school football action. Because this is where we allow we used to tell us what week is or rivalry week. It almost work all thrilled. Congratulations Marie's dad. There's a W rep dare we say good morning to Dick Gallagher good morning and so this is a big week of high school football. Accented Jews as low teens planned for not only championship is but also for. Playoff seedings and is very important. For example solved then we know more planned the winner goes into the playoffs those are resolved grid now under way easily similar. The board game in the flames of Warner's surprise teams of the season if. You build it they will win that as that new stadiums does. Is that is there running but you put a hole no complex and you know it totally different attitude and culture on the part of everyone is doings of players. Alumni so it's it's it's good for the future to ES share is our let's talk some football Cheektowaga at Mary Dell. And both teams are outstanding men five and one. G two. Few bond Roche John swett due cons bush Tommy's a Lindsay and I'm bell us into every creditor. And third chip Missouri in the flyers were undefeated. Key players ray Blackwell. Conner doesn't area oh nick has stands so. Dylan Casey Rashad law. He heads to merry go plan and home the difference to me is going to be Connor does serial. Let's look at game number two Jamestown taken on Orchard Park and heard Tom lane worthy and they red raiders. The key players so non van sickle know what Carcillo drew Boggs and Gavin Bowen. Andrew come burden. Francisco Rodriguez Canon tanner in Manhattan king. Entity quakers in jeans on those key players Dylan dealer no dealer. Michael Pataki. Nick Bruce Bryan strive roll one in this kickers and must in New York. Brian Dietz Griffin hairy again checks chase. The heads Georgia Parkland home of the difference next Bruce. Tired west Seneca east and west Senegal west there's one of the rivalries. In this rivalry started in 1969. The Indians 125 to one run lead over the trojans and this game keep players. Per Jim Moreno in the trojans'. John though I've drew walls. Ray Moore Jacob Marino. Dylan McNulty. So that source Barraza and Donovan I'm moan and heard the Indians and make the stone key players. Matt Meyer is Jesse broad. Mike Lonsky. Justin Johnson. Josh Wilson Brian ball. The red clay com and John speier and he had estimated from his friend the Indians who was Senegal west and a difference. That buyers whose right now the tremendous number one candidate for player of the year. Yep week a lot about him this year has even talk to many colleges doing it any idea where he's gonna now. He's committed to university of buffalo and these Glenn like a man among boys and he says I was standing in money transfer allowing Justin Johnson. From time and to us Senegal west when he gave a good team for the Indians to a great team and they're undefeated. That's incredible our next match up has a lot of focus in the studio of their neighbors on the map but adversaries are still just Lancaster Lancaster act deep you. In this rivalry started a long time before always was born. I'm 1919. At the legends have a 4932. And six edge over the wildcats but this game can be good bad and you never know and the key players were rid Eric Grubman legends Joel Dreessen. Bread Vito then Donny on ain't next year Don I'll Jacob and me just be. Ryan men's L Andrews university. In Mitch goma and her the wildcats' key players Joseph McDonnell. Jordan so easily and husky Chad Beers back Dillon lists it's John Miller bully gabbana. And John yearly in hedge Lancaster. The starters on leg guess is defense have given up six points and six games they are on live a little while new line backing core. Vito done Yani and Dreessen. He is one of the best nine must in New York. But throughout the state my state they are us some late were they made no way they play smash mouth football. In the wildcats better be ready I think about. All. The alumni of these high schools and parents and family friends I just want to remind everybody to set good examples good sportsmanship. I don't know how I know the word of the week for the players is focused. Ray and if you are not focused on what you're doing you can't excel playing football on a 100% of the plays you need to be. In a zone the player best in public team win in a 48 many games this time of actual play. Is eleven minutes if you can't stay focused for eleven minutes he should be on the band's journey and a nickname your honor are not plan on playing checkers or non contact game forget looking at the cheerleaders concentrate on the game. Pay attention. Do what you need to do it here assignments. Is prime time show time game time your time and make sure you leave everything on the field. And that is all our time this is a Friday Night Lights reports on kiss ninety point five.