Friday Night Lights Report 9-14

Friday, September 14th


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A study by 5 it's a Friday morning and that means it's time for the Friday Night Lights report and has brought you by M&T bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills get the exclusive bills debit card with new easy choice checking only get an empty bank we say good morning Dick Gallagher cunanan. I am so excited to start wind. The rankings that just came out in the state poll now there's five different classes and Western New York has showed up on this poll. Three of the five classes have wasted your team's number one Lancaster was Senegal west climber chairman Panama which is donors ESP. It means for Western New York high school football it just shows the quality of the players quality of the teams right now for example after just two weeks I have a list of 25 players that actually could be player of the year that's how good the town loses here. Let's get into game number one Lancaster. At Williams on north. Of course home of NFL player Rob Gronkowski. For Lancaster Eric Grubman and the legends key players Connor Mahoney Jason men sell Brian Martin David gaga. Nick Mira chime Davis Dominic here or Monta. In men Mars sooner and per ms. Barnes and Mike memo and he keep players Dylan Kelly Scott back. Josh welter of John myself. Jacob land known Scot happens and don't man this game to me is a huge class double A match up. Lancaster has not lost a game in sections six for three years my edge is live. The spartans. Moon it. Okay. A. Lo and who want the job last year against Wilma and we're targeting handy we got other put it well just and a good lord. These are you on eleven a bad slim fast. And we're live in the future all there seems to be disagreement with your pick in the studio. Well you know this good pics at bed vick's arraignment some lose some Minnesota's Wii's. Got. About a game number two Williams BellSouth playing at South Park all high for Craig Kaczynski and abilities keep players AJ a bionic. Michael rans Evan rod Jamal Jones will lacy Corinne Peters and to overtake Leah and for Tim Delaney in this barks or undefeated he players Jan renfro Dave beyond Humphrey. Brandon brown Clarence Thomas. Hello manager Lewis whose at that machine. Patrol London and Dylan timer. The games at South Park all high and get the answers are sparks. I like it. Game number three Mary Dell at pioneer. In this is a huge match up and be won both teams are undefeated both teams will be in the playoffs. And from Maryville Jeff this series in the flyers key players Rashad locked sincere mill rugs Conner doesn't area oh. The Andrei rise Colby Taggart. Gammons a buck and Lou Mazda. In for the Panthers in Jim du pre. Might breed German whose shows like Superman and he does everything for the Panthers and other key players nick Rinker. Trevor Smith. Tyler Ellis then Philly is only 65240. Pounds well blame Patton and Dante burn this game's a toss up. Mary does have favored. I'm just gonna go than upset pioneer planet home. And we'll see what happens game number four will send at Akron or bill outlets and like men. Key players Steve for Eric's. Quarterback he's also not only does any quarterback got a 98 GPA. Love those scholar athlete scholar athlete Marcel Wilson drew Westmoreland Braden Dunlap. Then my car. Andrew has though. And Oakland ferry and for Andrew close in the tigers he players Brandon or Tim long wild Jacob Cisco. And I meet. Logan leads in her dream Smith in Miller and young and give Diaz and Wilson. They're playing in Akron but I think Frederick shall be the difference Dick with words of inspiration for all the players' families coaches the word of the week is gift the word is gift and today is the president and give the 24 hours for us to enjoy. The journey understand life. We learn from the past when we don't have to relive it. We don't need to worry about the unknown since it hasn't happened. We need to understand that we're all gift we need to stay focused on our goals and to work I make a difference and make things happen. We also need to know that planned football tonight is a gift. By tomorrow this stay will be just a memory so why not do something special. In these 24 hours for all you football players tonight in his prime time show time game time your time. Let's leave everything on the field and understand. You have to give that playing this game. The godfather of football Dick Gallagher it's the Friday Night Lights report I'm kiss ninety point five.