Expiration Date Stories

Thursday, March 8th


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I expiration dates Chris. What can you tell me. So despite shooting a pretty much used. For. It if you got. Cinnamon in the cupboard and at five years old good news. You got the best fighting. YouTube that or maybe a month month and a half after the and that expiration date that it expired a week later. What do you think it's a keen on public let's say stewed tomatoes and it's a 2017. What would you do. Would you say is that you don't do with that kind of stuff. Care so few. Can use for a wild and the couple years probably. Chris I have Turkey chili at my house right now that you'd be so proud of refugees to Peter Cook. It stuck the landing last night with my Turkey chili. You chilly one of the hardest thing. It's justice. My seat at that report. I don't I don't eat mile long actually funny why would you eat. Cereal. The real. Love there. That's amazing that's what I come out with a you do capping your kid and he point five you've got to coming about expiration dates on food. More or less yet with this suspect in late fifties. My mother with making chili and support the chilly crowd around and her little boy are we did at. It's good. But it does not carry the ball. And. So. People. Don't know yeah it was an. I had presented depression. And ease it was eight or post depression. Now this time that I would have loved Elvis. Boomers and that was that was so why they eat the water. Well with tequila. I. It went out. And I don't think. I'm trying things are helping. Yeah and I'm really eager. To. I. But it's mom. And sometimes you're like that's not good look at what they're. How many hundred years we've been here humid Kennedy siblings and his right now like. What's your food expiration story. I'll write that story by and you're by their labor action but open use more. Now that the. Right it's like if I'm gonna go to you know because here's. I'm going through the after making a full recipe I wanna make sure all our right is you are seeing them. Yeah your both times so what's the it will be club together at the insane girls. What is George system for keeping track of the dates of your spices. Mark. And yet you just in to do you think you better system at this point. It would. McCullough says just I knew every time Gloria of course and I'm glad to cults and this is Sarah Sarah. Cost some I do I. Still trying to get over Kathy story of scripting the worms off of the Chile spice but I. I. Carry out what he rocked it out now. Well a lot that I. Like that app it let me let it I get the street. Well we're right. And I was at pantry that I made. Itar. And I. An. Album that he. We opened it. And I. And the and the Democrats. Are about it but I'm wondering what you. Are how long. Companies that are. That's eggs I wish I had an answer for you and we'll look into trying to figure that out but I would do the same thing and what I'm buying the Cannes at the store. I'm not really checking the dates are you. Yeah oh yeah I think I'd be quite. I didn't know I bet it. And in the thing kills me. Is diet 20/20 vision if you. Any kind of vision correction could they put it any smaller. And our person out like and you know. Well but up right out and got it that's my problem I can eat but I. I don't ever know a lot yeah. Just the milky need to check that. Stuff I think tells them. So all of that total retail turnover stuff that's quiet and Food and Drug Administration says he thinks. Yeah. And off I don't you know I don't know what the answer is I mean I don't wanna ever ever ever waste flew. See these expiration dates from a year and a half ago and it totally makes me feel guilty making use of I. All. It has since this decade yeah. How's the house besides. Caught me. On my equipment up there every year. Out we're talking about how it aren't really know. You can't edit daughter well. That is the big. Like I. Wow that's really a very lucky. I am. A bit when I had it. Both are I'm Don I. Mean I lucked out. Yeah you're very lucky to be able to blend to families like that have a decent special. Like here and that.