Elf On The Shelf Interview

Wednesday, December 13th


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Case study eight point five it's genocide or Nicholas Nicholas. We haven't done a North Pole interview yet this year and it is time since we've got the snow we mice will talk to Shannon bell. Jenna bellows a good friend of elf on the shelf and we have an elf and our house whose name is jingle he showed up about a week and a half ago and heck. Tech guy gets into some prick. As well. I think you guys that much I mean I really appreciate it. She ended it looks like we are in the North Pole in Buffalo, New York I think we've got as much snow as you guys do. Garrett he acted more or Santa Claus. He is doing great he is getting great reports. From all over the world are from middle aisle on the shelf Al out there I hear a lot of really get things about kids everywhere. You happen to be a really good friend of alpha on the shelf. How did you guys meet. And when I look a little girl you actually eat it and then opt are Paramount. And that helped you to watch and listen for 10 o'clock until I Barack. My theme lately we read but out on the shop based on our daily tradition and of course our clients. For his permission to share this story they're. I work for and a client editing really find jobs he is a very undermining ourselves on the shelf out of her good friend of mine and I just a lot of fun and get ignored for can't ignore all. So she and about one Santa clause reads the book alpha on the shelf. Desi hole polar hah hah hah. I'm gonna go have her have pressure. Has he gotten all of the letters from our kids here in Western New York. That is a great cracked and he hit the male brain is your theory the theory is the expansion has got to error it is Lambert now that I'm right here. The ban very sophisticated this started that the north all of our handling all the mail all of the messages back and Eric and Aaron fans to just release that are that he entered yet the nearest product. Al up that breast delivered letters that can't count and lips and into it spending special paper to boys and girls everywhere all over the world and that's paper what they write their letter that answering. I'll sign. And then I'm there out and actually take care male and their letter back to the lord bullets now let me see cannot climb. And in the morning look for the kids break at that Larry is hanging on there could the jury and they get to keep as a ornament forever and waiting and cannot stop their latter Aaron. It's just they're really really fired Gailey judicious. So this guy out L express delivers letters to Santa does that help kids learn how to write a letter to Santa or anybody else. Now actually. Schoolteacher now. I'm all about you know the learning how to write letters and it should and I'll Baghdad can bring you learn all that credit that they can't really magic ball. Time that year and you know at furlong time I can't get a little older that. I mean actually you're right there's been there letter to King and I and here I would get that envelope hey mom he can't get any. And say no and I can stand an entertaining how busy they now realize. Yeah parents need you here at the better way as you can't get mr. Cobb credit grade I yen late sprinkle or. I and the story but it actually come glad. I think sprinkle the paperwork and Christmas magic circle shrinking your average per year now all the in this particular hearing Letterman and exploration and practically gets. The baker ornament. I'm Jeff Baker letter from you know and now we get to keep it forever and they're hopefully it'll be at Emory air limit state. I asked him or her up for aggregate the bad part is that we never shirt and I got our letter. And that will back or record the street else delivered you know that the white glove guarantee your eye care. I love that idea and think it's so adorable. Thank you Sam writes I just I can't think he's clearly am passionate about that meant. Am I really passionate about handling the American time together and every year leak it Christmas ornament. Inner Stanley and they're now that it actually had your child's letter from an addict he makes. And it's just been magical for it you're you're now are you hey you never get it by your letter your help. It's different really I'm hearing their marriage I imagine you know one day. I'll hold street decorate it with my children what are you can't I can't imagine anything more. Power ball really fun you know when I spend a minute sun apps are free ballot. Urbana I can't imagine pulling that out there and you can't let. We're still sounds kinda good on Christmas morning kind of like listen one final note if you talk to the else on the shelf what would you let my little elf jingle though that some got a clean up his mess. That's about one of them messy as elves I've never seemed to like sugar somewhere hot chocolate all over the house. Only your outfit your theory being that it may be a little girl dirty just got another look packed. I'm Anke tell people aren't times that of healing matching the personality you know and Arab. And that that naked you know just a lot of fun without can't do that and keeping your money however they eat bad that you can't come arson. Really really create edit and yet. I'd spent much time protect your original art really primary great. We'll show and about put a good word into Santa Claus for all of the good little girls and boys. We really appreciate I know how busy you are and so good luck with Christmas and everything thanks for talking to us. I well I I I'm here and get things I need at apple our allies you're on a night sweats back congratulation. Yeah well it's Annabel from the North Pole on kiss at 98 point five.