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Thursday, July 6th


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It's a case study of what I've kissed his best when a twelve here with the Grammy nominated Ed sharing you killed in the states that Grammy nominated thing now meta goes on the Avago. Just 98 point five was standing still with the Grammy nominated at chair and just on the though I don't know congratulations. Thank you so I told you when you came to Buckley would find something special here it's just good factors. Published like supply today and I had pizza. Could never meant to be honest and I haven't done that in a while Lawson went to cinema was. Column of that site is that the movies. The movies the theater when did you see much of pipe and I am lucky I know I mean did you like get it. And hey you know as amazing as as that story oceans and between us and I get less it's that film about a nation that Geist a common value with a tiger pickle. I saw his but it was it post them post them yeah I don't want scary movies you know it's not scary movie it's a kind of life affirming. My god this is one of the maybe the guy the guy is our eight he's Muslim Hindu Christian and Jewish and he believes in everything inning god comes to him in the seven way. And then I it's it's it's it's amazing though. Period. So you see movies but here's the problem I have with that he's seeing movies at chair and you play guitar. And if you put butter and pop quite the popcorn butter is on your fingers you think is let attack that's not. But Conan America target them at it in England's that's typical machines you have a sweet so book publishing episodes from. And Latin and you have a choice inning and serious assaults its Marjorie solid popcorn you're just gonna get testy. Because Donald by the big gulp drink and in the America everything's bigger. My smoke and drink was like this big today at predicted that may. Yeah I got a slightly and he's like his I was at my friend and she was like. The public that have been bundled gatherings and I was like him. Because accommodates. That was a point historians or with a great story because. Here's the thing with you everybody wants to learn how to connect with you and get to know you work as you've got so many dimensions. It's like everybody wants to know he was the songwriting is missing that you is the person who's the guy on the view. It felt like we said your name on stage it was that we sound. Thank you and I'm stoked on. Getting used to that streaming thing because them. Yet on the on the other Wii Fit in in the app on the cats agree if you it's. Use it took me up to next next to be that all of them with a one the guys that Stephanie. A difference in. Everything you just want to be you or is it somewhere you want to. Now I find are on the best way to fit in is just tested the urine thing people respect you a lot more if you just. Are you settle for nothing you know it's it I think it's important nowadays to have role models for kids that basically saying look be where it's do you deal with things like if you if if your fat skinny have pimples ginger and like. Whatever you have. Is DUI and the best CD can be is known can be Uga and you academic sense. And them. I I I just hard nowadays kids they can't after they fit after fit into a certain books and send gifts to friends social group and stuff and like I never. I never really had to massage group is the largest conflict. Between treason then. Occurs and and I just think it's you know just be the itself. Parents you know you fit in the easier that way balance I'll answer club in of him. Miami the other day and I and I never rodeo club and it was quite comical at what parks club and it was that these costs in this stuff and like. We'll go through Latin means that I'm an old guys like Brad Pitt and like I would like to the other and came up to me and who the much this one's like it's I'm in the Sanchez and it. I was like dude Hollister really liked you she gets me out I'm like you know like. You don't have to and we're sorry for the united you have to weigh is on Iran said to be co marketing if you in my what you want. I think so I think you've been comfortable in your own skin. I think we CNET from news and could you talk about. Any situation. And check. This thank you yet. Yes I guess the integrity of area. You love your guitar. I love many of my its us tonight that's what. This amass his question because when asked Phillip Phillips this he told me for sure his guitar was a girl I didn't know we have way guitars and old guitarist and just ask. Muddy in my mind it's 'cause oblique its us have got eleven of them. And the reason that boy it's does that you can monetize the covered in sweat there will crack some bruised and broken. That's the I'm on it naturally kick. Every night if I was accorded its cargo that's pretty messed up man. What would you would you rather be the women or men from sin. I think a lot of girls would think. You know not much to step Coen comedies. That you. Yet about the night but James is second but China a key. But Lloyd's of knowledge who. You know us. Not to several. Cerro Phoenix. And they will get kicked out does anybody just say in the names of tires and no Mike. Margaret toss up their own names it's I don't like real good names like if there was acute it's too late I'm woods didn't mean. But now when my son name him onto my M team so much maligned guards who James. I think it's odd James writes an outlet and the second in my guitar tech is put Travis on our Trevor. In England soccer's big but I'll. A play on occasion yeah not the F it is of individuals side I drink Lois my colonial phosphate. Okay networks where's your publisher I enjoy life. And don't. Tell me what because I have to make sure that I ask you what do you working because I don't want you sites and honey I'll I wanna know like. Es on here reader right now so was we get into 2013. Can I just I snuck up. I already being in this. Among us thought it. I got the tennis if so which is that six months in the elements or as well which is I think we're doing content like 5000 to 9000 past venues and that's who sold out which is. It's for is not sexy to me I haven't I haven't had a hit single idea but I teams do unemployment hasn't really. Reached his peak and England not to have at least three hits and so even so thousand tickets are three of the cell. That's in thousand tickets in LA off the back of like the songs I need is being played this season and they say it's as pretty pretty announcements on them yet. Tennis until my and so. Recording and I sound and yeah. Yeah I've been saying a bit of America on the on the on the on the hitting it makes it you're gonna move to buck night do you just said that enemies and. Now you have to. To do it to you now I even went. But nights I didn't do that's me it's just like it if that's where her whole crew is going back to every night I can hitch a ride in the private plane. I'm just I'm just saying that if you end up the song on the men and nine I'd done on anything on tightest yeah hi do. I don't that night if you look at if you look at he announced that little that she's stated that move created Sanaa that who brown had. Brown eyes very attractive and Hulu goes screamed when you Chelsea Clinton and realized that come. I don't person commented that Danny Thomas okay UN. One of the coolest things about tennis it in his artist I think I would notice. How often she is that the connection to a eyes and yet at the same thing that's good I think and I think ten days. The monster all of must of treating a fan base well making good music and the consent aren't morals and working on it. She let titans are you excited than most people Dinah I'm honest some artists and America's sometimes. But they've had a lot of success that I've. It's like a little bit in the nineties we'll debate it supplement to do an identity. We'll TV stuff commenced in it and do the tournaments because they think right we've we've got to make that she was still she's still just as hungry I'm in when she played me. We never get back together. She's at so armed and thinking this might be my first single but I'm really not and I was like that sounds like a worldwide number one inches aren't even sure really I don't like sprite she reads like. She still she still hungry for it which is you know she didn't let me noticeably no more and she was still gonna light. You know I'm sure which is a healthy thing but did she baking cupcakes and cookies she bank in apple play. Well I tell you I'm the first one to tell you. I share and thanks to be an kissed his best when it thank you very violence and.