Do You Walk Your Cat ?

Tuesday, September 11th


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I kissed do you know a walking can't. I want my head everyday city. Until maybe I saw yesterday tell me when you decided to start blocking your camp. Well I'm actually under a special circumstance because actually edit. Oh in order to be able web site get a cat. Pretty. Mightily so it'll Garnett. And he gets to enjoy the outside while we do take about the damn street and look ridiculous side. Yet it kept outlines. Skewed the other cats follow you walking your. They want you to be there can't walk her to. Yeah they plan they wanna be part of the chemical. Do you know how funny it sounds that there's other cats following you when you're walking your cap. Yeah that the walking catch me. Just like walking I have struck this is Michelle Michelle do you walk your cat. Well I. Get him out why a lot over and they. Well now. So you've got to lazy can't. I. Play well. In the I'd really frustrated they bind. I and are definitely out a lot here at at. Catwalk proud. We want as you well yeah. I went okay. I'm telling you there are some walking can establish a drags her cat doesn't exist camp let me Shell's gas now Walken Lori what about you do you walk your capped. Well I have a cat that I need and Eli acts that are every day. Ala are so funny so what does look like when they can't. Call on our other a weird. Cat. And around it and hit. It out an owner you. It's cool cat can I guess you don't always let cats out on their own right because they can get ballistic let me tell you in this series is indoors. Hours but. The problem is it's hard to get a collar to walk the cac is that the way they're neck and it's the dog whom they can usually slink out of it's you end up giving harness type of situation so and you just kind of holding it up then you're hitting a high. Hopefully it gets weird how I I've seen cats that can watch generally that's not their game. I love it Lorie thanks Colin Samantha do you walk cat. Good at it and green yeah. You know at it. I had a lot. And trying to. And I want color out. And you put it did you not but it does sound so they can't summons the owner by valve. Re. Kept got a good life she realized that right what are they saying hey don't walk me owner. Let the cat's name. G-8. Tiger like 08. At G. Wrap it around wrapped around her finger is what he has a love. That is so funny ring the bell walk me dean. Lets you aiming to meet. You blockage. I. When did you start what inspired. Omelets he literally he's like I'm and I just a crap I knew that there are expected during the Iraq lacked any. Allah we don't eat and it's good for years eighty able. So you don't to deletion policy not worried about running into traffic for anything. What's your neighborhood liquor our our city are you roller words with your landscape where. And tackle on and get clean read in the paper and I think she at a crime that I want you. It. I was just in lap one on Saturday did you have you been to that place across from Tesla. The British placed efficient chips place. Aaron. Nearly importance. Mean. Yeah. But it wasn't. There was assigned to welcome to lock who want. At some point I think I committed perjury I couldn't tell zone caddies in the zone to cross Tess thanks again big landmark. Can happy. I'm dying to know if you watch your cap. I yep I blocked my god. And I got behind. I mean it. Because as I died. And I agree I was behind her and not act and they're. Out on the black. It happened we had olive Fuzzy would follow behind hot and you be like a few blocks away and there are some Fuzzy just kind of lurking spying. Doing recon or something. Yeah cleanup part of the party but wanted to see what was going on securities cash. I'd gotten a lot on the black and did it. It is still put have you ever thought of getting your cat on each. I think he did hit it right behind Obama street. And our camp that she got ballad go out there right yeah. Man I respect how good he ain't right I. Dear Don can't sleep together. Yeah they do think he's so cool isn't it. That's awesome. I don't see pictures on FaceBook of anybody posting of cats and dogs sleeping together. I think that's an adorable picture do you post yeah. Yup the tag me and I wanna see it. My aunt and great great story Kathy you in your cat your dog that's fun I think so much.