Do You Reuse Plastic Plates & Cups ?

Friday, February 16th


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Kate you re watched the plastic plates. Where you did and so it's it's party we watch everybody so aware and reuse. Or. Him. What do you do to him should be put in the dishwasher. You know got really hot water links that how water ended the excited I am and then. What happened at. Heart and I urge that yogurt and golf and there are. And I. Are here are. Saying it's on belt early. Fisher I would not recommend dishwasher that's because they're so like fling out Ali yeah you right at all on our part exit exam. Melted flat in the dishwasher that's out on Sarah. Do you re watch the plastic silverware and plates. I. Got it locked it act saying I'm an outlet that I. My line I. And I. Your health act and act in and. Loud is she resourceful. Where did you get it. Right I. What I have been vigorous. What is. What habits of hers did you pick. Got completely out I'm. IQ and a like I'm all right I color. Or like early. Everything it. You might eat out at it. Like. To opt out. Jeff Burton app that. Do you relish in putting sandwich in as a blocked Adler wrapping it in Saran wrap. Yeah I feel. I am. Yeah and I am. Aren't there enough thinks Colin. Yeah how about you do you wash your plastic silverware and plates. No I don't let my grand parents. Or moderate here's the violence crazy and out post in social real ones who once thought I'll let certain sort court. And there's been many are on the road and the you know I just under. And the dispenser. Or so or arch and as we don't know where. I feel guilty doing. What they're taught I. Probably one yeah and help get soft this and they'll be fine that's that's good I remember you'll remember I. Yeah. It'll look at it. The odd exits privilege so and to what extent would your your mom and dad and your grandparents garlic is somebody. Through their plastic Wear out the garbage with the. And I'll never happened I don't know that the Democrats are there in the bag and the particular where you say you were quick starter and equipment rental on. And they would McDonnell urgently go where are we know I'm a white back all. I'm in Washington. Yeah they are they earlier that about our backyard and all that security or their world and washed out and are dark. Look at you going to weigh in and getting it clean plastics boom and every month yeah you're anxious that he might have you do you wash your plastic. All and not much open this Saturday. At seven or awestruck. It's plain and the late leader whether or coffee or whether there were ordered to put out whatever they are at that they're all personal. Reconstruct. Their eggs really old Washington. Was it a street strong reflects straw. Cold but cooler or tropical look a little. Justin basic and old what was the thought behind this is like. I think it ought to like lake and recycle struck their audit at the where they went to edit further caught eating. He uses it to not drink up a straw. Well let me let me film Italy. Is the man or woman. And did she have Butte like what she did she always a perfect lipstick done. That's a question now I don't know like I don't Sheila. Chet they were no alt a. Because if it was like. You know because like in the Catholic girl trick like if you don't wanna mess of your lipstick in diseases strossen that it will mass at all. But. Yeah not to do more research on that Carol your right to study it point five do you wash your plastic spoons forks knives plates. No absolutely not. Might. That's grand ex husband used to go round and pick up the silverware and a polo cup. And re watched him. And we think I'd call him gawk. At work he came here I'm hip hop. Loans loans and terrible or we we problem. Okay stepped up action and Wright was an ex husband. Even. Add a little. And right named them all cotton and he. Well let's take a little bit alcohol and white op and that what do. You re like no she. Doom. Does they include. Mentally yet again. Bipartisan cool don't get your. Popcorn does that. Yeah he's he would have liked or bucket. And get out our league. Many popcorn movie. Popcorn ball. Action reduced parties sneak in a bucket at and now like this big. Well the story shall tell us anything tell me more about the spotlight. All of my god he would you eat meat and why and I. Hamburger why I don't like it could carry her aunt. Well. I can't help. Them like yeah I'd do it. Yeah I don't didn't sell Betemit but. Now. That's not on my that's not yet I guess I guess. You know there are certain things will get under people's skin and some people celebrate a person. Who inches every penny and finds a way to save money. Other people it will drive them bananas. And so there's a slight you don't o.s where you sit my mom has frugal hung. She but she grew up during that she grew up with a single mom sure in a small little apartment where they're just. So you had to make do. And it's you know. Through life she did don't hate him still have these habits of waste now why not simply is that and that that. Definitely revved up on the care per share. The top chef. How are you do you wash your plastic silverware forks spoons cups. You world we watch like a real dirty clad in port or ninth. Only because they've had to go to work I would take it would mean. An illegal in public it's odd and you know we view and that they could Google it would have thrown away in the trash I'd. The but my mom growing up we have a lot of I'm my cousin the color would have a lot Heidi that we would actually labeled a the thirteenth meant that we watch and that would be their cup but that day in at the and that that they of course the let's go out but they would unit they already know I thought they had it was is it and he used the bank and instead of getting a new car and then without any week it would any. Oh I had assured them that this'll cups yet that that's a good way in between playing that game. Arnold that you can also drink get those issues and as regular people out of am really not always a ping pong ball now. So ping pong balls seven Leavitt. What's going on I think that they are and it's always open accounts it's weird. Yes it's it's it's funny because like some people are so vigilant like if you go to somebody assassinate an and that is what afflicts about that bother me one bit of you know that they will they will dumpster dive for that cup that. Out appreciate Colin thanks listening to Israel went by.