Do You Have A Barking Dog Issue

Thursday, April 12th


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Barking dog you know its third you know I actually have the Arctic not I don't know look I don't. We are Germans are yeah at air shortly over here also they are kind of like a puppy and he had. Rottweiler overall pretty slowly and as chairman soccer is that they are current or aren't I don't know what do you reforms. What do they give you any advice like dog trainers is you want the dog to bark if it has to tell you something. Exactly. You know external McCarthy error occurred odd though that if your natural and so should be or act as such we have. It was parks those same record everybody has thought there are not your ears. However in the mean time I know he started going. I what your dog I mean a lot of times there's certain things that dog bark at what triggers your dog. Park. It seems like almost anything I am mostly it ever got IE and he really not like we're a neighbor Turks are neighbors parent teacher our free ER Sam. Funny and I know exactly what you mean and seen this before. How dogs really don't like certain people. Yes yet that he writes on his. Skateboard created by. Be it escape or they bite you lose you I'm contemplating buying those hollered it. And I ever I'm Matt. Mine would talk to someone before you do that talked to a train again and it is anybody listening right now and you've got suggestions on how to help the dog. Like how you trained dog to stop by certain. Nicely. Give us a call six or 4950. I hope or suffered a lot caddy aren't you study it when I do you have a barking dog or a neighbor that does. I feel. You are thing I could kinda dogs here I am now. He. Still. And and how. Both. There aren't paid yet I am friend had honed and wow. Leaked it and oh yes well. Well I Larry Ewing had pound and then. My current boyfriend had a hound and when he got at and we'll get together. Elliot Katz you're out of the we can't do an X victory as well I'll get there are my neighbors. Are. My ill act. Actually a little Belle isle in the country and we are in the only people are. All time. High at black and market. See if there's no way you're in an apartment. We are here and I are. Bad people and we even talked. How well that oh I thought well but it definitely order. Well mart train and are they that. It's funny they don't you trained dogs to market did the right things not the wrong you know I am right how are to them they're barking all the right things. Wow that's a great story things and it's very anxious to get point five hype. I. I got why. Oh yeah here and I didn't you don't have argued. That. As well play in the it. GE. I. Had to. Eat it gives. It high. Yeah. Yeah. Mountain and add it later but. What. I didn't mean to you at eight. Oh. I had I had I am really out and they call it. Alec and our act. Again. You. Yeah exactly yeah. Really affect your quality of life when you're living house and a neighbor's dog is barking all the time yeah. They. I. Am not Eliot Google where it. Elementary and you. Have no idea but I am eager. Alley that I. They. Out I think it's paradise echoes of the nice looking and aren't there barking dog and yelling anywhere near perfect yeah. I great gig or two things accounts there appreciated. The number one thing that comes between neighbors. Is the house next door having a barking dog 64498. Have a we're asking you I'm barking dog hi Jill. Tell us your story. That old. Yet he is a model are the facts. You the latest shot I can get the gas and when he first half it. It would are constantly at the art apparently shot and unseat him at that. Time. Are they giving that back I met up at the and Ellis Island. And let the dogs are. Great L arm. But I didn't and that they are shocked. This is we try and Ali it's but he has tracked production just laughed attitudes but nice try human yeah and networked for your to hug though. ILE. Why he has. So that's not that I. As suggesting though I like suggestions there's nobody there it just it must work with some dogs it's anything but it did not work within hours I guess not eight point five Brenda what is your story with barking dogs. People don't light heat and burnt out and port there that are into. Not block. In the back or it could be different. And he won Matlock is going to Barnett anarchy and elite. Ice that I think has pulled out and Roxy does not think so which she barks she arson. Two marks a day like art barker Barkley is so shoot a might good girl in Brooklyn tell the moon. And baker is also going to hell okay. In ball work it out or opponent going to keep her baby is flat and and at least like that active physically but mentally make the big. Awesome good advice Brenda things are common in Sharon Katie and kiss on you point five. I'm so I had made very little and sort like Eric are. He had the earth and they let. Google are we might feel a bit laughter. I was like oh no I knew something bad happened and then they'll meet later they've got to see. I. I felt so bad that they just up the dock that I am a leash. Right my back window and got what how old all night. And it was atrocious I'm Alex I don't really and you got it at the dock. Bring them out I don't know if you've got like air and complain so much. Probably four month old dog ear and there are no parking and got. We got our little. Well at all. Don't know maybe they need to look at other training the dog but I don't know. Are they like and here's the other thing you tell me if you agree with this K. I kinda think sometimes when dogs are incessantly barking they're picking up energy from with in the house that's making them nervous. And there go outside and market. Yeah I honestly don't cut and played each other all they can't I think. I feel bad the doubt that you're a hot topic but art but. I get you much luck. I think the dog is good for help and that's what it comes down to I'm good how. We're popping out.