Darnell Barton Interview

Wednesday, February 15th


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This is darn how Barton. We love him he was just done the wall that aired last night and OK so you on NBC's the wall I missed the phone called are now congratulations. I'll tell you know what I that's good news that and I'm sorry. Yeah I did not. What he's doing when they allowed me to say something about it I did not car you guys and I'm sorry I got through today. I don't. At this price of what numbers to I've been watching the wall and I know you picked numbered balls what numbers did you pick. Well I mean it's it's kind of like that you've. The ball numbers of slots are numbered slots. Yeah and so. I don't you obviously it was a it was a blur Heidi maybe a year and a half ago. And you know from what I understand you have NBC went back for a few wanna we don't. I mean what are they wondered. It was an amazing show. Saying. Bush that number actually the subtlety and nuances and details I don't remember even though I just watched it last. Ideally you should pick numbers 98 and five those slots have been lucky that would have been good for you better. In that it has such did you come away with any money at all. Arm yes. The three dollars and commuters are just out of pocket wasn't. Ala it is what it is right it sure I give it a plus we're trying to now this is the biggest question about that I need to now. Those balls feel like because they're like big big rubber balls. No there. The plastic or do you really has plastic. Well. Then it's you know. I didn't hear what when I was thinking I was hitting it as sort of like was picking it up. I can hear you know it during the broadcast outlet stop hitting it but I don't know of the other myself. I don't like have you any any particular rules about ball handling like don't hold the ball certain way or push to pass. That drop it to heart like what we handles that they give you that we wouldn't watch the show. Bah now. No there was no alternately etiquette. You know I'll definitely take that lightly. Oh. Yeah it is you know it. If it. Yeah no no no no role in. Relevant part about it. Did you get to those tackles by any chance or not as I did. Archos articles. I went to eight taco late emotional calls. And okay you read that left our and that of one if you know of this so I'm glad yeah. But the entire time Robert Russell and everything I didn't have them on an up and wearing contacts. You would not go probable or whatever and I guess welcome remote in my high. Eat slowly and Arnold puts a look at. Are you get guacamole or Holmgren. All right so if something happen again likable in my omelet contest. Like what is in my eyes so much I. The blame didn't hurt them you ought are crazy. Sexy cable or shoes that are now. All the aggressive on certain. Most of my my debonair. Look good governor was and you looked Ogden avenue with the glasses and it didn't one. Brent but I locally and you're currently. Its own record or our people or do. That's two big stories you have to tell one I was on this is the wall to I got blocked in mind. Uninteresting guy. We don't know what time you don't need guacamole. Clocking you that's life and are you good luck. I do not believe in particular what what are you not know. Nightmare and it and it bears and it is really an all. Our. She doesn't just I knew it was a top story in the area and hit hit it I I get tacos I was no black Molly and agonized about that. But you got on the wall yeah yeah. It below our work life does work like that doesn't are now what you are still no matter what one thing people can't ever take away from you. Is what an amazing person you are you saved lives here in western new York and we appreciate you. I've entered concerts. Thank you are I appreciate. Hopefully when it come down if you what it takes I know we'll get together. Always do now. Problems. Those are not without safety where you know the direction unfortunately when he bluntly but there are aware of where tacos at that point forward. You don't know what are all teach art quote here we have buckle here that are mighty. Oh there. They are safer there are sick from mighty taco and they had to instinct. And Ellis do you do any of the reality shows amazing race. Survivor or anything like that let us know first look at. I observe it we'll let you have something coming out. Don't cover your date yet or do I Romney's there I will call you. You'd be one of the use of bachelorette. Didn't yell at all. You mean. I grew up while.