Cody's Story

Wednesday, May 9th


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I am great at room 1126. Elevenths Fuller's the imagination floor. And I am imagining eating all of these cupcakes right now I am standing in front of my birthday wish please donate 25 cents. To. Gain pay subscribe to my YouTube channel. Right search. Cody brown Campbell paid is that it's everything alright okay so. Comic cupcakes and 36910111213. 1415161718192021. To 222 to 42025. Cupcakes. Would it be okay what does a lot all of them. Alan Cox and now. I Alex I Cody is that how much a statement. They did increase says are as close enough so Cody here's here's the thing I think rabbi hier cupcakes today is that okay. Look and nobody did the couple extra maybe I'll just buy a munition need 25 cupcakes has probably a good thing. He pitched he would. Call you don't know me well enough and you'll get to know me. I heard today is really your burst yeah I think that at all. Happy birthday was to Britain. How dog a putt to make money by any pickup punk because there durable. And what would you name him or her. Yet. So do you just come to the hospital 'cause it's a cool place and why you here today buddy. I ate fish and he sat I had a little section without feeling of you're that's right around the corner. Look he actually eight year for my birthday. You make a lot of money I don't mind that one bit on have you prevented Children's Hospital before yes but this is my first time in a new one. And so for somebody whose band to both hospitals what's your review on the new house. Ky it's good. Jeanne room eat PT group smaller. And nurses still is nice is they always. Do you summon up cystic fibrosis tonight here. IEX sixty at restaurants do I have a friend that has cystic fibrosis. I understand what it is for everybody listening can you help them understand what that means a little bit. So and for Rangel. Eileen like he had short of breath some scientists. I. Don't know what it guy and had to match. Your top fray if I'd. Like to hear that tell her you're gonna be when a puritan you're nine. What are you gonna be one your warning. Egypt. And what say you appear on YouTube channel what do you do on that YouTube channel. I hate people who eighty tell you and me. I mean it's. I did last. Why is a good day for what's funny your favorite Hannity. Christmas. Hold on now our talk and tell me about Christmas. We Clooney we only friends and all over 8088 under the tree. All over the living here. You must've been a good born Santa likes you. OK and tell me. About. What you'd like to say EC here's a way to maybe you can understand and help me so we've all these people listening. And were trying to buy it you seen a really little baby. So what kind of by this ice elect elect a little bitty baby crap that can go on it and millisecond bring a little babies to the hospital. So I knew a lot of money like your cup cake money and so I'm trying to help people understand how special this hospital is so they'll Colin donate. Maybe if you ask them to donate talent up. Air and really think it please elk. This is a good kind. He. Cleaned on the cup literally dollar cupcakes. Tell some more about your room I see a dinosaur balloons who got it. Alarm and their way out it's only okay. Street now and April hack our April had to tie EE street and more and that's like looking up towards the order time. This a bit and tell you what is this long contraction right. Eight K nice pull. Your medicine. Yes but I hooked up. Does it feel it when you're hooked up to that so I'm working it doesn't really feel like any. So for another nine year old that might be listening right now because you are a very. Outgoing open person can you tell and maybe as a nine year old right now coming to the hospital that's super scared. What would you sit. And where's the good food. And I'm not mean enough to unleash. The middle of the children's is Alicia. She. You didn't oh I. Know green and I don't get mad and you know earth. And I approved ingredient cup since then I can put to me I'm the match eaters and eat and hopefully. Preview it in McGrady can't touch the meatloaf but the Grady cash and eventually touched the mashed potatoes. So I've got that down I'm dying eating well a degree yeah. Could you might do me why not at all. God green and well and don't. What you're hearing right now museum nine year old who was definitely about polonium because don't we all eat that way I see down below you're playing that game of life. And just I know that game I like it'll. I like the difference was my first time. In a lot of people playing each. Tune. In new players. So do you pick a career. I asked you can either choose to go to how each or giants go. Well as a sham right is there a DJ eight job somewhere in the scheme of life I do not know I do not know all the Perry. Did they find I YouTube per job in the game of I wish they. Saint. Pete. I you to be the YouTube where now be the radio DJ has that you hate that I guess it's fair or listen I'm going to be taken a value in today's here. I here yet. And thank you for talking to listen to study point five. I.